Rex Ryan goes back to the push-ups-for-penalties well

Boy, is Dan Campbell going to be mad he didn’t think of this first.

As a way to combat his over-the-top amount of penalties this season, Bills coach Rex Ryan has gone back to his own over-the-top means of teaching his team discipline.

According to Mike Rodak of, Ryan said he was going to start punishing penalties in practice with push-ups.

“If a guy gets a penalty during the practices, then we’re gonna make sure that all of us are gonna do 10 pushups or whatever,” Ryan said. “The rest of the team will [do pushups] and that person [being penalized] will stand up, just to see how many people he is affecting.

“Penalties are still gonna happen, but we gotta eliminate them to the best of our abilities, especially the self-inflicted ones.”

The Bills lead the league with 46 accepted penalties, which is on pace to set the league record for a season. Of the 58 total flags thrown at them, 13 were for unnecessary roughness, unsportsmanlike conduct or taunting, and no other team has more than six.

But the push-up gimmick is on par with the new Dolphins interim coach running Oklahoma drills in practice as a means of instilling toughness and competitiveness into grown men — as it’s the kind of thing high school and college coaches do with players who have yet to reach “grown man” status.

Ryan has pushed this button before, with Jets teams that had the same way of making yellow flags fly.

It’s interesting, however, that Jets coach Todd Bowles and Patriots coach Bill Belichick haven’t had to go the Friday Night Lights route to modify their players’ behavior. It’s almost as if maturity and discipline already resided within their players, for some strange reason.

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  1. The lack of discipline has very little to do with the players and a lot to do with Rex. He is the most entertaining HC in the nfl but he is driving another talented team into the ground just like the jets team he inherited his first 2 years there.

  2. Here’s a better idea. How about making the team do push-ups every time someone flaps their big mouth and blows the usual bluster?

    Rex alone would have them doing push-ups all day long.

  3. It’s interesting, however, that Jets coach Todd Bowles and Patriots coach Bill Belichick haven’t had to go the Friday Night Lights route to modify their players’ behavior. It’s almost as if maturity and discipline already resided within their players, for some strange reason.


    WORTHLESS REX,,has never learned one simple concept of leadership:

    RULE 1: If you wish to be respected you must show respect to others.

    This constant blather and trash talk that he does about other teams, coaches, players, shows an incredible lack of maturity,, not to mention discipline. No team he has ever coached has showed any form of discipline. Further, he collects players that have an inbred resentment of discipline.

  4. Can you ever imagine some of the hokey stunts he pulls, being done by B.B.? He drives around town in a pickup custom wrapped….like he was adolph hilter,,wanting adoring fans. I think on a personal level his “submissive” sexual id, (ie foot worship) displays a significant inferiority complex. Hence his continued yapping,,and need for bluster, as if BB is intimidated by him.

  5. Don’t compare Todd Bowles and Belichick. I like him but 3-1 does not put him in THAT conversation.

  6. I was at the Pats training camp several times this year and yes, Belichick does punish people with laps for fumbles and penalties. So lets not pile on Rex here. I think the issue is that he has just started doing this.

  7. The team reflects the coach. Rex was a poor hire for the Bills, and I can’t imagine what was in the minds of whoever decided that Rex would be a good HC after watching what happened to the Jets during his tenure.

    Which really sucks considering the Bills are (were?) an up and coming young team with a lot of talent.

  8. Bills fans love Rex because they don’t realize that in his mind he is bigger than the team. Like Jets fans, they will get tired of that gasbag in 3 years when they figure out he’s nothing but talk.

    And how about an original thought for once huh Rex?

  9. Does Wrecks think this is high school? Guy should be a college coach, he is way out of his league in the NFL. Imagine this guy matching wits with Belechick? Bowles is going to embarrass his a$$ too.

  10. Maybe blow that third down train horn at random in the meeting rooms? That’s what Vince Lombardi did probably.

  11. 10 pushups? Ohh gee. I had my female soldiers do more than that when I was a drill sergeant.

  12. I guess Philbin’s trip to “participate” in SEAL training for a day was a wash out …

    Campbell had to do something to wake the team up and reports are that he succeeded ….

    we’ll see in 10 days …

  13. What is amazing is that mike petine and Jim Swartz had no problems with most of the same players. Thurman and Ryan need to reexamine themselves

  14. Rex’s daily practice agenda:
    1) Worry about Brady, Belichek and Pats
    2)Find a way to say or do something stupid to get
    media’s and PFT’s attention
    3) Convince his players they are all HOF’ers

  15. Something needs to be done to make players accountable for a lack of discipline. The problem isn’t that it is a cliched way of doing it, the problem is the lack of consistency of doing it.

    Belichick holds his players accountable, one could even say to the point of being unreasonable. It is a known thing that working for Bill isn’t going to be fun, it isn’t going to be easy, but it is going to lead to winning.

    Ryan gets what he gets out of his players by being a “player’s coach.” He’s one of the guys, runs his mouth and supports his team. It creates a fun and relaxed work environment and has gotten him to the AFC Championship game more than once. Unfortunately, with the wrong personnel, it leads to undisciplined teams.

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