Jay Cutler leads comeback drive as Bears beat Chiefs


After being dismissed as the worst team in football for the first three weeks of the season, the Bears have won two in a row.

The Chiefs lost a game, lost their best offensive player and lost any realistic hope of making the playoffs.

It was a topsy-turvy game today in Kansas City, with the Chiefs dominating most of the way. But the Bears’ fourth-quarter rally, led by Jay Cutler, ended with a touchdown pass to Matt Forte that made the winning margin 18-17.

The Chiefs got the ball back just in time to march across midfield and sent Cairo Santos onto the field to attempt a 66-yard field goal as time expired, but that kick wasn’t even close.

The big story of the day, however, is that Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles suffered what appeared to be a season-ending knee injury. Without Charles, the Chiefs’ best offensive player, there’s almost no chance of Kansas City turning this season around and getting to the playoffs. This is shaping up to be a long year in Kansas City.

But it might not be as bad a season in Chicago as everyone thought. The Bears head to Detroit next week with a chance to get to .500.

43 responses to “Jay Cutler leads comeback drive as Bears beat Chiefs

  1. Cutler is the Bears second best player…. Their third best player is…. ?????? Someone bad

  2. Cutler rocks! He was unbelieveable with a bunch of no-names on offense around him. No worries though haters keep enjoying your hate.

  3. Everyone needs to layoff cutler. He’s the best qb in this franchises history and it’s not close. He makes them competitive with no wr’s either.

  4. Tremendously proud Bears fan here. Don’t look now but under Fox and his staff the Bears are growing themselves a pair like they haven’t had for a long time. Guys are buying in even with 2nd and 3rd string players being forced into the fray.

    The psychological difference between the Chicago team out there today and the one that laid down vs the Cardinals in Week 2 is night and day. They are still going to face teams they can’t beat due to the sheer inequity in talent but learning how to win happens one win at a time and I for one am thrilled to see tge process starting. Hats off Bears and Messrs McPhee, Long, Forte and Cutler in particular.

  5. bonecrushinghits says:
    Oct 11, 2015 5:02 PM
    I would actually be pissed if I were a Bears fan. The theme is not going anywhere this year. They should lose out for draft picks and rebuild


    Thankfully you’re not a Bears fan.

  6. Congratulations to the Bears for hanging tough through all the talk of “fire sales” and whatever.
    Cutler has his moments but really – Bears fans thinking he’s better than Luckman?!?

  7. My best friend is from Chicago and we talk a lot of trash back and forth. I’ve been calling them the Pears recently, telling him there’s only one NFL team named after fruit. But no longer! Today the team reclaimed their rightful name. So in his honor, I shall proudly type…

    Go BEARS!

    …until next week, anyways :p

  8. I’m a Viking fan but saying cutler over Rodgers is down right stupid. I don’t think I’ve ever seen rodgers give up when the game doesn’t go his way.

  9. CLEARLY, a reflection on the caliber & competency of Fox & Gase. Cutler has always had the make-up to be very good, but never the right coaching to harness his abilities. Cutler deserves his props for making things happen, just as his past criticisms have been valid as well. Glad John Fox is here!

  10. mantastic54 I think your right. I also think when he has great receivers he thinks he can throw it long that end up as costly mistakes, but with bad and mediocre receivers he knows he can’t do that and makes good decisions and greats things happen.

  11. hurricanegrabowski says:
    Oct 11, 2015 5:07 PM
    Bears playing the worst team in the league next week. They’ll be 3 and 3……

    hmm, i dont know, the lions have arizona right where they want them.

  12. I am not a big Cutler fan….but as I think about it he has never had much support such as a offensive line or receivers. Lovie Smith was all about defense and that was the focus of the team and draft.Consider that they have blown most of their draft picks in early rounds especially on the offense. The have three decent skill position players on offense. Cutler, Bennett and Forte who produce. White is a bust on my list as well as Jeffery.

