Jerry Jones invokes Elizabeth Taylor in defense of Greg Hardy


Cowboys coach Jason Garrett was quick to scold defensive end Greg Hardy for a regrettable first interview with his local media, after Hardy made a number of at least unfortunately phrased if not completely tone-deaf remarks.

But such that Hardy was going to listen to his coach and stop saying silly things, he might not worry about it now, since owner Jerry Jones came out hard against the media that made such a big deal about it.

“Let’s look at it,” Jones said during his weekly appearance on 105.3 The Fan, via the Dallas Morning News. Does anybody really think what he was really alluding to in saying my guns are going to be blazing? I don’t know that this is the case, but when you see players and interview players, more often than not, they’re saying what their coach has just been saying to them all week. It’s a theme. This week we’re going to circle the wagons, this week we’re going to do this, this week we’re going to do that.

“I want everybody to understand that I do understand the sensitivity that’s going on, but did anybody think this wasn’t going to be the case when he came back for the first ballgame, that this wasn’t going to be a featured point by the country? So the hand-writing was on the wall.”

It might not have been if Hardy had been a bit low-key, or shown something resembling remorse for the domestic violence arrest that cost him more than a year of football and millions in free agency, in addition to the civil settlement that preceded the criminal case in Charlotte being thrown out. But going back to his days with the Panthers, Hardy’s default stance is to be flip and dismissive, never copping to anything stronger than being a “distraction” and then only grudgingly so. Even when he was in court, he had a strange exchange with a prosecutor over whether champagne was alcohol.

He’s never taken this situation seriously.

“Here’s the deal, unless he looks like he’s contrite, unless he looks like he is just absolutely whipped, and really obviously sorry for what his situation, he’s going to get criticized,” Jones said. “We all know that. But he was in a football setting. Those questions that were being asked of him, the people who were asking those questions, those were not work place. We know some things are out of order if an attorney is talking to you or a sales person is talking to you and they’re the opposite sex. We know some things in today’s society that is behavior that we don’t have today. We know that.”

Jones then went into a rambling defense of the remarks about Tom Brady’s wife, invoking Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Which makes sense, since he made his own vaguely creepy remarks about Gisele Bundchen.

“When you talked about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, you talked about how pretty she was,” Jones said. “Nobody thought that you were being disrespectful of women or the workplace.”

Jones would go on to admit that his decision to bring Hardy in was football-driven. But when he was signing the Pro Bowl pass-rusher, he sent his daughter out to make sure he struck the appropriate note of concern about signing a guy accused of threatening to kill his girlfriend and throwing her into a futon full of guns.

So basically, Jones wants it both ways. He wants to appear sensitive to the subject of domestic violence, while insulating himself and the player he signed behind the safe walls of sports. It’ll work exactly as long as Hardy produces on the field and the Cowboys win, and fans allow it to.

85 responses to “Jerry Jones invokes Elizabeth Taylor in defense of Greg Hardy

  1. This is a topic that Jerry needs to use the basic response:

    “It’s being handled in-house.”

    Even if it isn’t.

  2. Just wondering was Jerruh by any chance hanging with Irsay prior to making these comments?

  3. No need to be sensitive. If you were offended by what he said in the interview, then you are the type of person that needs to be offended often (and probably are).

  4. I could probably excuse the comments if they were just tone deaf or the guy making them was just that dumb. But I’m betting Hardy is not that dumb. It was worse… he went out of his way to make the cold remarks; they were calculated. And Jones went out of his way to condone them. But hey if you beat the Pats this week (not bloody likely), the whole country will be quick to praise you.

  5. Boy it’s a close race as to who is the creepier, Hardy or Jerry Jones. Both of them seem totally oblivious and unapologetic for the inappropriate comments they made yesterday.
    And as far as Jones saying people would comment on Elizabeth Taylor’s beauty, while that may be true, I can’t ever remember someone following that comment up by saying they admired Richard Burt0n 100% more because he married her. What a pair of clowns.

