Antonio Cromartie dubs Odell Beckham Jr. a “one-year wonder”


Later this year, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie will get a chance to battle Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on the field. For now, Cromartie will have to settle for throwing darts at Beckham off it.

Right now he’s a one-year wonder,” Cromartie said Friday on ESPN, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News. “I’m just being honest. It’s just one year. I need to see it on an every-game basis, not him getting penalties or something like that or sucker-punching somebody. I think it’s all about how you carry yourself throughout your whole entire career.”

Beckham can show Cromartie that the second-year player is something more than a one-year wonder when the Jets and Giants get together on December 6. Unless, of course, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis exclusively covers Beckham.

“He’s very young. Has he had production in 16 games? Yes, I give him the utmost [credit] for that,” Cromartie said. “He’s had the most production out of any receiver I’ve seen in [his first] 16 games since Randy Moss. But you have to do it week-in and week-out and depend on that person. No matter if you’re getting double or triple-teamed. Randy Moss didn’t complain when he [was] triple and double-teamed, and people went after him, also.”

Beckham has had to adjust to teammates ribbing him and opponents targeting him. After scoring an average of one touchdown per game in his 12 appearances from 2014, Beckham has two touchdown receptions in four games this season.

Still, that gives him 14 touchdowns in 16 career games. Which is a strong start. By the time December 6 rolls around, it’ll be interesting to see whether Beckham’s production supports Cromartie’s theory.

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  1. I know the media will run with this and make it out to be more than it is. But he makes good points, the same could be said for all players who burst on the scene and start off great. What sets aside the great ones is consistency and being great week and week out no matter what

  2. Does Cromartie realize that HE is the real one-year wonder? The guy is still getting work based solely on his 2006 season with my Chargers. He didn’t start until the 5th game that year but finished with 10 picks and a pro bowl trip. I was there to see his first two picks, a game against the Raiders. But we really did let him go at the right time.

  3. Has Cromartie learned the names of his children yet? He sure seems to know a lot about a lot of subjects as long as one of them isn’t his kids names.

  4. Cromartie remembers Beckhams name with no problem. Ask him the names of his children & his recall isn’t nearly as accurate

    Trashing opposing players is more important than remembering the names of his kids. Another candidate for nomination for father of the year.

  5. Antonio – isn’t it just a little embarrassing when a reporter wants to talk to you about another player, from a different team, from a different division, that you don’t even face for another 2 months.

  6. He’s a one year wonder says the has-been maybe-never-was.

    So when he’s not knocking up now baby mommas he’s ripping other players, got it.

  7. This is nothing short of a moronic move by a babbling idiot in Cromartie. The Jets defense did the same crap in 2011 to the Giants, and not only could they NOT cover Victor Cruz, they got steamrolled in all 3 phases of that game – with both teams fighting for a playoff spot. That was after they put a picture of Eli Manning holding his bloody forehead on their playbook cover.

    The Jets are PRETENDERS. The Giants will run them over again, and embarrass that excuse for a quarterback. If I’m Bowles, I’m smacking Cro upside his head for saying this. New Jets coach, same idiots wearing green. Be quiet little brother!!!

  8. All he said was he needs to prove it year in and year out before calling him the best in the game.

    Agreed 100%. This kid is getting so much hype cuz of the NY media and that one sick catch. Sure he is an incredible player, but I have giants fans telling me he is already the best WR EVER. Come on man its only been one year!

  9. Cromartie could have used a bit milder language to keep Giants fans from getting their panties in a bunch, but he is right. He didn’t diss the guy. He spoke respectfully and acknowledged the guy’s taken and accomplishments for ONE YEAR. Kobe moving up the ladder of being considered one of the best, you have to do at least one repeat performance in not several. You also have to show respect for your opponents and have some humility off the field. Beckham has a chance to repeat his performance, but his mouth and indications he may be a dirty player will not get him the respect and acclaim he is looking for.

    The press is really trolling this one trying to fire up a war.

  10. If everything were the same, including the glove assisted catch, and he played for a non-east coast team he would have received a fraction of the media coverage.

  11. @pixelito

    2015: 4 games, 24 receptions, 307 yds, 76.8 yds/gm, 12.8 yds/catch, 2 TDs, 1 100 yard game.

    Week 1: 5 catches 44 yards 0 TD 8.8 yds/catch
    Week 2: 7 catches 146 yards 1 TD 20.9 yds/catch
    Week 3: 7 catches 79 yards 1 TD 11.3 yds/catch
    Week 4: 5 catches 38 yards 0 TD 7.6 yds/catch

    Not exactly “greatest ever” type numbers… so, what’s your point?

