Bucs ride Doug Martin to big win over Jaguars


In a game between two bad teams, Doug Martin was the best player on the field today in Tampa.

Martin scored three touchdowns, had 123 rushing yards and 35 receiving yards, and led the way as the Bucs beat the Jaguars 38-31.

The Buccaneers’ offensive game plan consisted mostly of counting on their running game and not asking Jameis Winston to do too much, and that game plan worked. Winston completed 13 of 19 passes for 209 yards and one touchdown pass, to Martin. Charles Sims had a good day receiving, and the Bucs’ offense did enough to win.

For the Jaguars, Blake Bortles put up big numbers, completing 23 of 33 passes for 303 yards and four touchdowns, with one interception. The Jaguars’ running game couldn’t get anything going, but Bortles had them close until the end, when a late Jacksonville onside kick was recovered by the Buccaneers to seal the win.

Neither of these teams appears to be going anywhere, but the Bucs showed something today. And Martin, who is having a very good year, showed a lot.

12 responses to “Bucs ride Doug Martin to big win over Jaguars

  1. I am trying to figure at what point in the future I am in to read a headline that indicates a Bucs win over the Jags is “big”.

  2. That’s the formula…Make Winston a game manager for the rest of the year and allow him to learn while minimizing his throwing…I’d have him on a short pass leash. TB is bad, but not Jacksonville bad

  3. Only 19 passes by bucs…. The only way to win with a bad QB is to be successful at running the ball….

    The Bucs would be better with Bortles! And of course a better HC than Smith….

  4. tjacks7 says:
    Oct 11, 2015 4:58 PM
    Never thought I’d live long enough to see the words “big win over Jaguars”
    Hey now, those Mark Brunell Jags were rocking in the late 90s.

  5. Wow, what a negative article. Both are relatively young teams with young quarterbacks, with a chance to get better as we go here. To say they’re not going anywhere 5 games into the season, with both in weak divisions is lame writing.

  6. I love it when people write articles but don’t really follow the teams they write on. Both teams indeed have issues, but they do have strengths too, and that’s what needs to be watched. The Bucs O line is much improved and is holding their own against three good Ds now. Doug Martin has put up big numbers against good Ds. The Bucs are near the top of the list in sacking the QB. Yup, true, the record is 2-3, but the improvement curve is steep.

  7. Let’s be real here. The Jags have a good D, and the Bucs put up 37 points. Jameis Winston’s role yesterday cannot be ignored; he completed 68% of his passes with a TD and no picks. Any QB would be happy with those numbers for an offense that runs the football with guys like Martin and Sims. Blake Bortles is one heckuva QB, and the Jags have a strong running game and good run D, with some big DBs to counter big WRs like the Bucs have. If this same game would have been Pats vs. GB, where only the uniforms changed, those who don’t follow either Jabs or Bucs would have been thrilled. There were some great plays. I got home from the game and saw NE-DAL, DEN-OAK and was not impressed. Brady got sacked constantly, Manning was off target, Dallas couldn’t score anything, and you get the picture. I think a lot of sports writers need to do better homework, or remove their blinders and watch the games and teams for what they are.

  8. Good Win!… but up 20-7 we need to develop a step on throat/curb stomp mentality. 6 sacks is great but our DB’s need to start playing better. BYE week then @ the Washington football team. Get to .500, boys, then see where we can go from there!!

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