Chip Kelly to USC speculation has already begun


Eagles coach Chip Kelly is having a rough season. USC coach Steve Sarkisian is having a rough season. It’s not a stretch to connect those dots.

And so it’s no surprise that people are already talking about the possibility of Sarkisian getting fired at the end of this season, and Kelly leaving the Eagles to take his place. An report today says that talk within USC of finding a new coach will certainly include Kelly, and that USC had strong interest in Kelly when it hired Sarkisian.

USC lost its second game of the season last night to unranked Washington, and for a team that some saw as a national championship contender, that’s not acceptable. If Sarkisian doesn’t turn things around in a hurry, he may be done. (It doesn’t help that Sarkisian has also had off-field issues, including appearing to be drunk when he addressed boosters at an event in August.) USC would look for a big-name coach to replace him.

Although Kelly is struggling this year in Philadelphia, he’s still a very big-name coach in college football. At Oregon, Kelly was widely regarded as one of the best coaches in college football, and if he decides he wants to go back to college football, he’ll have plenty of suitors.

For now, Kelly is focused on turning the Eagles around. He is, after all, only four games into his third season. But if things turn south this year and the Eagles finish in last place in the NFC East, don’t be surprised if Kelly and Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie mutually decide that it’s best for everyone to move along. If that happens, USC could be Kelly’s landing spot.

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  1. Trade all your best players away and this is a surprise?
    There is no risk for these coaches, they fail and someone else is ready to give them a job.

    Not really fair to Eagles fans and i’m a Giants fan.

  2. Coaching the Eagles is a lot like coaching in the Pac 12. No chance to win a championship in either place.

  3. Chip Kelly is 21-15, for a .583 win percentage, in the NFL.

    Jeff Fisher’s win percentage is .524 overall and .433 in St. Louis. Lovie Smith’s is .512. Gary Kubiak’s is .504.

    R E L A X

  4. mortyglickstein says:
    Oct 9, 2015 11:29 AM
    Trade all your best players away and this is a surprise?
    There is no risk for these coaches, they fail and someone else is ready to give them a job.

    Not really fair to Eagles fans and i’m a Giants fan.

    This is a really good point. If Kelly runs back to the haven of college coaching (land of lower expectations), the Eagles should be ticked off. All of his stupid moves will have set that franchise back at least five years — maybe more — trying to institute “his” way of doing things. Then he leaves, and no consequence for him. Not cool.

    Leaves one helluva a mess for another coach/GM to clean up

  5. I think it depends on whether he loses control of the locker room. Right now he still has full support of the veteran players, which keeps the young guys in line. If the veterans turn on him it’s all over…

  6. LOL! I said when he was making all of his GM wannabe moves that he would be in the PAC 10 next year. Hope he stays, its fun to watch Philly struggle.

  7. if Philly don’t win this weekend I hear Chip’s going have open tryouts down at the stadium. Evidently he got the idea watching some late night tv and drinking some irish whiskey a few nights back.

  8. I was some pre-season games this year and thought WOW Chip Kelly is ahead of the game. I remember watching his offense in his first NFL game, it may have been against Washington and it was amazing.

    Health Evans said something that I fully believe. He said Chip Kelly scheme thrives off bad coaching and defensive players with bad fundamentals. The NFL does seem like it caught up because there is talent there but nearly every play gets blown up. No Jackson, Maclin to take the top off the defense and McCoy was dangerous with even a little open space.

  9. bigbenh8tr says:
    Oct 9, 2015 11:29 AM
    Please don’t fire Chip

    – 31 NFL owners and their fans

    And the Pac 12.

    However I don’t see the Eags firing him this year and I think he’s too arrogant to leave.

  10. Philly is one of the few cities where you could have two consecutive 10 win seasons, and be a game out of first place in your division in the current season, and the fans still want you gone.

  11. If Kelly really was the genius he and dwindling legion of followers make him out to be, he’d realize he’s out of his league in the NFL and go back to college where his gimmicks might work. Although USC has not traditionally run a gimmick offense.

  12. There is still plenty of time to right the ship, whether it can be done is an entirely different matter. I hope so, I am a Giants guy but the division is more fun when the Eagles are relevant.

