Marvin Jones: Andy Dalton trusts us to go and get deep balls


Through the first four weeks of the season, no quarterback in the NFL has averaged more yards per attempt than Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton.

As you’d probably guess, the biggest reason for that has been Dalton’s sharp improvement on deep balls from where he was last season. Dalton has already connected on 20 passes over 20 yards and five passes over 40 yards after having 33 and seven in those two categories over the entire 2014 season, something that wide receiver Marvin Jones believes is a result of his trust in the receiving corps.

“We’re at a point right now where Andy really trusts us to be there, even if we haven’t separated from the corner, he knows we’re gonna get the separation,” Jones said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “That’s what it’s all about — just run and homie go get it. That’s what it is. That’s pretty much all everything is. And that comes with trust, the trust that we’re gonna run and we know he’s going to put it out there for us and he knows when he puts it out there we’re gonna get it.”

Eight different Bengals receivers have gained over 20 yards on receptions already this season, adding a big play element to the Bengals offense that hasn’t been a big enough part of their attack in recent years.

They’ll be trying to keep it going against a very good Seahawks defense this weekend, which makes for this weekend’s most appealing matchup.

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  1. I really like this guy and he’s turning into a very good WR. The only thing I’ve never understood is why he often catches the ball with his body. I was taught to catch with my hands in the 3rd grade. Not that he’s dropped a lot of passes but it will burn him eventually. Glad he’s a Bengal tho.

  2. It is both/and.

    Having healthy weapons is a big part of what is going on. Last year Marvin Jones didn’t play a single snap, Tyler Eifert played less than a quarter, AJ Green dealt with turf toe for most of the season, and Gio Bernard was hobbled for a good portion of the season.

    Dalton had to make due with a lot back-ups last year. But on top of that… anyone who has followed the Bengals in the last few years sees a different Dalton out there. He’s had hot streaks before… but he is playing with far more confidence and poise than ever before.

  3. rutchaser…

    Jones dropped a deep pass that would have been a TD this week vs Kansas City. Dalton placed it perfectly, and Jones tried to catch it with his body, and dropped it.

    Then he had a false start that got him benched for a couple plays… and that’s why Brandon Tate was on the field for that 55 yard diving TD.

    It’s probably the biggest weakness for Jones. As far as body catching goes, he does a good a pretty good job… but it does bite him occasionally.

  4. Key phrase – “8 different receivers”

    My biggest complaint with Dalton has always been his tendency to lock-on to AJ Green and ignore his other receivers. Too many times he’d try to force a pass into Green when Green wasn’t open. Green is so damn good that 8/10 times he’d bail Dalton out and the Bengals would get away with it, but on those occasions when AJ couldn’t rescue Dalton from himself it was disastrous.

    This was reinforced two seasons ago during the Jets @ Bengals game I attended. At one point in the 1Q Dalton was something like 10 for 13 with completions to 8 different guys. The Cincy offense was unstoppable that day, and the Jets D had rolled into town ranked #2 or 3 in the league at that point.

    This season it appears, so far at least, that Dalton has learned to distribute the ball and if he keeps it up Cincinnati is gonna cause all sorts of problems for opponents.

  5. fumblenuts says:
    Oct 8, 2015 12:15 PM
    Richard Sherman is licking his chops!!


    Strange for an average zone corner to be doing that while preparing for this offense….

  6. But Dalton can’t throw a deep ball???? And he ONLY throws to AJ Green???? How can any of this be???? SMH…..I told all you haters two years ago this guy is going to be a very good QB in the NFL. Keep your Kaeperniks, Wilsons, Flaccos & Tennehills….this guy is the next ONE

  7. The ball is to the reciever as soon as he looks back. Doesnt get any better and that comes from playing together four years. And health. Bengals have it right!

  8. It will be good to see how that works against an elite defense. It probably won’t. Seattle will keep their coverage deep. Cinci will need to win the game running the ball.

  9. profish13 says:
    Oct 8, 2015 12:45 PM

    For all the crap Dalton gets, it seems like he’s steadily turning into a franchise QB.


    In his 4 playoff games he has played really poorly. In fairness to him, the last one was tough with many injuries, but he still was a 59 passer rating or something like that for all 4 games.

