Chip Kelly won’t consider going for two more often

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One of the reasons Chip Kelly was such an interesting coach at Oregon was that he’d go for two at times when most coaches would kick the extra point without even thinking about it. Kelly loved to line up his extra point team in a “swinging gate” formation, and if the opposing defense didn’t adjust to it, he’d run a trick play to try to pick up two points.

Kelly tried that once early in his first year as the Eagles’ head coach, but it didn’t work, and Kelly never tried it again.

This year, there was some talk that Kelly might buck the trends and try going for two more often: The league’s new extra point rule makes kicks harder, the Eagles have a shaky kicker, and Kelly always seems confident in his offense. And yet the Eagles haven’t gone for two at all this year, and Kelly said he has given no thought to going for two unless the score of the game dictates it.

“Not right now, no,” Kelly said. “The [placement of the two-point conversion] hasn’t moved. My whole opinion was that they were asking you to go for two, but they never enticed you. They didn’t move it to make going for two [easier]. Going for two is difficult.”

Eventually, some NFL coach may decide to make going for two the “default” option for his team, and only kick the extra point when the score of the game makes that the obvious choice. But that coach will not be Chip Kelly, who’s a lot more cautious in the NFL than he was in college.

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  1. As a Duck, I’ll say that “college” Chip and then early Helf’s predisposition to go for two, and also to go for it on 4th and goal, was not always the right call in my opinion. That’s regardless of whether it worked. I saw it put the team in this weird, sorta heart-defining position too many times: make the score and you are awesome! Heroic! Studs! But if you DON’T get it, it can really suck the life out of a team. Sometimes just kicking the damn field goal is the right move; stop trying for the big dagger so much.

    Helf seems to have backed away from it a bit, although against Michigan State he went for 4th and goal… and failed.

  2. jrclark1978 says:
    Oct 10, 2015 3:27 PM
    Wonder if any college will hire a coach that has a stigma of racism surrounding him.
    To answer your question, no they wouldn’t. That’s not an issue with Kelly, and you can bet if he became available colleges would be lining up for him, and top players would be signing letters of intent wherever he went.

  3. I am an Eagles fan, but not a Chip fan. This team will be in such shambles when he’s gone. I know most of you love that thought, but he’s something I wouldn’t wish on an fan to deal with. This team is dekcuf

  4. This just in:
    Chip Kelly is a Genius who will revolutionize the way professional football is played.
    Some chubby kid with a new training regiment. lol

  5. If the NFL was smart, which we all know they arent, the rule would be to place the ball at the 1. More teams would be willing to go for 2.

    What a great idea, everyone knows you are going for 2. One of the best surprises was to make the defense think you are kicking an extra point then do a shuffle pass for 2 points.

    The NFL, in typical screw up the easiest decisions royally, made an idiotic decision once again all so the Xtra Point wouldnt be automatic.

    And Goodell the clown is jumping up and down for joy like hes a genius because kickers are only making 94 percent of xtra points.

  6. Kelly won 20 games his first two seasons, and will likely win 10 again this year, and probably another division title. Remember all this nonsense being written now, by people who no nothing about coaching or the NFL.

  7. What is the big deal about 20 regular season wins with no playoff wins?

    Buddy Ryan won plenty of regular season games.
    What was his Eagle playoff record?

    You been through this from ’86 to ’91. That brought you zero championships as well.

    Rich Kotite has more playoff wins than Chip Kelly at the same time in their careers as head coaches.

    What good is 10 wins a year if you don’t qualify for the postseason & when you had 1 shot at postseason you were one & done?

    Nothing at all special about Chip Kelly’s first 3 NFL seasons. He’s been a major disappointment. Eagles will be 6-10 or 7-9 in 2015 not even close to a playoff birth, not even close to his last 2 10 win seasons, not even close to a super bowl. But a lot closer to Rich Kotite, which is a lot closer to Ray Rhodes than even Andy Reid.

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