  6. Someone take the mic away from this guy! He only makes things worse when he talks.

    I honestly thought he might say Hardy is the best passer he’s ever seen…

  7. How ironic that people are more upset by his comment “guns blazin'” than they were when they found out about him perpetrating domestic violence on his girlfriend.

    NFL players speak of “war”…”battles” etc. which is a place where our soldiers died defending our freedom but no offense when those terms are used. Gun sensitivity is through the roof right now and it should be but this piling on is nothing but a herd mentality. Groupthink at it’s finest. I don’t want to be part of any consensus on him saying “guns blazin'” because that is a million miles away from committing an act of domestic violence. I’ll choose to be offended and saddened by actual domestic violence not a term used to refer to how he wants to play an NFL game.

  8. Jerry Jones…living proof that you can be a billionaire and still be a tasteless creep.

  9. And to think this guy with his unique wisdom is Goodell’s biggest supporter. The boobery that is the NFL is priceless.
    Will Jerry head down to the sidelines after Brady drops 50 points on the Cowboy clown-car?

  10. Tom Brady “more likely than not might have been aware of” football airpressue. Huge scandal to the NFL. Player returning from suspension and team owner for some unknown reason talk about another player’s wife as a prelude to an upcoming game. NFL is quiet. This is just weird. Really, really weird.

  11. Jerry Jones and Greg Hardy — the only two people on Earth that could actually begin to make anyone outside of New England start to actually root FOR the Patriots this season.

  12. Meanwhile…, the New England Patriots are quietly dismantling, dissecting, and putting back together everything Dallas has accomplished and hopeful to achieve with their capabilities, this season. They will know the Cowboys better than they know themselves. Keep talking away Jerry. It will be fun to watch after it didn’t really seem like a big deal before, just another New England victory. Humble Pie for dinner ‘boys.

  13. Hey routerunner, you said

    “But I’m betting Hardy is not that dumb. It was worse… he went out of his way to make the cold remarks; they were calculated.”

    I disagree. I think he is that dumb.

  14. and he had a couple days to come up with that right?

    come on Jerry – when he was talking about Giselle, he wasn’t Junior Soprano talking about Angie Dickenson, he was Mr. T talking to Adrianne in Rocky 3

  15. So let’s see if I have this correct:

    A player with a past or an old owner the media loves to trash can’t comment on a supermodel’s attractiveness (despite the fact how she is looks is her job) but the media (have seen MANY media people comment on her looks when taking about Brady), fans and probably players without a past can comment on her attractiveness.

    A player without a past can use a very common saying of “guns blazing” but a player with a past involving guns can’t.

    Good to know.

    Would the media get into a hissy fit if Michael Vick ever made a comment about dogs? What if he said something like “it’s going to be a dog fight today”…would they get all up in arms or is that fine because it’s a known saying?

    Once again the media making a mountain out of a mole hill and they wonder why people like Lynch refuse to talk to them.

  16. I wonder if Tony Romo thinks that Hardy should be making lewd comments about Candice. I wonder what he would think if the owner had a few things to add.

  17. I never heard anyone refer to Elizabeth Taylor as being pretty (not that she wasn’t), only as having lots of ex-husbands and a huge rack.

  18. Hardy is 100% to blame for this. The Cowboys should issue this official statement:
    “Greg Hardy is a freakin’ idiot in every sense of the word. His stupid comments are his own and do not reflect the values and principles under which the Dallas Cowboys operate. We are announcing right now a new policy that if ANY Cowboy union-protected player makes a statement or opinion in public that results in negative publicity for the Dallas Cowboys organization, his contract will be terminated forthwith and we will seek immediate refund of any signing bonus that he received.”

    This way players will have to think before they speak and the media cannot protect them anymore. The NFLPA might object to it but the NFL and their teams can cite all the negative PR costs that they have incurred as a result of stupid player comments and/or actions in public.

  19. Nothing wrong with having nothing to say as long as you don’t INSIST on saying it , Jerry !!!

  20. This is just Jerry doing what Jerry does. Anytime one of his players says or does something that puts them in an unfavorable light, you can count on Jones to say or do something that will redirect the attention to him, and away from the player. Now, everyone is talking about how crazy he is, and paying less attention to what started the controversy. He’s not as crazy as you think.

