T.O. says he could “absolutely” help the Eagles


Receiver Terrell Owens is just a few months away from possibly entering the Hall of Fame. But he’d be happy to re-set to zero the five-year waiting period for Canton consideration.

Appearing Friday on 94WIP in Philadelphia, Owens said he could “[a]bsolutely” help the Eagles this season.

“You think that I shouldn’t be playing right now?” Owens said on the same day his Football Life documentary debuted on NFL Network. “I definitely could be playing right now, but based on my character — yeah, people can say, ‘Oh he’s 41.'”

It sounds like Owens wanted to once again claim that the NFL’s lack of interest comes from media-fueled concerns regarding his disruptive locker-room behavior. But he was wise not to shine a light on that topic, what with the voters (all of whom belong to the media) poised to give him a bronze bust in early February.

“I’m not your average 41-year-old,” Owens said. “And when I was on that football field, I felt like I was the best thing out there and it was due to how hungry I was and how dedicated I was.”

He has a point, and with quarterback Matthew Hasselbeck getting it done at the age of 40, it’s hard not to wonder why someone wouldn’t give Owens a chance. He undoubtedly has grown and matured in five years of not playing, and he’d surely be grateful for getting one last opportunity to play.

The fact that he’d willingly delay for half a decade his first shot at Canton should count for something. It should at least be enough to get a team to bring him in for a tryout aimed at seeing if he can still get it done like he once could.

46 responses to “T.O. says he could “absolutely” help the Eagles

  1. Can these old receivers just stay retired? If Owens or moss had anything at all to offer a team, they would be on one.

  2. TO. Was a model citizen during his last year with the Bills. Unfortunately, the Bills didn’t have a QB who could get the ball to an often wide open Owens. He showed his maturity when reporters would try to bait him with the don’t you wish you got the ball more ?
    questions. He learned to speak athletes talk with the best of them, ” Only trying to help the team win “, It’s a team game, I’m just here to help us win etc. Young players said TO helped them and was anything but a cancer.
    It would be nice if he could get another shot, but father time is undefeated.

  3. Just what every coach wants in their locker room. A WR that knows it all and can’t keep his mouth shut. His best chance would be with New England. He’s not going to take over Belichick’s locker room, and Brady would actually make him look as good as he thinks he is.

  4. Mike Florio could absolutely help the Eagles. (There have got to be a few people around he could sue.)

  5. “But he was wise not to shine a light on that topic, what with the voters (all of whom belong to the media) poised to give him a bronze bust in early February.”

    They’re poised? I, for one, am not holding my breath.

  6. Sbaltimore: He would help until they played the Redskins. Then he would throw a fit and refuse to play because they used the “r” word.

  7. That’s a mighty generous offer. It seems hard to believe that at 41 and staring a shot at Canton in the face he would risk life and limb to become an offensive lineman just to help out the Eagles. He is a better man than ever we gave him credit for and I am shocked and chagrined that I once shabbily decried a man with such generosity of spirit as being a $50M talent with a 50¢ head.

  8. He did almost single handedly carry the Eagles to the super bowl that one year, and he should be a first ballot hall of famer (sorry haters), but come on T.O., let it go.

  9. He’s not a QB or OL guy so what would Philly need him for? They’re better off with the young WR talent they already possess. Just go away TO, you’re delusional.

  10. No he didn’t. TO missed games 15, 16, and all of the playoffs prior to the Super Bowl. Westbrook and Dawkins did far more to lead that team to the Super Bowl.

  11. If only he didn’t call Ozzie Newesone a racist to get that trade reversed so many years ago… I bet he Ravens would give him a chance with their current situation. But not after what he did.

  12. corporatemediaprostitute says:
    Oct 10, 2015 5:28 PM
    Let’s not get nuts.

    Too late, this T.O. we’re talking about

  13. If he couldn’t make the seahawks back when he was in training camp with them, then he must not have anything left. Their receivers are garbage, so what does that say about TO?

  14. How? By holding up those play calling boards on the sideline with pictures of Cap’n Crunch and whatever the hell else they have on them? Give it up T.O. it’s over…

  15. This website has consistently said he is done and should give it up, but now the Eagles should try him out? Make up your mind. This seems to be a trend.

  16. C’mon TO. Cowboys… now the Eagles?? lol

    Chip would be hung out to dry for picking you up.

    How about the Bears? With no starting WRs…

    I guess Mr. Fox already knows what he’d get… since he traded TO Jr. for a bag of stale chips.

    I guess the reality show circuit dried up? Here’s a thought! Make an ab workout video!

  17. rav3nbav3n says:
    Oct 10, 2015 5:39 PM

    He did almost single handedly carry the Eagles to the super bowl that one year…
    He got injured on the first play of the second half in week 14. He missed the rest of the game, the last two regular season games, and all of the playoff games.

    If you had said that he single handedly consumed half of the sideline close-up shots during those games mugging for the camera while standing around in street clothes, you would have been much more correct.

  18. I hated what TO did to the Philly locker room, but the guy was a beast on the field and was never an embarrassment in the “strip club at 2AM” department. Kick the tires on that old man, Chip.

  19. Utter foolishness.

    T O was a great WR but his time has been and gone. He’d struggle to get any separation now.

    Players think they can go on forever but the body slows down, you lose yards of pace and you genuinely cannot do the physical things you used to be able to do.

    At his age he’d struggle to outrun even the slowest CB’s now.

    Players should look at Larry Holmes holding back from destroying Ali to see what happens when aged greats try to recapture that lost glory.

  20. Not sure if TO is a very good character fit in terms of what the Eagles would be looking for in an assistant wrs coach….

  21. I’d rather trust his opinion than Kelly’s.

    Every time Kelly has an input on the offense, the offense gets worse.

    After all, he traded for a fraud for a franchise quarterback and is witnessing worse than 70.0 passer ratings in the first half. What’s the point in only having a player that plays well in one half? A game has 2 what’s the point in only having a player that plays well in one half? A game has 2 halves.

  22. Didn’t know T.O. was musical – oh, you mean the football team?
    Ha ha ha ha ha…

    T.O., it’s simple: NFL >39 = high salary – long term – 2yds + injury

    Foregoing high pay, on a team in need, a good QB or kicker can still compensate with increased skill, but the lost yard or 2 gets increasingly terminal for all other positions, both in effectiveness and in the resultant increased injuries and increased recovery time.

  23. He’s kept himself in incredible shape and age is just a number. GM’s need to realize that, he’s got two, maybe three years left in him, some team needs to just go ahead and sign him

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