  13. So he gutted management to get just the players he wanted. He then got the players he wanted.

    And now after gutting management and the talent, he’s bailing out?

    If he really does that I could care less, but any NFL team would have to be stupid to give him another shot.

  14. Chip isn’t on the hot seat. The owner of any team doesn’t give a guy full control of everything just to fire him after one season. It may take another one for him to get this thing rolling. All we need is to upgrade the offensive line, edge pass rusher, and some speed at WR. At least one guy that has great speed. It’s not like we are that far away. All the games we lost could have went either way. You sure up that line and we will be a good offense again. It’s going to take time.

  15. Chip started 1-3 his first year too. Then, a NEW qb turned out to be pretty good in kelly’s offense and chip won 20 games in 2 yrs with a top tier offense both times.

    Now there’s a defense, and a new qb, 2 new rbs, new wrs, new ols. And 2 missed 30yd fgs from 3-1, so this yap is all pretty funny for a 3rd yr coach with the sucess he has had so far…


  16. Anyone who actually watches eagles games knows that players playing like crap and not catching the ball really is to blame sometimes.

  17. Deep down inside Chip knows he messed up on trades and he prob learned his lesson. You can’t put average speed west coast type players in a quick spread offense and expect to get anywhere. I hope he stays,Eventhough he has hurt this team more than helping it. Good coach….bad GM.

  18. So, Kelly’s razzle-dazzle offense fooled them for one year and flamed out the next. Looks to me like Kelly could be Marc Trestman 2.0.

  19. No, Chip. Please Stay.

    – The Dallas Cowboys, NY Giants, Washington Redskins, and all their fans.

  20. 1. He has a better record that most coaches including Jeff fisher.

    2. He would go to Maryland first because he’s from the northeast and they have piles of Under Armor money

  21. This really isn’t news, but solid speculation. Lurie has given power to Kelly to run his program and 4 games into it Lurie is ready to pull the plug? Does that make any sense? Kelly has a plan and the plan must be followed. If Kelly were to be fired the next coach won’t be a long term solution a scapegoat who would be fired because he couldn’t take Kelly’s vision and make it work or couldn’t reverse Kelly’s vision and make a new and successful vision/program successful quickly enough for Lurie and Eagles fans. The best solution is to get behind Kelly and give it some time to gel. Eagles have talent it just needs to be given some time.

  22. Weird how both lost to Washington and now this begins…

    I would have thought the replacing of LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, the front office, the whole defense, the offensive line, and the tight end would have gone more smoothly than this – huh – that’s some trivia for you…

  23. I said two years ago that Chipper wouldn’t last long in the NFL. At least the self-appointed genius is lasting longer than the other self-appointed college genius’s, Saban and Petrino. I feel for the Eagles fans, Chipper comes in and runs the team into the ground and then heads for greener pastures…..ala’ Rex Ryan.

  24. College football is ridiculous. If you go 10-2 you’re mediocre, and if you’re in the 12-0 club a computer decides who can compete for the title.

    Then, some guy who comes up with schemes that only work at the minor league level is given millions of dollars and total control of a pro team while the players on his minor league team aren’t allowed to get paid for anything.

  25. Yeah, “best for Kelly to move along” after he sets the franchise back 10 years with his “brilliant” personnel moves.
    The only person who will come out ahead is Howie Roseman, who will get his GM job back and also have the enjoyment of telling everyone “I told you so”.

  26. There have been other coaches who came out of the college ranks, and not make it in the pros. There have been others who failed. But none came with Kelly’s bluster of “everyone’s stupid, only I know how things should be done”. He blames players, assistant coaches, front office people, I’m surprised he hasn’t blamed Jeffrey Lurie yet. When you run out of people to blame, there’s only one person left to be held responsible, and Chippy, it’s you. As a Cowboys fan, the demise of the Eagles should please me, yet it doesn’t. It’s one thing to be pleased by beating them on the field; it’s quite another to see them eaten from within by a disease called Chip Kelly.

  27. As a USC fan, I’d be surprised if he ended up in LA. Not that he isn’t a great coach (he is- 46-7 at Oregon), but USC prides itself on its tradition. I have a hard time seeing a coach with the spread option being hired simply because of that. I personally would have no problem with Chip, if he could get USC back into the national championship I’d be stoked.

