NFL upset with Greg Hardy’s remarks


After Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy commemorated the lifting of his suspension with awkward remarks about Tom Brady’s wife and the unfortunate use of the phrase “guns blazin’,” different people had different reactions.

Cowboys fans and some of the media covering the team proclaimed that it was no big deal. Owner Jerry Jones downplayed the remarks in classic Jerry Jones style, reminding the world that Hardy won’t actually be taking guns onto the field, equating Brady’s value as a human with the attractiveness of his wife, and making an always-timely Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton reference.

Others weren’t happy with the comments. Once coach Jason Garrett made it clear that he’s in the group that finds the statements unfortunate, the issue seemed to be settled.

Through it all, the NFL said nothing. As of Sunday morning, the NFL has broken its silence, via comments from a league executive to the league-owned website.

“I couldn’t disagree more with Greg Hardy’s comments, and they do not reflect the values of the league,” NFL V.P. of social responsibility Anna Isaacson said. “We are working hard to bring attention to the positive role models many other players represent and also to continue our education with all members of the NFL family. . . .

“We spend a lot of time at the NFL educating our players on domestic violence and sexual assault. That’s what we control here, we control education. We control training, we control all the league does from a public perspective and public service, working with non-profit organizations. We can control that. So that everyone in the NFL family has the services and resources that they need if they need help.”

When it comes to properly expressing himself, Hardy clearly needed help on Tuesday. He got none from his team or from the league. While Hardy is ultimately responsible for his words and deeds, the team has a strong incentive to protect him from embarrassing himself or the organization.

Then again, maybe the team did help him — and maybe what he said Tuesday would have been even worse without the assistance.

Regardless, Hardy’s comments don’t constitute grounds for discipline. But it’s safe to say the do-what-it-wants league office will indeed pounce on Hardy if given another legitimate chance to do so.

73 responses to “NFL upset with Greg Hardy’s remarks

  1. Roger Goodell doesn’t even know what this article is talking about. Who is Greg Hardy anyways? I don’t think he had the chance to look at one of the bigger NFL stories of the week.

  2. The NFL fines players if they don’t speak with the media.
    The NFL fines players if they speak with the media but don’t like the words they say.
    The NFL should just print out quotes for the players to read….just like how the NFL manufactured phony PSI readings during their failed sting operation against New England.
    Owners……….please fire Goodell now and end out national nightmare.

  3. The NFL is as much of a hypocrite as anyone else. The NFL’s biggest sponsors over the years have been beer. Alcohol causes numerous deaths each year due to drunk driving, yet they don’t say no to them. Then, the NFL parades cheerleaders around NFL stadiums every Sunday, in some of the most revealing cheerleader outfits ever seen and they don’t expect men to be turned on by those outfits ? Take a poll at the stadiums of what guys think about when their drunk and looking at those cheerleadrs. C’mon NFL don’t be a hypocrite.

  4. Oh the league doesn’t like it? The same league that screwed them with the whole, “Bryant didn’t catch it”, thing?

    The commissioner is ten pounds of crap in a five pound bag.

  5. I have no problem with the league pouncing on this, even if it is just a statement. This violent offender who skirts the punishment of a convicted felon and laughs at the true nature of our justice and his own misdeeds deserves scorn in any which way it comes. He’s a walking and talking scum that deteriorates the fabric of positive model, leadership, and influence.

  6. Every other major sport I might mention the commissioners name once or twice a year. The NFL is pretty much every day. He isn’t part of the sport. No one watches for him. He needs to be less visible.

  7. “We spend a lot of time at the NFL educating our players on domestic violence and sexual assault. That’s what we control here, we control education.”

    Apparently that time isn’t always well spent. Maybe they need to re-think the curriculum and try harder to make sure no “child” gets left behind…

  8. Guns blazin simply means with great determination and energy, why make an issue out of it. The guy is obviously a gun enthusiast so it would definitely be ‘thing’ he would say. Soon the NFL will have a list of things you can and can’t say. I definitely agree with redrew’s comments:

    The NFL fines players if they don’t speak with the media.
    The NFL fines players if they speak with the media but don’t like the words they say.
    The NFL should just print out quotes for the players to read

  9. I’m surprised Greg Hardy even found Gisele Bundchen attractive.

    Based on the stripper in his recent rap video it appears he prefers women with tramp stamps.

  10. “We are working hard to bring attention to the positive role models many other players represent and also to continue our education with all members of the NFL family. .

    Yeah, that’s why you try to destroy the reputation of one of the best role models(Brady) you clowns ever had and kowtow to a bunch of women beaters and drug addicts.

