Jim Caldwell: Matthew Stafford still our starter


The Lions benched Matthew Stafford in the second half of Sunday’s 42-17 loss to the Cardinals, but Dan Orlovsky won’t be starting when the team hosts the Bears next Sunday.

After the game, Lions coach Jim Caldwell compared Stafford’s outing on Sunday to a starting pitcher having a bad day in a baseball game and said he just went to Orlovsky because of the way the game was playing out. Stafford was 20-of-32 for 188 yards, a touchdown and three interceptions before getting the hook and said that Caldwell told him at halftime that he would be replaced if he threw another interception.

Going back to Stafford is understandable, but the problems with the Lions offense and Stafford go well beyond a bad day at the office against the Cardinals. Offensive ineptitude has been a weekly topic of conversation around the Lions and things aren’t getting any better with more time in offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi’s scheme.

Caldwell has resisted calls to take over offensive play calling already this season and said Sunday that there would not be any coaching changes as a result of this week’s thumping. At 0-5 without much reason to think a major winning streak is about to start, it’s hard to believe there won’t be some coming to Detroit a few months from now.

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  1. What other options do they have? I think Caldwell picked up Dan O just so there wouldn’t be any clamoring for a backup.

    I’m a die hard Lions fan and I cut Stafford from my fantasy team today. Hes not even a good fantasy qb anymore thanks to Lamebardi and the gargoyle.

  2. With any luck, Orlovsky will be the only member of two teams to go 0-16.

    Next week’s game features two of the most overpaid players in professional sports and the most overpaid quarterbacks not named Peyton Manning.

  3. Matt is a good throwing QB but he is not smart. He has the arm of Manning when he was young but the brains of Vick.
    He needs a very strict and SMART offensive coordinator. Lombardi is neither.

  4. Jim Caldwell is hands down the worst coach in the NFL. Every time they show his clueless mug on the sidelines I wanna puke. Bring back Wayne Fontes!!

  5. Long time Lions fan. They are bums now. They were bums 55 years ago and they will always be bums. We just deal with this crap for some weird reason.

  6. Sadly, for those of us who have been through this many times before in Detroit, the time has come when whatever management, the coaching staff or players have to say is irrelevant. Whether the firings start this year or next, they are all deadmen walking. The Fords always take a year or two more than anyone else to recognize the futility of circumstances but futility has clearly arrived. Eventually, there will be a new GM who will hire a new coach who will coach new players just like every time before. It’s every fan’s wet dream but the cycle won’t stop repeating until there is new ownership, which isn’t happening soon but can’t come soon enough.

  7. There will be no coaching changes. There will likely be no changes this off-season either. Change comes in Allen Park reluctantly, and even then only the bare minimum to fool the dumbest fans in the NFL (Lions fans) to buy in for another year.

    Again, we’re talking about the dumbest fans in the NFL. It doesn’t take much for them to think that next year is the year that their patience will finally pay off.

    Why are Lions fans the dumbest fans in the NFL, you ask? Because if they were smart, they would have divorced themselves from this team 15 years ago when Barry Sanders did.

  8. Every time they show Caldwell on the sidelines he looks like a guy that isn’t sure if he’s waiting at the right bus stop or not….

  9. Everyone outside of Detroit expected this but yet kool-aid is cheap……just ask Rex Ryan or Chip Kelly. The Lions will forever be rebuilding.

  10. Historically speaking, this is usually the time that the Ford family gives everyone contract extensions.

    You can talk about changing coaches, personnel, and the front office all you want — we’ve tried that numerous times during my life and it has made ZERO difference.

    The problem is with the ownership. The Lions have sucked since the Ford family bought them in the early 60’s. Time to sell to an owner that’s not going to play fools.

  11. Fire Lombardi?

    Man. Hard to believe some people still don’t get it.

    Any firings that don’t include Martin “Matt Millen’s protegee” Mayhew and Tom Lewand are just more cluelessness.

    This franchise went through eight years of the worst GM in the history of any professional sport — and then hired his underling to replace him without a national search.

    I’ll never buy a Ford car, based on what Bill Ford Jr. tolerates with the Lions.

  12. Jim Caldwell destroys the Colts and gets them the first pick in the draft.

    Jim Caldwell destroys the Lions and gets them the first pick in the draft.

    Jim Caldwell equals the first pick of the draft.

    The Lions due miss Suh but its basically the same team that has gotten worse since Caldwell took over. He did the exact same thing as he did with the Colts.

    Jim Caldwell is the Mel Tucker of Head Coaches.

    Mayhew makes Emery (former Chicago bears GM) look like a genius when it comes to drafting and that’s like being the dumbest kid in a class full of dumb kids.

    No plan for Suh and Farley leaving a gaping hole on defense. Drafting skill players in the first round rather bolstering the oline and dline.

    Stafford is not the greatest QB but the team is not putting him in position to succeed.

    Fire Caldwell and send him to Alabama with Mel Tucker. Neither belong in the NFL.

  13. Jim Caldwell is a mistake the Lions will be recovering from for years to come. He projects no sense of what he’s trying to do. The OC is clearly blowing it, but rest-assured, Caldwell will let him blow the whole thing to pieces before he considers make a change. Don’t forget this is the coach who literally handed the Jets a playoff win when he was HC of the Colts. (Called time-out at the end of the game to ‘force them to run as many plays as possible’-HuH!?) The Lions had a hot-rod for an offense, but it’s been turned into an Edsel.