  28. Kelly will never win consistently in the NFL with his up tempo game…its Never been sustainable…

    You don’t have unlimited 5 star recruits to keep trotting out.

    You dress 48 players on game day…not 100.
    You’ve gotta salary cap, not massive funding advantages over small schools..

    He is a college coach…

    This isn’t college.

  29. Why not Bill O’Brien? As much as I like Bill O’Brien he looks far worse as an NFL head coach. he did a fine job at Penn State.

  30. Kelly will never win consistently in the NFL with his up tempo game…its Never been sustainable…
    The Patriots did great running an up tempo offense in the very same NFL.

  31. I am not an Eagles fan, but it is strange to hear all the calls for Chip Kelly’s head. The Eagles record before Kelly was 4-12. In each of Kelly’s 2 full seasons, the Eagles have gone 10-6. Last year, they lost their starting QB at mid-season and ended up with Mark Sanchez at QB. They still were in the playoff race until the last week of the season.

    The Eagles might go 4-12 this year, but plenty of 1-3 teams make it to 8-8, 9-7, or even 10-6. If the Eagles are 1-7 at mid-season, then I’ll understand the desire to fire Kelly. But if the Eagles are 3-5 or 4-4, what then?

    I think Eagles ownership made a mistake in giving Kelly both the head coach and GM jobs. A different person should handle those 2 roles. So, if the Eagles finish at 8-8, perhaps it would make sense to keep Kelly as coach but bring in a new GM. Of course, that might provide the impetus for Kelly and the Eagles to work out an arrangement whereby Kelly returns to the college game.

  32. Isn’t there this little roadblock surrounding his exodus from Nike U…..something called “for cause?!” That could be a hind…..oh never mind we are talking about USC….perfect fit!

  33. I’m not a Chip Kelly apologist, but first of all, it was the media that anointed him a ‘football genius’, so it’s not fair to throw that back in his face. Second of all, success in college really doesn’t automatically translate to the pro game…I think we all knew that, but it really depended upon the people he had around him that could give him solid advice. Not sure he got that. Finally, the biggest mistake here was making him GM…didn’t Lurie learn from the Ray Rhodes disaster???

  34. Chip Kelly’s record is 21-15. How many fan bases in the NFL would KILL for their team to have that record over their last 36 games?

    But let’s run him out of town because his style doesn’t match the other 31 coaches in the league.

  35. Not an Eagles fan but this guy came in when they were terrible and turned them around into having 2 winning seasons. He then traded away a mediocre QB and an aging, injury prone RB who can’t get on the field this year and is being slammed for that also. Why all the hate? Despite their struggles this year they’re one game out.

  36. honestly, USC doesnt (right now) have the right people for Kelly to use. it would be like it is now, a NON-mobile QB running a spread option offense. it’s just a bad fit all around. i think Kelly needs to find the right QB and right now, that’s not on his roster. maybe next year they can trade for Griffin or draft Boykin to be that QB for him (if he stays). as for USC, i think they need to give Sarkisian some more time. Sure he’s been lousy this year, but USC should wait it out with him and see if he can win with a new QB next year and if he struggles, then fire him.

  37. So it begins. And instead of leaving a team with a good core of players like he inherited he will leave one in need of a complete rebuild.

  38. lukedunphysscienceproject says:

    Chip Kelly’s record is 21-15.

    So? Rex took the Jets to the AFC championship his first two seasons. Chip won most of his games with players who are no longer there. And it’s showing.

  39. That escalated quickly; I don’t suppose he would be interested in coaching at Alabama after Lou Sabin goes to Indy to coach Luck? Or Texas? I am sure he could get the University of Maryland job now that the Terps are in the Big 10 and losing BIG.

  40. Chip Kelly’s record is 21-15. How many fan bases in the NFL would KILL for their team to have that record over their last 36 games?
    Chip Kelly’s record is 2-6 in his last 8 games. The NFL has caught up to his M.O.

    On top of that, he showed that he doesn’t understand that if you take away your deep-threat WR (DeSean Jackson) and don’t replace him, you’re going to struggle hitting the big play.

