Matthew Stafford fined for wearing blue shoes


The NFL’s uniform police have come down hard on Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford for having the temerity to wear blue shoes.

Stafford was fined $5,787 for wearing blue shoes on Monday night against the Seahawks, Josh Katzenstein of the Detroit News reports.

Although other Lions wore black and white shoes (with some pink thrown in for the NFL’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign), Stafford decided to wear all blue. But he says he doesn’t see what the problem was: Stafford said he wore the shoes in the preseason, but this was the first time he ever heard anything about the shoes running afoul of the league’s rules.

Stafford plans to appeal the fine. He says he’s already packed the blue shoes in his game bag for Sunday against the Cardinals.

41 responses to “Matthew Stafford fined for wearing blue shoes

  1. Well, first, he should know the rule regardless of how stupid it is.

    Second, they should take back the fine because they didn’t even see it for 3 weeks.

    Third, I am certain that in some language, the initials NFL stand for “Run by Fricking Idiots”. Probably French, but I am sure it exists.

  2. Gotta love Goodell’s priorities. “We won’t bother to take any action on a couple blown calls in a games this past weekend that affected the outcome of those games, but you wear the wrong shoes, and boy, are you in big trouble!”

  3. I think the NFL needs to spend more time figuring out
    “What a Catch Is”, get back to the rule of,”After the ball breaks the Plane of the Goal it is a Touchdown, Period!” And all the other muffed calls this year, including instant replay, and being afraid to hurt incompetent Ref’s feelings by overturning calls..
    Who gives a damn about shoe color?

  4. Someone needs to uninsert Goodell’s head from his rear end if the league stands a chance of ever becoming good again.

    Their priorities are so far from what they should be its killing the game. It used to be driven by a desire for great games and winning Super Bowls.

    Now its driven by attorneys whose only concern is corporate liability, and pandering to their advertising sponsors. Literally nothing else matters. Combine that with the cronyism of Goodell and the other former Jets employees in the league office and voila, we have a massive black hole of corruption, lies and incompetence.

    Goodell must go.

  5. Came down hard ? With a $6000 fine ? The dude makes about $17 mil per year . LOL . He really felt the fine (sarcasm)

  6. If you wear a uniform as part of your livelihood, how can you not know the dress code?

  7. So, you can wear that absolutely hideous neon pink trim on your shoes, and just about everything on your helmet, including a pink mouthpiece, (insert pc incorrect comment here), but you can’t wear a pair of shoes that match your uniform color… jeez.

  8. Seriously? I understand having players cover up logo’s of non-Nike shoes since Nike is the official sponsor of the NFL, I can understand not allowing players to wear advertising for their individual endorsements during the game, but to fine a player for wearing a different color cleat? If you haven’t seen them, they are the blue color of the Lions uniform, it’s not like they were yellow or orange or some other non-team color. They were blue and gray, just like the Lions uniforms. Focus on things that matter NFL.

  9. Yet another case where the fans know the rules better than the players. Remember the Payton Manning issue when he wore black ones like Unitis and was fined?

    And some other guys have tried to wear gold cleats. This guy just doesnt follow football.

  10. bleedingfacemask says:
    Oct 9, 2015 2:50 PM

    Shoe color that matches team color?

    The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.

    Post of day – made me laugh out loud!

  11. gallopinggilmore says:
    Oct 9, 2015 2:35 PM

    bigbenh8tr, ~80% of all NFL revenue from every team is distributed evenly among all teams. The NFL is and has been essentially communist for some time now.
    That’s not communism. That’s socialism. There’s still a profit motive, but profits are shared.

    Forcing working class citizens to buy NFL stadiums for billionaire team owners, and then charging so much for game tickets that only the wealthy can afford to attend a game … that’s US-style feudal capitalism at its finest.

  12. Why do I continue to watch this “sport”?

    Here’s a spoiler for everyone.

    NFC Playoffs: Falcons, Packers, Seahawks, Cardinals, Panthers, Cowboys

    AFC Playoffs: Patriots, Bengals, Broncos, Colts, Steelers, Chargers

    Super Bowl: Packers vs. Patriots – Packers win


  13. I don’t have a problem with the fines because they should know the uniform requirements. Why don’t they change the rule so that shoes can be solid color black, white or official team color with no design?

    Also, limit the hooker pink to pylons, goalpost wrap, ref whistles, and a painted ribbon on the field. All the rest is distracting, hideous and almost makes the October games unwatchable.

  14. longtimefanh8tr says:
    Oct 9, 2015 2:43 PM
    When will the refs get fined for blowing calls Roger???


    Likely when the CBA between the NFL and NFLRA allows for it. Until then it is simply noted down and used to evaluate the official to decide if he will get to officiate in the post season and or retained as an official for the following season.

  15. I know these guys are mostly millionaires but almost $6000 for the wrong color shoes? Roger even you with a background as an attorney should find the amount outrageous.

  16. gallopinggilmore says:
    Oct 9, 2015 2:35 PM
    bigbenh8tr, ~80% of all NFL revenue from every team is distributed evenly among all teams. The NFL is and has been essentially communist for some time now.
    It was a joke.


  17. I said in another post i have no logical reasons to why they suck every year. However, this tool would come up in the conversation. I cant stand him.

  18. Its time for fans to really show the nfl owners how sick we are of goodell..i dont know how we go about this because i for one cant and wont miss every game i can watch every week..but something needs to be done about that no personality jerk baby hitler wanna be tool bag

  19. The zebras can’t get a call right, but heaven forbid a player wear the wrong color shoe. Why is all the accountability put on the players, but none on the officials or league office?

  20. Hot pink cleats aokay but blues shoes matching team colors bad. Got it. Makes plenty of sense. I guess it’s because the NFL can’t make any money off the blue cleats.

  21. ….it’s like the owners don’t want us to follow the NFL anymore. This krap did’nt happen in the 70’s,80’s,90’s.


    Except that it absolutely did. It started in ’73 and they added ex-players to monitor it from the early ’90s on. And players are walked through the rules before the season. Most clubs actually have someone on-site to remind players. And every locker room has the rules posted. If a grown man chooses to ignore all that and breaks the dress code, and gets the resultant penalty, sorry, I gots no sympathy

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