NFL fines Xavier Rhodes $17,363 for a horse collar tackle


Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes is lighter in the wallet after committing a horse collar tackle on Sunday.

Rhodes was fined $17,363 for the foul, the NFL has confirmed.

On the NFL fine schedule, horse collar tackles are considered in the second-tier of seriousness, along with roughing the passer and leg whips, all of which result in a $17,363 fine for a first offense. Less serious infractions like facemasking and chop blocks result in fines of $8,681, while more serious offenses like spearing, hitting a defenseless player and blindside blocks result in a fine of $23,152. Fines typically double for a second offense.

Rhodes also cost the Vikings 15 yards for the penalty, which he committed while tackling Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

18 responses to “NFL fines Xavier Rhodes $17,363 for a horse collar tackle

  1. Rhodes needs to get his penalties under control. Far too many of them so far. He has to be leading the team at this point. Granted, he does have one of the most difficult roles to play on the defense, too many drives have been extended because of defensive holding or the like.

    He’s a good player, and I think he will get it cleaned up. Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later.

  2. Because $17,364 would have been too much.

    The fine amount is set by the CBA. The reason it is an odd number:

    During negotiations, the NFL offered $17, 350. DeSmith loudly proclaimed that the players would accept nothing more than $17,375. After negotiations lasting 4 hours, Smith finally accepted that number, splitting the difference between his number and the NFL’s number.

  3. According to the NFL penalties website, Rhodes is tied for the most penalized player in the league this season with 7 on him accepted so far (Tied with team mate Everson Griffen).
    Holding x 3, Pass Interference x3, and the horse collar.

    The horse collar should not be a penalty. How is a defensive back like Rhodes supposed to catch a receiver after he has been burned to make a tackle without the horse collar?

    He will not be adding to his total during this bye week.

  4. meanwhile the little gurls to the east are still on top of there sisters and moms basement in all of the meaning of the word

  5. Hitting a defenseless player. Unless it’s a punter in motion, that’s a crap call. Here is an idea; don’t put yourself in a defenseless position.

  6. tokyofilthblaster says:
    Oct 9, 2015 6:31 PM

    Now the league is just piling on after the Broncos humiliated the Vikings.
    LOL, maybe one day someone will teach you how to watch football and then your inane comments might have some context………..or not.

  7. Add this to the Barr hit out of bounds and the 2015 version of the Vikings are both dirty and hapless. If you are going to finish out of the playoffs, you might as well do it with a flourish.

  8. It’s cute that Packers fans make comments about Rhodes when they have Clay Matthews on their team…

  9. whatjusthapped says:
    Oct 10, 2015 8:08 AM

    Add this to the Barr hit out of bounds and the 2015 version of the Vikings are both dirty and hapless.

    They neither dirty or hapless. Stafford was in bounds when Barr shoved him out of bounds. The ref called Zimmer on the Monday after and said Barr shouldn’t have gotten a penalty. But go ahead with your fiction.

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