  21. .
    Following the interview, Jerry parked his Studebaker in the front row of the drive in movie theatre to watch Mr Burton and Ms Taylor, his two favorite stars . The drive in had closed in 1969.

  22. antneejay2 says:
    Oct 9, 2015 1:45 PM
    I never heard anyone refer to Elizabeth Taylor as being pretty (not that she wasn’t), only as having lots of ex-husbands and a huge rack.
    Dude, guess you are too young. Why do you think she had all those smouldering roles when she was younger, and a long string of husbands! One of the most iconic things about her beauty was that she had naturally violet eyes! (a known but rare genetic “deformity” – colored contacts didn’t exist before the early 80s).

  23. I thought talking about another player’s family is off limits, no? Nobody asked him about Brady’s wife. The fact he brought it up without being questioned is what makes this bad.

    He will never escape his past. There are people who will make it their business to see that he doesn’t.

    However for him to bring up family members is extremely unprofessional. He’s a jerk in truest sense of the word.

    America’s Team, yeah, right. Lewd and inappropriate.

  24. I would say the NFL might need an ownership age limit, but I witnessed what a great man /owner Ralph Wilson was when he basically left the entire profit he made on his team ( over $ 1 Billion ) to charities in Buffalo and his hometown of Detroit. Ralph was 94 when he passed away and was a gentleman until the day he died. Some of the other owners need to look to Ralph’s example. Check your egos at the door and become truly great, not just social media buffoons

  25. As a Cowboys fan, and someone who hopes Hardy does well on this team, I’m disappointed not by what he said, but the mere fact that he said it.

    And, I think that’s what Garrett is upset about. You have to be smarter than that. Anything you say, joking or not, is going to be taken seriously and used to paint you in a certain light. You know this. We know this. Everyone knows this. So, don’t give them material. Let your play do the talking.

    That’s the message Garrett communicated to Hardy. Hopefully, he’ll have heard Garrett’s words and will not make this mistake again. I’m not optimistic, though.

  26. @ fatsolio

    I have no problem with the ‘guns blazing’ – it is just an expression.

    But a player’s family – ANY player’s family – should be off limits – it has nothing to do with the game.

  27. Jones is right. The media was going to make some connection. If Hardy said he was ready for real hittin’ the press would say, “Like you hit that woman?” There’s no use even trying to be sensitive. just let them have their fun.

  28. why was this guys suspension reduced from 10 to 4 games……oh ya Jerry Jones owns that team…..

  29. Get YO’ POPCORN READY for TB12’s stop in Dallas on the 2015 Scorched Earth Tour, and add another 5 points to the spread.

  30. I generally don’t care about margin of victory, but because of comments like these, comments from Hardy, and Jerry’s off season lobbying for the suspension of Brady, his praise of that satanic commissioner Roger Goodell, and his references to video taping and prior histories etc., I am definitely hoping Jerry has to stand in front of the cameras Sunday night and explain how his team got beat so badly. I only wish Romo and Dez were there so there would be no built in excuses. The only other thing I would say is that the Pats not overlook this game with Indy coming up the next week. They are playing the Cowboys this week. End of story.

    I just heard the Cowboys limited tapng at the open session of practice today. That was another very direct and very public insult to Belichick, Kraft, and the Patriots. It can’t be sliced any different. I doubt the Patriots need extra motivation of will play any differently than they always do. Maybe the Cowboys need to whip up a fear within their own team so they play harder. Jerry’s working his reverse reverse psychology. The guy is a genious.

  31. So does this mean that Richard Burton went up 200% in Jerry’s eyes when he married Liz the 2nd time? This guy is one of the biggest embarrassments as an owner. I can only imagine how all the sane guys who play for the Cowboys feel. Stop trying to fix it,Jerry. You keep making it worse…

  32. Yes, Jerry, a lot of us are smart enough to recognize that this was a giant F U to the world… topped off with the salacious comments about another man’s wife. He’s had months to decide what he was going to say, and this was it… a giant F U all, with Jerry defending him every step of the way.