    He also didn’t understand that by further letting Jeremy Maclin go, that his first- and second-year WRs could struggle.

    He also didn’t understand that bringing in a between-the-tackles RB (DeMarco Murray) and then jettisoning your two starting guards is a recipe for disaster.

    He also didn’t understand that it was folly to pay $60+ million for a 3rd CB, promote him to #1, then make him play a completely different style.

    But by all means, keep pushing those smoothies.

  41. Kelly prospered at the collegiate level because of his ease in relating to/making an impression upon pre-Adults. In the NFL, you’re dealing with Grown Men With Egos (i.e., D-Jax, Shady et al.) which can be very disconcerting. Look for Chip Kelly to re-enter collegiate football by 2017.

  42. All those who keep trotting out the 10-6 back-to-back records have seemed to forget how they ended the season last year. If memory serves, they tanked the entire month of December and handed the division to the Cowboys. If you take that into consideration, the fact that the whole sports science thing is a joke, the underperforming offense with the oft injured overpriced QB, that he throws players under the bus after a loss….it all adds up to the fact that this is nothing short of a catastrophe for the eagles franchise.

  43. 95ycross says:
    Oct 9, 2015 11:34 AM
    Chip Kelly is 21-15, for a .583 win percentage, in the NFL.

    Jeff Fisher’s win percentage is .524 overall and .433 in St. Louis. Lovie Smith’s is .512. Gary Kubiak’s is .504.

    R E L A X


    Yes, but did any of those coaches say “It’s not about the players, it’s about my system. Here’s an idea, let’s get rid of our best QB, RB, 2 WRs, 2 ALL PRO Guards, fire the GM & let me run the show because I’m so smart I can revolutionize the NFL.”


    And that’s the problem.

  44. …notice the Eagles arn’t playing that ‘up tempo’ offense any more? ……it’s not working anymore and matter of fact OTHER teams are using it against the Eagles. Chip had everything his way, and everyone from the owner and the fans BOUGHT into it. It was fun for awhile, but Chip was playing with Andy Reids/rosenburgs toys..and it aint working with HIS picks. I think the Eagles finish 4-12 and Chip is outta here. Bring in Mike Smith from the Falcons.

  45. As an Eagles fan, I’m not too worried. Sure, if they drop a few more games in a row, people will be screaming to can him. But I have a feeling Chip’s ego is going to stop him from jumping ship. He wants to be an NFL head coach, and believes in his system at that level. He believes he can win Super Bowls. With total control of the team, any failure would be placed squarely on him. I don’t see Chip having enough self-doubt to accept that.

    As for the team? I just think they aren’t there yet. A lot of new pieces and more work to do with the line. The problem is the fans (including me) got excited after the Green Bay game, and thought this team actually could be a contender. That’s unlikely now. But we’ll see…they are in a weak division, and who knows how things will play out.

  46. Not going to happen. Maybe next year, or maybe if Lurie didn’t just hand full control over to Chip. He’s not going to pull the plug one season after giving him the keys. If you think there is any chance of that, you haven’t been paying attention to his tenure as owner at all. He is nothing else if not patient.

    From Chips perspective, I think he’s too stubborn to admit failure after one bad season (that’s what he would be doing if he quit and went back to college, because like i said, he’s not getting fired this year). Even if the wheels fall off this year, he’ll find away in his mind to believe that if just one or two things went different, they’d of been a good team.

    Not saying he won’t eventually quit/get fired and go back to the NCAA, just saying I don’t think it will happen until after 2016, at the earliest. At that point, I think Lurie would let him finish his contract (he’d have 1 year left), but I could then see Chip leaving if he doesn’t have a new deal in place instead of coaching as a lame duck

  47. Chip appears to have the defense going in the right direction, especially with a few of his 2015 draft picks. Why doesn’t anyone want to acknowledge three starting O-Lineman last year were over 30 and it will take at least one more draft to address that?

