Jason Garrett will evaluate quarterback position


During the broadcast of Sunday’s Patriots-Cowboys game on CBS, Phil Simms expressed a very high degree of certainty that the Cowboys won’t bench quarterback Brandon Weeden. Simms reiterated his position when Weeden threw an interception right after Simms had declared that Weeden will still be the guy.

Maybe Simms should have just said he’s “supremely confident” Weeden isn’t getting benched.

After the game (via Todd Archer of ESPN.com), Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said that the quarterback position will be evaluated before the team’s next game, on October 25 against the Giants. Which hardly sounds like the kind of clear endorsement Weeden would receive if Simms’ supreme confidence were accurate.

The reality is that Weeden has lost three starts in a row during an eight-week window without Tony Romo. The Cowboys had hoped to stay at or near .500 without Romo, and their record is now 2-3. Regardless of the blame that should or shouldn’t go to Weeden for the losses, a spark is needed.

The spark could come from Matt Cassel. The Cowboys have two weeks to figure it out and, if they decide to make a change, to get Cassel ready to play.

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  1. What is there to evaluate? Weeden is not an NFL quarterback. He shouldn’t even be a back up and the Cowboys got what they deserved for not going into the season with a better back up.

  2. Weeden gives the team no shot. Good QBs throw guys open. QBs like Weeden just throw it to the open guy two yards away from the line of scrimmage. It’s time for a good QB.

  3. To me The WRs NOT winning the 1 on 1 battles Need to be Evaluated.
    The O Line Espcially Ron Leary the LG needs to be Evaluated.

    Weeden will only do what the coaches Tell Him. He will NOT change the plays At the Line so what is the problem? Cassell Won’t make a difference but since someone needs to take the hit what’s the excuse if cassell looses to the Giants and Seahawks?

  4. God bless his heart but can’t we all agree that Phil Simms time has come and gone? He’s just god awful now. Time for some new blood. Step aside Phil and thanks for your service.

  5. I really don’t see how you don’t go to Cassell with a bye week to get used to the transition. One thing is obvious, Dallas isn’t going to win with Weeden.

    I’m just a simple fan, but:
    – Weeden can’t get the ball downfield. The NFL has tighter windows than college, QB has to be able to fit it in sometimes.
    – With Romo, you see Dallas audible out of the play call a lot b/c Romo can at least count the number of defenders in the box. With Weeden, the play that’s called is th play that’s being run. The one time I saw Weeden say “Kill,kill”, the offense ran into the teeth of the defense.
    – With Romo, you see receivers getting more YAC b/c he gets the ball out faster. With Weeden, he mentally processes slower & when the ball does come out, the defense has already reacted to lapses in coverage.

    So in conclusion, please please make the change.

  6. According to Cowboys fans, they were awesome enough to be ok without Romo for a little while.

  7. Trade for RGIII and see what happens, Cowboys have a good defense and it showed against Brady.

    Something needs to happen at QB because #2 and #3 QB’s ain’t doing much.

  8. Weeden doesn’t know how to go through his progressions. Like the guy above said, he doesn’t throw the WR open or anticipate throws. He literally waits for the WR to get completely open and if he doesn’t he pads his horrible stats with check down.

  9. This needs to be the end for Weeden in Dallas. While he’s good at not making many mistakes he makes no plus plays from the QB position. He needs to be released soon to open a roster spot. There is no point for keeping him any longer. He can’t be a starter and he’s a very poor back-up QB.

    Play Cassel in 2 weeks. He’s a gunner and will compete. I would rather see Kellen Moore or the practice squad QB Showers play ahead of Weeden.

    This tryout is over.

  10. The NFL network really needs another Vanilla Tony Romo interview…The ones with no real questions and no real answers, ya know, the ones that played 24/7 on the network before the injury

  11. Lucky for the Cowboys the division sucks….who would have thunk the Giants are the best in the division

  12. And this is why, like the Packers, you should draft a quarterback every year and try to develop him. If the Cowboys would have drafted one, who knows who could’ve been waiting in the wings for their turn. I was hoping that they woul’d’ve gotten Kirk Cousins when he came out, at least he can player better than Weeden. Bet you this is the year the Cowboys will draft a quarterback with one of their 3 top picks. Either round 1,2, or 3.

  13. pastabelly says:
    Oct 11, 2015 8:06 PM
    What is there to evaluate? Weeden is not an NFL quarterback. He shouldn’t even be a back up and the Cowboys got what they deserved for not going into the season with a better back up.
    The only problem is neither is Matt Cassel. To be a rough time for Dallas this year.