    Greg Hardy IS the Cowboys. Greg Hardy is the FACE of this organization. F U to the world, we’ll do whatever we want, because we can.

    Hardy = Cowboys.

    Be very proud, Jerry and Boys fans, be oh so very proud.

  33. Jones doesn’t understand that the less you say the better. He needs a handler because he is really looking like an idiot.

  34. “I remember when a man could cup a handful of toots backside and tell her to keep up the good work! You know, I just don’t know what happened to this country. I just do not know.” #JERRAHH

  35. I’m sure mr. Jones has done way worse things to women. He just has the money and resources to make sure no one finds out about them.

  36. It’s only a matter of time before Hardy finds himself in more trouble, guaranteed. As for Jerrah, someone should remind him that once you have dug a hole……quit digging! Has anyone else noticed that Jerrah is really starting to show his age (even with the botox injections) and has been acting more and more strange lately??? I’m thinking that whatever few good brain cells he had, they were used for his recent hip replacements. Predicting that Jerrah won’t be an active owner for too much longer, I think his overall health is failing.

  37. People are incensed and are berating Hardy because they can, as their right, just as Hardy can make any comment he wants. I actually didn’t expect anything different to come from him, I dunno, I feel he’s a perfect fit for the franchise, especially, for the owner. I don’t agree with his comment but hey, that’s just me.

    For those who can’t understand, well, to put it simply, he’s not necessarily an athlete who’s on the news because of his charitable actions but because of alleged domestic violence, so, hey, go ahead Hardy, keep them comments coming. The media already got you painted!

  38. I hate injuries, but it comes with the sport. I don’t wish it on anyone and don’t want to see anyone’s season end early. The reality is it happens every week.

    I’ll make an exception for Hardy, I will be actively rooting for a season (heck, even career) ending injury against the Pats. If not this Sunday, perhaps at some other game before the season is over.

  39. Is Goodell still claiming he hasn’t seen Hardy’s comments? Would think a player just coming off a
    suspension for domestic violence would kinda be on his radar, personal conduct being so important to the league and all. Or was it ok because it was directed at Brady? #whereisroger?

  40. wow…just when you think Jerrah cant sink any lower, he reminds you he always can always find new lows of classless insensitivity and self-justifying smarminess

    …what a d**k

  41. Jones would never even think of sitting Hardy for the game due to his comments but he supported Goodell 100% in his effort to sit Brady, a model NFL citizen, for four games an strip him of $2MM in salary with no evidence of any wrongdoing.

    That is what you call hypocrisy.

  42. As a Patriots fan, I wish Logan Mankins was playing in this game. He wouldn’t be going head to head with Hardy but he would send a message to Hardy.

  43. Hopefully the Boys lose every game Hardy plays in,to hire a man who abused a woman to that extent and thinks it was no big deal is saying you did nothing wrong son,welcome to your new team of old boys network.

  44. I believe Jerry was married to Elizabeth Taylor for a brief time back in the 1870’s…

  45. Greg Hardy has always said this type of thing. That doesn’t mean he’s guilty of domestic violence.
    I’m sure this type thing is said on the field all the time.
    The truth is that she was not Hardy’s girlfriend but his ex. He’d moved her stuff out of his condo and she went berserk.
    He should stop clowning with the press and tell them what this woman actually did that night, every time they ask about it.

    I need something, I need an idiot and I need a moron, preferably ESPN employees.
    A male and a female would be great. I need the idiot to toss the moron onto a futon, a couch or a bed
    full of assault rifles. If possible film it and put it on YouTube. By all means document the injuries
    suffered by the moron. See if they match the injuries that the accuser did not seem to have.

  46. I’m certain this will be deleted, (my otger post was) but he’s right. The media in general are like little pissants just waiting for a crumb to fall so they can run with it. Always making something out of nothing to garner views or “hits.” Btw, whatever happened to the inevitable release of the Dez Bryant video Florio covered? # Fail

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