    He’s always looked pretty good in the first quarter of the season.

    I don’t know how much has changed yet. Let’s see how he does against an elite defense this week and let’s see how he does as the season moves into December.

    I think giving QBs time is how you make great QBs, and QBs that win early in their career get more time.

    Dalton is probably better and you are probably right, but let’s see.

  10. @bullcharger

    It’s true about the playoffs, but at least the team has gotten there. That alone is a huge improvement over what the Bengals achieved in the not so distant past.

  11. I wonder if this particular game is on the slate of upcoming games in which the winner will be decided by the officials?

  12. This guy throws up jump balls. When they are getting caught he looks great, in the playoffs against good competition, they don’t work and the team looks like crap. Nothing has changed in cincy, the owner wins enough games to keep the fans happy and only has to pay for a mediocre qb…

  13. Haha… jump balls? Are you watching his plays from this year? He is throwing bullets. Look back at the 80 yd pass to Green vs. Baltimore. That was definitely not a lob where Andy was *hoping* Green would get it. That was an elite throw. If it weren’t for his hair, I wouldn’t believe it’s the same QB. Something special going on. At least for the time being. Still need to win in prime time and still need to beat the Stillers to change perception.

  14. I hope they go 16-0, because that way, when they get blown out in the first playoff game they’re in (which is a self-fulfilling prophecy), it’ll be even more hilarious. 🙂

  15. Everyone saying “jumpball Andy” is crazy and obviously not watching him play. I’ve been one of the biggest Dalton critics but this guy is different this year. His passes are on ropes. He’s threading the needle with passes. He’s not underthrowing anyone on a deep pass. He’s just different. Watch a game before you jump on a wagon saying he’s throwing jump balls just because a poster earlier said it. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

  16. Beat up Dalton all you want The trust is due to these 4 yr receivers understanding NFL defenses. I believe the QB is throwing the receiver open. News flash. They figure it out after 4 yrs. this is not a surprise

  17. So sick of all the crap about 0-4 in the playoffs. First of all, Dalton came in as a rookie starter with almost zero training camp due to the lockout and took the team to the playoffs his first year. How many rookie quarterbacks have taken a team to the playoffs their first year?

    People forget that Dalton not only came in and started as a rookie, but he had very little veteran presence on the offense around him – AJ was a rookie as well. Ochocino and Owens were gone. The team was coming off a 4-12 season. Usually, a rookie QB coming into that situation has a few years to grow into the position before playoffs are even a factor. That team really overachieved in making the playoffs to begin with.

    Secondly, all but one of the four losses came on the road, as a wildcard team, against a division champion. Of those three, the Bengals were not favored in any of them – games they were not supposed to win. The disappointing one was the loss to San Diego at home… and, yes, the Bengals should have won that game. Last year’s game – there was NO WAY they were going to win with all the injuries on offense – AJ, Marvin Jones, Eifert all out – Rex Burkhead (RB) starting as WR.

    As for the prime-time issue: most of the prime-time games the Bengals have lost during Dalton’s tenure have been on the road and (as expected in a prime-time game) against good teams. In the HOME prime-time games, Dalton is 2-2. Not outstanding, but not a disaster, either.

    Yes, as a Bengals fan, I’m disappointed in the playoff losses. But, I actually find it funny that the fans’ goal seems to be to “just win a playoff game.” I thought the goal was to win the Super Bowl. I’d be just as disappointed if they won the first game and lost in the second round each year. Who out there complaining about 0-4 in the playoffs will actually be happy with just one playoff win if they don’t go any further than that?

    None of the teams the last 4 years were good enough to have won the Super Bowl (last year’s MIGHT have been without the injuries, but we’ll never know). This year’s team, if they stay healthy, has that potential. If they win the division, get a home playoff game, and then fail to advance when they are favored and SUPPOSED TO advance, we can talk. But until then, the supposed failures of the team are grossly exaggerated – the fact is, with Dalton at QB, they’ve mostly won when they’ve been expected to win. They’re on a pretty good run in terms of making the playoffs each year – and that run should continue for a while.

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