Jarvis Landry fined for abusive language to official


Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes wasn’t the only player from the AFC East who was fined for directing abusive language to an official. Per multiple reports, Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry was fined, too.

The standard fine for a first offense under the 2015 fine schedule is $23,152. For a second offense committed this season, the amount doubles.

Landry drew a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct late in Miami’s 27-14 loss to the Jets in London. The defeat sparked the termination of Dolphins coach Joe Philbin.

24 responses to “Jarvis Landry fined for abusive language to official

  1. Really? The only Fin that has shown any heart this year and he get’s fined? Something’s not right! Suh should give him a paycheck!

  2. This is absolutely absurd. 23K for swearing at a ref. One he probably deserved to be cussed out.

    Second, if im the NFLPA im taking this to court. There is no way in hell that warrants a 23K fine. Go ref the Church League if u cant handle the language.

    I think a punch is only gonna cost u 8900. I mean does anyone in the punishment committee have a clue?

  3. landry on offense and Jones on defense,the only positives I’ve seen thru four games. What bothers me most is when Sue is getting double teamed Wake or Vernon are nowhere to be found. They say Wake was slowed by injuries,I say they are all sleep walking. Hopefully Cambell can turn it around.

  4. Good. I’m sick of these drama queens throwing temper tantrums on the field. Yelling at a ref accomplishes nothing except making you look like a whiny little prima donna. Maybe a hit to the wallet will get everyone to just shut up and play.

  5. Only two players cussed at a ref this week? I saw some of the worst calls/non calls ever.
    Fire Goodell,
    If every fan who cusses about his decisions that are ruining the NFL was fined, we could pay off the National Debt in one sunday.
    Just end the stupid London games NOW.

  6. And what are the refs fined for making bad calls ? Especially bad calls that take points off the board. Seriously, this fine is idiotic. Refs talk crap to players in every game

  7. Is there an audio recording that the NFL had to confirm the abusive language? If the league accepted Ed Hochuli’s side of the story and dismissed Cam Newton’s claims against Hochuli due to lack of audio evidence, then how they can fine players for alleged abusive language to officials?

  8. Hopefully in proper British English!!! The ref probably wouldn’t understand that, it’s way too difficult!!

  9. Simply a lack of discipline reflecting future failure. Do it in your local league n no one will care. We are paying you millions of dollars even though the product is gradually becoming unmarketable.

  10. raideralex99 says:
    Oct 10, 2015 12:31 PM

    The ref is the one who should be fined … that’s was a TD … the call was bogus.

    You are right if it was on the so called pic play. The defender went out of his way to hit Parker who got called for it.

  11. he deserves the fine and should be able to control himself to try to win the game…. no excuses, do your job

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