    Take the ATL game away and that’s 17 catches for 161 yards and 1 TD for 9.5 yds/catch. He’s average… at best. Amari Cooper is better, so is DeAndre Hopkins, Aj Green, Dez, Antonio Brown, Megatron (but he’s declining rapidly), Julio Jones. Last year was an anomaly. He’s got great hands, but he’s small and he can’t take it when teams are physical with him. Now that every team knows that and has a years worth of game tape, don’t expect to ever see the numbers he put up last year to reappear.

  12. “I think it’s how you carry yourself throughout your entire career”. Classic, from a clown who has multiple kids from multiple women. Yeah, here’s a guy you want to go for for advice.

  13. I clicked on the link expecting some ridiculous and insulting drivel from Cromartie, so good job with lead PFT. After reading it I am thinking this is probably the most intelligent thing he has ever said. All of it is true. The kid has tremendous talent but real greatness is measured by the test of time.

  14. @mattybillsmafia. You do realize he is the only game changing receiving threat in the team right? Teams literally told don’t let him beat you. That’s why guys like Ruben Randle and Dwayne Harris are getting more production. ODB gets double and triple teamed but as a result others get production and we are winning games. What matters more wining or stats for arguments?

  15. Cromartie giving advice on how to handle yourself throughout your career. Now I’ve seen everything. Someone give ol AC some advice on how to use a condom.

  16. @thealmightybigblue

    Who else does Cincinnati have? Dallas? Houston? Detroit? Oakland? And wasn’t part of the argument last year that he was putting up those numbers without another viable receiver? Listen, he has great hands and he put up monster numbers last year, but he’s not that great, so just stop. What more proof do you need than him saying he’s thrown off his game when teams get physical with him, and his slot receiver numbers this year?

  17. The writer is trying to make this an issue and it isn’t but some will run with it as Cro talking stupid….all Cro is saying is this kid had a great yr, but to be considered one of the greats you got to bring every play regardless, don’t let players get you out your game and into your head when they try to rough you up and double and triple team you, don’t get caught up and start throwing cheap shots instead of catching balls….good advise…this is not trash talking….

  18. “Stan the test of time” should be the mantra. OBJ is no Stan, for that matter he’s no Andre Johnson, Megatron, or Fitz. The other great quality is try to be humble while your at it. OBJ took that typical wideout Diva card and ran with it.

  19. This is news? If you read or listen to what Cromartie said, he praised Beckham but also notes he’s only played 16 games. So what’s the fake controversy over these remarks?

    Beckham has had a great start to his career, and has great potential, but many players have great starts to their career but tail off or get injured (Jeremy Shockley is a great example of a player who had a terrific rookie year but then never lived up to what was expected of him; Shockley had a good career, but he wasn’t among the top in the league at TE for more than a couple of years). Maybe that will happen to Beckham and he will be remembered for a great rookie year and nothing more. Maybe Beckham will keep up a high level of play and be one of the best receivers in the game. There’s nothing noteworthy about Cromartie’s comments. He didn’t insult or “dis” Beckham. He just spoke reasonably.

  20. LOL

    They asked him to name his TOP 3 WR’s and he said, “Dez, Antonio, and Calvin Johnson because he still draws triple coverage even though you can’t tell from watching TV” and then that moronic Sports Nation guy goes “WHY NOT ODELL BECKHAM JR?” and he replied by saying what he said.

    The guy probably would have responded the same way if he asked him to name his TOP 3 QB’s.

  21. It’s soo easy to make a splash and score points on offense these days.

    Look at RG3, Luck, Wilson and Tannenhill.
    All of ’em looked legit and then defenses caught onto ’em and none of them have adjusted yet.

    Lot of “Flash” players lately.

  22. Cromartie’s statements couldn’t be more absurd…. How do you call him a ONE year wonder when ODB’s numbers though his first 16 games (which span over 2 seasons) are the best of any WR in history?

    The statement is purely idiotic. ODB is on pace for 100 catches this season after 4 games where he and Eli still haven’t really connected yet.

  23. BecauseIdRatherBeACheaterThanALoser says:
    Oct 10, 2015 9:02 AM
    I call Antonio Cromartie a Ring-less Wonder.

    Typical Patriots fan – thinks cheating is better than having integrity and character. Doesn’t even comment on the article. Low class and slovenly as expected from someone who says straight up they would rather cheat to win than play by the rules. As soon as your pretty boy retires your team becomes the Knicks of the NFL.

  24. Amazing …. About half the comments attack AC for his personal life which isn’t anybody’s business except his and the people directly impacted by it and most of the other half of you didn’t bother to read beyond the troll baiting headline or to read the article PFT saw fit to extract snippets that hugely distort what AC said. If you had you would know for the most part, everything he said was complimentary of Beckham. I guess reading beyond a trolling headline is too much to expect from a lot of people.

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