  48. scrp2 says:
    Oct 9, 2015 11:46 AM

    If we could get a college coach that transitions to the NFL and stays in the NFL, that would be great
    Huh, never thought of that before, but it’s a great point. Saban sucked in Miami; Petrino sucked in Atlanta; Harbaugh had a roller coaster ride in SF, and then flunked out. Carroll seems to have made the leap, but his GM set him up with an a crazy good roster (and let’s not forget he sucked with the Pats a decade ago). Are there any good coaches who have jumped straight from NCAA HC to NFL HC? Why is that? Interesting thought.

  49. mortyglickstein and armchairqb, good points both of you. As an Eagles fan, my problem is with the owner. IMO Jeffrey Lurie should have exercised “some” authority and stopped him from getting rid of all those productive players (the 3 skill position guys all in their mid-twenties I might add). I don’t like overbearing, meddling owners but similarly, I don’t like total hands-off owners either and this is the result of the later. Chip Kelly is trending down in his third year, the proof is in the records (year 1, 10-6 playoff loss; year 2, 10-6 miss playoffs; year 3 so far, 1-3). Does anybody really believe he’s going to turn this thing around satisfactorily? If this season concludes disastrously as I believe it will, I sincerely hope he does go back to college and I never, ever again want to see a college coach with zero pro experience be hired by any NFL team–the record on those guys is Jimmy Johnson and every body else, NO!

  50. Most teams in the NFL are struggling.. Its not just Chip. This article is a joke, just like the trolls who feed into anything they report.

    Chip will finish the season with 10 wins and the division title.

  51. The guy goes 10-6, 10-6, then loses 3 games and it’s goodnight, curtains! People need to r-e-l-a-x.

  52. I don’t want Chip to leave Philly at all, but if he does I think he would be a great replacement for Beamer when he retires in the next year or two at VT.

  53. philly fans have always been impatient. I know many have already jumped off the bandwagon. But in case anyone else has noticed, the NFC East is not strong this year, so an 7-8 record might actually win the division. And the Eagles are far from being out of it.

  54. Chip Kelly’s record is 21-15. How many fan bases in the NFL would KILL for their team to have that record over their last 36 games?

    But let’s run him out of town because his style doesn’t match the other 31 coaches in the league.
    Andy Reid’s record was 130-93-1. He coached the Eagles to 5 NFC championships games & a Super Bowl appearance. He drafted the best or second best QB to ever play for the Eagles in Donovan McNabb. The Eagles haven’t won a playoff game since Andy Reid was their coach. In his new spot, Andy has the IDENTICAL record as Chip with a team he took over that was 2-14 when he got there.

    But the city of Philly couldn’t wait to run him out of town on a rail because they didn’t appreciate what they had & all the years of REAL contention Andy’s tenure brought.


    As a USC fan, I’d love to have Chip Kelly. The hiring of Steve Sarkisian was a mistake from the get-go! He should have stayed at Washington where the expectations aren’t the same as at USC. Unfortunately, Pat Haden, the AD, was still trying to re-live the Pete Carroll years with one of his disciples.

    Last night our playoff hopes were dashed!~ On national TV!~ Goodbye playoffs. Hello to the Foster Farms Bowl, (formerly the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl!!!) SMH!!!

  56. abninf says:
    Oct 9, 2015 1:17 PM
    lukedunphysscienceproject says:

    Chip Kelly’s record is 21-15.

    So? Rex took the Jets to the AFC championship his first two seasons. Chip won most of his games with players who are no longer there. And it’s showing.

    Thank you so much for making my point. Rex didn’t get fired for six years. But you’re ready to fire Kelly after 2 1/4?

  57. axesbluestar says:
    Oct 9, 2015 1:34 PM
    Chip Kelly’s record is 21-15. How many fan bases in the NFL would KILL for their team to have that record over their last 36 games?
    Chip Kelly’s record is 2-6 in his last 8 games. The NFL has caught up to his M.O.
    But by all means, keep pushing those smoothies.

    You may be right about Kelly. Or you may be wrong. I am not an Eagles fan and I hate smoothies.

    But if you think it’s appropriate to fire Kelly after 2 years and 4 games, I wonder how you justify the way the league slobbers all over Jeff Fisher, who has made the playoffs 6 times in 20 years, or Rex Ryan, who put up great numbers his first two years, and then was terrible for 4 full years before finally getting fired.

    This guy offends your sense of what an NFL coach should be, so you want him gone.

