Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallett? Bill O’Brien can’t decide


Texans coach Bill O’Brien has been indecisive about his starting quarterback all year, so it’s no surprise that he remained indecisive after Thursday night’s loss to the Colts.

O’Brien kept Ryan Mallett on the bench and left Brian Hoyer in the game after Mallett had to leave for just a few plays with a minor injury. After the game, he refused to commit to either as the long-term starter.

“Brian I thought did a good job tonight, but we’ll talk about it. I haven’t even talked to the staff yet about it. We’ll sit down and review the film. I thought Brian did a good job though. He went in there, it wasn’t the easiest of circumstances – other than the last play there where he kind of launched it up there. He probably wants to have that one back, but I thought he did a good job. We’ll review it tomorrow and see where we are at that position,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien announced during the preseason that Hoyer would be the starter, but he changed his mind about that during the Texans’ Week One loss, benching Hoyer and putting Mallett in. Mallett has started every game since then, but he’s been benched for Hoyer two games in a row, and in both games Hoyer put up better numbers than Mallett.

Both quarterbacks were cautious with their comments after the game. Hoyer said, “Not my decision to make,” when asked if he thinks he’ll be the starter, and Mallett would say only, “I’ll be ready.”

O’Brien is not ready to make a decision. And if he does make a decision, he may soon change his mind.

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  1. It’s pretty apparent (at least to me) that the Texans play better with Hoyer at the helm. I have a feeling O’Brien will come to the same conclusion.

  2. Here’s an idea, Bill, how about realizing that they both stink? Or maybe just picking one and sticking with them, giving whichever you go with some confidence knowing that their coach fully supports them rather than causing them to constantly look over their shoulder? If that doesn’t work, try cutting both of them and sign some bum off the street. Or trade them both plus a turd sandwich to the Redsk*ns for Bob Griffin?

  3. I’d say go with Hoyer. He can move the ball down the field and has much better rhythm with the receivers than Mallet. Sure Mallet is younger, but I think Matt Hasselbeck just showed the Texans that age is just a number.

  4. He will be making a decision from home pretty soon. He has made a complete mess out of this situation. Makes Cleavland and Washington look professional.

  5. Obriens days are numbered. That team is an absolute mess. What happened to the defense?

  6. Let me help. Hoyer’s decent, and Mallet absolutely sucks. Start Hoyer. You’re welcome.

  7. This is the most disastrous QB situation in a long, long time. And I had a front row seat of the 2013 Vikings rotating between Matt Cassel, Christian Ponder, and Josh “Why-The-Hell-Not?” Freeman. A lose-lose situation no matter the angle.

  8. O’Brien thinks he’s back coaching college, where you can change quarterbacks like you change underwear…

  9. Roger Staubach on line one…

    Craig Morton on line two…

    Tom Landry’s estate on line three…

    Pick a horse.

  10. It’s a fair criticism if a coach can’t decide which QB to go with by time that week’s game prep begins. But labeling O’Brien indecisive based on post-game press conference comments when he has 10 days to prep for the next game? You might give them a chance to, oh, maybe watch the video? Talk to his QB coach and his Offensive Coordinator? Maybe get feedback from the OLine coach about the locker room mood?

    Urban Meyer’s doing the same thing at OSU. Nobody’s labeling him indecisive. With insight like this, might as well get analysis from Twitter.

  11. The last 2 games, both Hoyer and Mallet have each played about 4 quarters. In Hoyer’s 4 quarters, the Texans have scored 41 points, while when Mallet has played, he’s led no scoring drives. Despite the late pick, I think Hoyer should start, as at least the offense looked functional with him in the game.

  12. This is a an undisciplined train wreck of a team. Also, a lack of urgency when they were behind — very slow tempo when they needed to speed things up in the 4th quarter.

  13. Not a fan of RGIII but the Texans should just trade a 4th round pick for him and give him a chance. Mallet makes a kindergartner look mature compared to him and Hoyer is just a backup.