  13. Proud of the team this week. Overcame adversity to pull out a tough win. Anyone saying the Bears should be tanking for picks is insane, this is a professional sport. The athletes are professionals, they get paid to WIN the game. If they end up 8-8 so what? It’s progress in the right direction. The Bears with Jay are solid, the offense looked GASSED, can’t wait to see the first team receivers out there. Give that extra dimension for defenses to prepare for. Defense got mad pressure.. I don’t think the Bears are a playoff team this year, but they aren’t as bad as they first three weeks (against the NFC’s best) portrayed them to be. Bear DOWN

  14. Wouldn’t have won that game without Cutler’s solid play — those 4th quarter TD throws were great. I hope he gets the same volume of credit as grief he got in prior weeks.

  15. Tanking the season is idiotic (as is anyone who thinks it should be an organizations strategy). Typically the team that gets the 1st or 2nd pick in the draft is not one player away from being competitive. Da Bears are obviously lacking in talent in many positions so my hopes for the season is that a few games are won and some talent is discovered.

  16. I am glad the defense is looking better. I knew fox could do it. Jay will get better this year without constantly targeting Marshall.

  17. The worst team in the league just beat the real worst team in the league.

    Clark Hunt doesn’t care. He’s a soccer fan anyway.

    Extend both Reid and Alice, and lets set some sort of losing record. That’s right up there with the noise record anyway.

  18. Chiefs have not won a playoff game since 1993. Going to go out on a limb and say that doesn’t change this year. They are terrible. Their offense is one dimensional and that dimension has an ACL tear. Alex Smith is as smug as A. Rodgers but 10% as good – he is a clown.

    “3rd and 13 for the Chiefs. Play action as Alex Smith drops back…3 step drop, swing pass to Davis out of the backfield for a 2 yard gain, 4th and 11, looks like the Chiefs will punt.”

  19. Reid admitted after the game that he thought Santos would get 7 attempts to try to make the last kick.

  20. bonecrushinghits says:
    Oct 11, 2015 5:02 PM
    I would actually be pissed if I were a Bears fan. The theme is not going anywhere this year. They should lose out for draft picks and rebuild


    Thankfully you’re not a Bears fan.>>>

    Yeah, you guys know football! What with two narrow victories over 2 other bad football teams, things are looking up! You don’t need draft picks! Get ready to raise the banners like it’s ’85 again with this squad! The other 31 teams are on notice and very scared. Da Bearssssssss!

  21. Cutler looked solid today without starting now. Our qb sucks. Alex smith is Terrible. Can we please either bench or cutalex smith. chiefs fans are begging for it.

  22. conormacleod says:
    Oct 11, 2015 4:57 PM
    Worst attempt at a game winning kick I’ve ever seen. You have to know your kicker can’t kick 56 yards, let alone 66, and try a Hail Mary.


    You do realize that the Chiefs have Alex Smith at QB, who can’t throw further than 30 yards.

  23. I’ve been trying to tell every1 we are not as much in a rebuilding stage as every1 makes up out to be. Shut out by Seattle? Yea cus we had no1 starting on offense. Lost to Arizona? We were going back n forth with them until cutler pick n injury. Had it just been pick no injury we would’ve still been in the game until the end especially with how defense played end of 1st half. Lost to packers? A late int was the difference in that close game that every1 talks like we got blown out in.

    All in all we just need to get healthy and we will have a good year. Don’t think we’ll catch packers unless sum1 finally puts a hit on Rodgers but we can definitely be better than Vikings. Our defense does need more talent but the offense has plenty of it and with Gase calling plays the offense has looked good most of the time even being nowhere near 100%. But y’all just continue to let the media fill y’all heads with nonsense like we’re trading forte hahaha y’all so gullible

  24. The winning difference in this game is that Jay, for the first time this season, didn’t throw an interception.
    Had he thrown one it could very well have been a two point loss for the Bears.
    Jay and our injury riddled team looked solid.

    Bear Down!!

  25. Yesterday at halftime I was drafting a sarcastic post about Cutler when the pizza guy arrived with lunch and interrupted my efforts. Glad to say I enjoyed eating my own crow as much as the pizza.

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