    Maybe if he grew a mustache and preached “toughness” you would see him differently.

  58. Same comments over and over.

    1. Kelly’s offense is designed to exploit mismatches, like every other NFL offense. Aside from going faster, there is no “gimmick.”

    2. The players “traded away” were upgraded. Shady wasn’t exactly doing much for the Eagles last year but running sideways. I’ll take Matthews and Sproles over him any day. Demarco is a big back that get his yards in the second half. You cant do that when you are behind (like the first four games).

    3. Chip Kelly never anointed himself a “genius” the media now tearing him down are the ones that did that.

    Stop repeating the same nonsense you hear on sports talk radio and try to think for once.

    He plugged in a lot of new players, and probably underestimated the value of offensive lineman. He’ll figure it out. Stop it with the USC nonsense.

  59. I honestly love the Eagles, but if I have to go one more day of reading/listening to anything of or pertaining to Chip Kelly, Well, I don’t even know what I would do, but you can bet it would be just an all around un-swell & un-swimmingly good time for all parties involved.. Even if he was somehow able to magically birth an entire litter of puppies and/or poop out a fully-grown Bald Eagle tomorrow morning, I don’t care nor do I want to hear about it whatsoever.

    That being said, I still do & will continue to have very strong, yet completely heterosexual feelings directed towards Coach Kelly & will stand by him for what will or should be considered the necessary amount of time it takes for not just himself, but any new NFL head coach in the league today, to have an actual chance at potentially succeeding at his or her job.. Or at least until they see their attempted plan come to fruition, good or bad.. I think it’s a travesty for any NFL Organization to fire a new Head Coach just a couple of seasons into their new gig, let alone after just 1 full season of barely getting acclimated to their new career. We all know how that usually works out, as the Browns are usually wont to do such things.

    Honestly, it’s been only 4 games out of a 16 game regular season (In an NFC East mess of a division nonetheless) & we all act as if we know exactly what 3 months into the future holds for the Birds, or anything & everything in life for that matter.

    Personally I still don’t even know what I’m going to have for dinner tonight, let alone where I’ll be come December by partaking in the futile attempt of predicting the future.. (Except for the Cubs.. We all knew as soon as the documentary “Back to the Future II” came out in what was ’89 I believe, that the Cubbies were & are absolutely going to win the 2015 World Series. It’s science..)

    And for any & all human beings out there, whom keep referring to Chip Kelly as some sort of self-anoited “football genius who thinks he’s smarter & better than everybody else,” I leave you only with this Bob Dylan Quote…

    “Half of the people can be part right all of the time
    Some of the people can be all right part of the time
    But all of the people can’t be all right all of the time
    I think Abraham Lincoln said that
    ‘I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours’
    I said that.”

  60. If you have a disciplined the D-line, disciplined DEnds, disciplined linebackers and a good secondary all you have to do is keep the spread in front of you and make your tackles, the spear works great in college because you have young undisciplined high school mindset. The NFL study films and it is there full-time job with 75 coaches telling them exactly what to do when to do it 24-7. As well everyone on the defensive side is all world

  61. abninf says:
    Oct 9, 2015 1:17 PM
    lukedunphysscienceproject says:

    Chip Kelly’s record is 21-15.

    So? Rex took the Jets to the AFC championship his first two seasons. Chip won most of his games with players who are no longer there. And it’s showing.

    Thank you so much for making my point. Rex didn’t get fired for six years. But you’re ready to fire Kelly after 2 1/4
    Kelly hasn’t taken that team to any NFC championship games friend. That’s the difference right there. Rex for ass the BS that follows him has WON playoff games.

    What has Chip Kelly EVER won in college or in the NFL? Nothing is the answer.

    To continue to compare him to coaches that WIN or gave won playoff games is comical. Marty Scottenheimer is a better coach than Chip Kelly.

  62. When Chip was at Oregon he worked for easily the richest owner in college football. In the NFL money is on a level playing field. Makes a huge difference.

  63. So far Shanahan’s drafting screwed Washington for years, and now Kelly’s drafting will screw Philly. All we need is Coughlin to trade two #1’s for a top pass rusher and we’ve got a trifecta.

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