  14. While sitting behind Brady in NE, I thought Mallett was a gem waiting to be polished. Far from the case after witnessing his pre-season and these starts he has had.

    Add in his obvious attitude after getting benched last night, it may be a while before a team decides to name him a starter again.

  15. I’m a Bill O’Brien fan and a Romeo Crennel fan but they should both be replaced. The team is clearly headed in the wrong direction especially the defense.

  16. “Brian I thought did a good job tonight….” This is O’Brien pandering to himself again. NO, Hoyer was awful because he literally threw up an INT at a moment when the game was on-the-line, when the Texans could easily have scored to tie the game. This thing of benching your QBs every game is something which got both Tom Cable (formerly HC Raiders) and Ken Whisenhunt (formerly HC Cardinals) run out of town. O’Brien, like a lot of coordinators who dream of making-it-big on the Head Coach stage, would probably be more effective as a Coordinator. Eventually, you have to come to terms with knowing your own limitations.

  17. Bill O’Brien is a clown. He rode Brady’s jock all the way to a coaching gig. And, once Brady is gone Belichick will regress back to the mean. Brady is that good….


  18. Bill O’Brien can’t survive on bluster any longer in Texas…. Bill O’Brien can not O.J.T. on my dime for my team – this is ENOUGH, Mr McNair…

    Fire Bill O’Brien NOW !

  19. O’Brien better pick one in stick with it. Keeping both these guys on the short leash and making them worry about their play isn’t going to help either one of them perform better.

  20. If he still doesn’t know then his main goal isn’t winning. Musical QB’s does nobody any good, and all of his players will quickly see that he’s not concerned about winning in ’15. Neither guy is the long term answer but only Hoyer gives them any kind of fighting chance.

  21. If he can’t see that Hoyer is the best of his two mediocre options, than he is the only one who can’t.

    He has made a mess of the situation and his lack of leadership is clearly affecting the team. I took note last night of the sideline shots- usually when the QB comes off the field, he huddles with his backup and his QB coach and goes over what happened on the field. Last night, Hoyer and Mallett couldn’t have been farther apart on the bench and if there was any coaching going on at all, the cameras didn’t catch it.

    It looks to me like he’s losing the team, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the last year of the Bill O’Brien experiment.

  22. Hoyer isn’t great, but he’s clearly outplayed Mallett, and he gives the Texans the best chance to salvage an awful season.

    Besides, Mallett seemed immature and downright pissy on the sidelines after Hoyer went in. That’s not the kind of leadership any team wants.

  23. I think my team has a worse problem with their head coach than they do with their QBs.
    And that’s a huge problem!

  24. Face it, the Texans are jut a bad team. If the Colts dumb DBs hadn’t Keystoned themselves on that Hail Mary, Hoyer would have 2 picks. He’s a different QB when he starts…worried about losing his job. Spot duty when he has nothing to lose, he plays loose. Top it off, a bonehead receiver and a injury prone RB…JJ Watt can’t do it all this year

  25. O’Brien seems like a good guy and decent coach but not being able to pick your QB and waffling between the two isn’t helping anybody.

    Mallett seems mentally weak and lacks leadership. The stuff on the show and how he handle his team making a come back without him on the sidelines was bad. CBS reported he ran off the field before half time had ended.

    Brian Hoyer looks really good at times and then he has a blunder that you only see from back ups. I think that can still be coached up

  26. Houston should cut Mallett simply for his body language and facial expressions on the sidelines. What the hell kind of leader and teammate is that schmuck?

    I don’t know that I’ve ever seen another player be so obvious about wanting the guy in front of him to fail. It looked like he was rooting against Hoyer……

  27. O’Brien will be “watching the tape” next year for some various college team. NFL coaches don’t do this crap. He’s too wishy washy. No QB can succeed in this situation. Hoyer is Hoyer. He plays decent then throws up a gimme. He got benched for freaking Johnny football last year! He is what he is, a backup. Play Mallett for 3 or 4 games and find out what he is before next offseason. This season is toast. Hoyer is NOT the future. Mallett is looking like he isn’t either but you need to know for sure. Hoyer is a poor man’s Ryan Fitzpatrick….let that sink in for a few.