  14. Can’t understand why in this day and age it’s so hard to find decent qb’s. Most high schools and colleges run passing oriented offenses, way more than even 10-15 years ago, but it looks so hard to find talented young passers that can actually play. Weeden shouldn’t be anyone’s backup. Cassel isn’t much better but at least his track record shows he can win you a few games here and there, nowhere in Weedens NFL experience shows he can win you a game. Weeden is 5-18 as a starter, Cassel is 34-38, like I said , not a lot better, but he does have more experience and can at least give your team a chance.

  15. How can you naysayer’s claim Weeden is no good after Jerrah told us he was better than T. Aikman?

  16. Went to the game and boy the Pats embarrassed the Cowboys! Stadium was 60/40 Pats fans. Felt bad for Cowboy fans having to watch that team. Great stadium and bars though!

  17. All this stupid talk about trading for rg3. Here’s a serious suggestion. Trade for Mike Glennon. He beat my Steelers in the burgh and is just sitting in Tampa. If by some miracle this sage advice is followed, keep him and develop him for the day Romo finally snaps in two.

  18. Cassel will supply a spark for one game (maybe even win) then he will return to being Cassel.

    — Viking fans

  19. Weeden isn’t the reason the Cowboys lost those games. Today for instance the defense failed to stop the Pats. It wasn’t Weeden that let them put 30 points on the board.

  20. Cassel couldn’t beat out Tyrod Taylor! Hey Jason…did you know you have the smartest QB on your roster doing nothing? His name is K-E-L-L-E-N M-O-O-R-E!!!

  21. We are still enjoying the ham sandwich that we got for ditching Weeden. How are things on your end, Dallas?


  22. Man, I hate the Cowboys, but they have a winner, accurate passer and one smart cookie on the bench with the name Kellen Moore.

  23. Tyrod Taylor possesses great passing AND escapability! Don’t blame that on Matt Cassel , Tyrod’s been flying under the radar since he doesn’t fit perfectly into the average NFL head coach’s skill set for a qb. That’s the problem in a copycat league, it takes an open minded head coach to start someone of Tyrod’s abilities. There wasn’t much drop-off in New England when the illustrious Tom Brady went down. Give the man a chance, he damn sure can’t do any worse.

  24. Ship We-done, along with a draft pick, back to Cleveland for Manziel. The Browns are infatuated with McClown at QB.

  25. Jerry Jones trades draft picks to the Saints for Drew Brees. Even with Brees, the Cowboys fail to make the playoffs. In the off season, Coach Sean Payton goes to the Cowboys for more picks in 2017. Romo is traded to the Texans. Ryan Mallet continues to pout. Jason Garrett decides to leave the NFL and become a college coach.

    Patriots win the Super Bowl again.

  26. “Garrett will evaluate quarterback position”
    I get a kick out of headlines like this in Dallas.
    Every reader of PFT and most of the free world KNOW the only thing Jason Garrett needs to evaluate is what Jerry Jones wants to do at the QB position;Garrett will have no or little to say on the subject. Jerry knows best………,just ask him!

  27. Cassel can put it in the EZ. Weedon can’t. At 2-3 with the NYG barely squeaking by an aweful SF team to lead the Div at 3-2 and a game at MetLife coming up next.

    Make the change NOW. He’s acclimated and gets the benefit of a bye to prepare.

    Belichick disciple to hold the fort. Do it.

  28. I’m not saying Weeden is an answer, but, Cassel was out there, nobody wanted him, for a reason. He gets picked up by a lot of outfits who, once they have him, decide to go in another direction. Same thing with Matt Flynn. They look good from a distance, but up close, the coaches can’t get themselves to play him. Don’t be shocked to see Dallas sign someone else. ABC …. Anyone But Cassel. Simms knows.

  29. My 2 cents as an Eagles fan. Without Romo and Bryant they had ZERO chance to win. But even with those two I cant say they would have won but it would have been a little closer. I’m not kissing any rump, but Brady has the most lethal mind in football with Belichick. He studies film from decades ago and somehow implements the plays and confuses D’s that haven’t seen anything like that in their lives.

  30. He won’t evaluate anything other then what kind of gum he’ll chew to death next week.

    He’ll play whoever he’s told to play…

  31. Weeden is doing what back up qbs do. When your starter goes down, you have to win with the running game and defense. Problem is the Cowboy have neither.

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