  14. Guess we should have kept Kellen Moore.

    It’s amazing how one year can turn things around. We were sorta good last year, but this year the wheels have fallen off so far. Amazing.

  15. I still have faith. This year has been a quicksand year but this is a talented team and stafford is a young and talented qb. While this year may be a throw away year, the future is still bright.

  16. Being that I am the NFL Draft master AND biggest Lions fan on the planet, I am already counting the days until the Draft.

    Caldwell needs to go.
    Lombardi needs to go.
    Stafford…stay or go, he shouldnt start for the Lions. They will never go anywhere with him as the starter.

    I sure love watching Odell Beckham Jr. tear it up, my number 1 target in the 2014 NFL Draft, while Ebron cant get it done. Or while Aaron Donald tears it up. And thats JUST the 2014 draft. Dont get me started on 2008 and 2013.

  17. “Why are Lions fans the dumbest fans in the NFL, you ask? Because if they were smart, they would have divorced themselves from this team 15 years ago when Barry Sanders did.”
    They aint dumb.just super loyal supporters.supporting your lovable losers is much better than having no team at all.you think the fans in Jax are dumb too just because they support their losing Jags.

  18. So when are the bench Stafford for Orlovsky articles going to start, or the Lions need to be cutting Stafford articles? Because I know I see that every other day about Kaepernick who he’s made 10 times as much money as and has played just as bad as. Benching anyone for Gabbert is just as absurd as benching Stafford for Orlovsky , so I’m just wanting you guys to be consistent. Thanks.

  19. Don’t worry a W over Chicago is on the horizon
    I wouldn’t count on that this year. The Lions have owned Cutler and the Bears in recent history, but with John Fox in Chicago the mentality of that team is changing big-time. They are way down on talent – due in no small part to a ridiculous run of injuries – but have pulled out gutty wins the last two weeks.

  20. Wow. That team just fell apart. Good job, Caldwell. He wasn’t a very good head coach at a low level ACC program…don’t know if Stafford is just a knucklehead or if Caldwell was calling to see if he could still trade for Peyton…

  21. Using New Orleans playbook with their former QB coach running it was a mistake. Even New Orleans can’t run that offense anymore.
    Not drafting a project QB over the last 6 years was a mistake. Lions fans shouldn’t be subjected to watching Orlousy, the QB of the 0-16 team, again.
    Knowing that Suh and Fairley were leaving, drafting a TE and passing on Aaron Donald was a mistake.
    Hiring Millen’s right hand man to replace Millen was the ultimate mistake. He’s responsible for all the above.

  22. Stafford has Cutler moments often but Caldwell will never coach again after this current stint. He reaped the benefits of a well built system in Indy and took it backwards….and is doing the same here.

    Reminds me of Jon Gruden….took over Tampa and the Raiders who were both built for success prior to his arrival and on the cusp of greatness…and when he had the reins for a bit, they went backwards.

    Megatron’s contract is going to be the next ugly hurdle for them too. I believe he’s the top or a top 3 salary hit in the NFL this year and/or next year. Yowza.

  23. noose18 says:
    Oct 12, 2015 12:41 AM

    I still have faith. This year has been a quicksand year but this is a talented team and stafford is a young and talented qb. While this year may be a throw away year, the future is still bright.

    You need to check into rehab and couldn’t be further from the truth. Teams handcuffed by salary cap obligations?…I believe Detroit tops the list. Talent depth? Shallow as a kiddie pool.

  24. The Lions are in danger of finishing behind the Vikings. Ouch!

    You aren’t in “danger” of finishing behind the Vikes, you WILL finish behind the Vikes, and probably the Bears too. The Vikings have talent at every level on both sides of the ball, whereas the Lions lost the best part of their defense, have ZERO running game, and an OC who is clueless. Here’s hoping for another 0-16 season from the worthless Lions.

    – Vikings fan

  25. Caldwell and Lombardi are hacks, neither of which has much experience running an offense, lets not forget that without Manning and Tom Moore Caldwell is 4-12 as a headcoach.

    That said it’s time to get rid of Stafford, he takes too many shots downfield. + he’s gonna be counting 22 million against the cap next year, 11 million saved if cut.

  26. dougy1970 says:
    Oct 12, 2015 5:07 AM
    Stafford, suddenly, looks like he is afraid to be hit. He flinches and cringes like Tony Eason and Jim Everett.

    Haha. I always thought that Eason must get aroused by being sacked!
    God did it frustrate me to watch him!
    Oh, the dark days of being a Pats fan…

  27. Also, Caldwell is a bozo, but please with the “he walked into this great system” nonsense. Jim Schwartz was a disaster and did basically what he’s doing right now his 4 years in the job, have ups and downs. The bigger problem is Mayhew not having a sufficient plan to keep that defense at it’s top level although he tried to solve it with the trade for Ngata. As someone else mentioned, why was Mayhew drafting a mediocre TE that high in the draft when Aaron Donald was there to make up for the Nick Fairly miss? Stafford is terrible, but all of us knew this except delusional Lion fans and the media who never criticizes him on the same level they do his peers for less.

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