  28. Tom Savage.
    The season is over, so see what he can do.

    Worse case they end up with a top 5 draft pick, and a chance to find a franc hie QB.

  29. Mallet on the sideline watching Hoyer makes Jay Cutler on the sideline look like a cheerleader.
    Could not have said it better. This is the first Texans game I’ve seen all year but I saw enough of Mallett last night to know I wouldn’t want him on my team’s roster for a day. He may have arm talent but he’s a complete D-Bag.

  30. The fact that Mallette stinks and the clear choice is Hoyer was obvious in the preseason. It was obvious LAST SUNDAY. Yet, they still start Mallette. So no, it’s not suddenly new information that Hoyer is the better choice, and that doesn’t mean he will be.

    O’Brien is over his head. Both his QB are lousy. The defense is now a laughing stock. Houston, we have many problems.

  31. Obrien stands on the sidelines and you can read his lips when there is an oopp ‘How can you do that’?

    The answer Bill is either you have poorly coached these guys or you drafted morons. Not a Vike fan but the model for that team over the decades, draft smart people who you can teach football too and they can actually learn to do the right things. They are always one of the least penalized teams in football.

    Bridgewater, they took him because the was smart. They don’t want just anyone on that team like the Lions who draft low first round morons more often then not and wonder how they screwed it up.

  32. Mallet has only cared about one thing Mallet. He quit the Wolverines when he learned the new coach was going spread O.
    Rightfully so he knew he could not adapt to that so I don’t blame him but the thing is, when a player quits a team for his own gain, that alone says a lot.

    Mallet was awful out there. He quit on his team tired of getting hit early and often then cried when the other guy was making plays.

    I was horrified at how bad Houstons D is. They aren’t even average and with those draft picks, I do not get it.

  33. Mallett is basically Jay Cutler without the cheerful personality and accuracy, Hoyer is basically Jeff Garcia without the rodent fragrance.

    Personally, I think you go with Hoyer, because even though his arm strength is less impressive, it seems like the team wants to play for him.

  34. Hoyer obviously, until that last pick. Now it’s none of the above. If you read O’Brien’s lips he said “How could you throw that pass”

    My thoughts exactly

  35. Hoyer is obviously better, and the offense runs better with him. The only reason to start Mallett is because you don’t want to have to wipe his tears and change his diaper.

  36. When Mallett was playing, he looked indecisive, the team had no rhythm. And he threw that pick too hard. If one is going to throw a zinger across the middle, at least keep it low. Then when benched, he didn’t look like a team player at all. Players expect their QB to be a team player, not a prima donna.
    Not throwing the guy under the bus, as he does have a good arm.
    Hoyer looked like a pro, except for the last play. That is his achilles, his tendency to do a panic throw. The team had rhythm when he was in. Given that he has a few years on Mallett, it is to be expected.
    Tough call…work through the stilted play of Mallett or go with a journeyman QB. The deciding factor if I was coach, is attitude. Mallett looked like a kid who lost his toy.
    The coach can only deal with what he has, and he was dealt a mediocre hand.

  37. O’Brien never should’ve benched Hoyer week 1. He’s streaky – it’s almost like he needs to “warm up.” He had very similar games against the Steelers and Titans early last year and came all the way back in the 2nd half in both of them (winning the Titans game). He doesn’t have the strongest arm and isn’t the most accurate intermediate thrower but he’s prepared, decisive and gets the ball out. He has a tendency to look bad for 2 or 3 quarters then make just enough plays to win the game. He was the first winning QB the Browns had in 15 years so, in true Browns fashion, they let him walk for Blackhawk Down McCown. Can’t make this stuff up.

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