  11. Self proclaimed NFL Sheriff ROGER GOODELL needed to publicly slam Hardy.
    Not only did Barney Fife not slam Hardy but claimed he hadn’t heard Hardy’s comments.
    Roger Goodell is a empty suit and not a very intelligent one at that.

    The NFL is wildly successful DESPITE those who run the league not because of them.

  12. Hardy is only upset because he got caught an punished.

    The league is only upset because they feel Hardy’s comments make them look bad, not because they give the slightest care about abuse of women.

  13. The NFL made Brady a punching bag for months.

    Now here comes this jemoke (not a racist remark. Not by a long shot), coming back after a 4 game suspension thinking, “Hey, I can take a pot shot at Brady. Everyone is.”

    Point being?

    The NFL made this mess.

    It’s only the beginning.

  14. The integrity of the game needs to be upheld…so we will make sure we spend 6 more months on deflated footballs. Rather than discipline a league employee on making inapproiate remarks about another co-workers wife. Integrity according to Roger Goodell.

  15. But Hardy CAN be disciplined for his remarks because it (albeit slightly) “undermines or puts at risk” the “reputation of the NFL” (LMAO) for a player to make any crass or insensitive remarks. But if the NFL did, the list of fined players would be a mile long each week because of the pay far exceeds the sense in most of them. The problem starts earlier – too many idiots get enroled to sports who wouldn’t otherwise make it to college, and not enough is done to turn them into well-balanced and educated young men. Hardy’s been told to shut up and play – let’s hope it takes the advice.

  16. “VP of Social Responsibility? What the hay kind of job is that?”

    That’s the person with the job to pretend the league cares very seriously about social issues. They also work with the league attorneys to fabricate I mean show how much they care. Its a PR position.

  17. Stuff like this is the reason why I’ve all but quit watching the games every week. The nfl and espn have done everything imaginable to ruin the game. Goodell is a complete disaster and espn reports rumor as fact and then when they get it wrong they say they weren’t technically wrong because they get idiots like mort and schefter to report the story both ways. I can’t believe I am going to say it because i love the game of football but I cant wait for the nfl to be taken down a few pegs. Its a joke anymore

  18. Much ado about nothing. Or, more accurately, much ado to distract from the fact that this guy and his behavior are the completely inevitable and predictable outcome for a game based on violent alpha-male dominance and exploitation, and a society obsessed with guns, power, and money.

    This is modern America, folks. Hardy’s just a byproduct.

  19. Espn and other media groups talk about how hardy is a bad apple but then they have someone like little Wayne as a guest host

    ESPN fired Limbaugh for comments about the media regarding race.

    Chris Carter encouraged rookies to break the law. Didn’t miss a beat with his employer.

  20. I think some are bothered by him making comments about Tom “plastic surgery/hair implants” Brady’s wife not because the comments were inappropriate, but because of the old “don’t you go lookin at that white woman” attitudes that still exist in American society.

  21. I would guarantee that Tom Brady is more upset with Goodell’s words than Hardy’s. The Wells report said that Brady was probably generally aware that team employees were deflating footballs. Goodell made the leap that Brady was masterminding a scheme. spent $5 million in an investigation and more $millions in taxpayer funding by filing a federal lawsuit in an attempt to prove his ridiculous case. Greg Hardy said Tom Brady’s wife was hot. Who is more offensive?

  22. Gotta’ love the league offices. They wait four days to make a comment, enough time to see what the public reaction is, not so far into the future that it reinvigorates a dead story. The league is run by a bunch of public relations stooges who do literally everything as a form of spin control. They are the living antithesis to leadership. It’s amazing how popular the owners could be if they just had the good sense to clean house and hand the league offices over to people with actual brains and actual integrity.

  23. If the NFL allows players to talk about other player’s families….well, does anyone else foresee retributional violence both on, and perhaps off of the field?

    Hardy should be suspended again, or better yet….just boot the piece of trash out of the league.

    Slippery slope, this problem is. The NFL should have gotten in front of it, instead of being a week behind.

    The “Guns Blazing” comment only shows that he is an idiot, trying to act tough in the face of the NFL for suspending him.
    The talk about Brady’s family shows that he is not only an idiot, but a creepy, sociopathic one as well.

    To mix his violent nature with his love of guns, and his disturbing quotes about Brady’s wife, and what I would suspect is a fairly low IQ, there is a recipe for trouble.

    Roger, if there ever was a time for you to flex your little muscles….this is it.

  24. Of course cowboy fans don’t have a problem with Harry’s remarks. They wouldn’t have a problem with a child molester being on the Cowboys if they thought it would help their team

  25. The NFL is a pr joke. Goodell has been outed by a federal court he chose to file in as a liar. The league office conspired with a band of jealous owners to frame Tom Brady and the Patriots and tried to railroad through a four game suspension of Brady along with loss of draft picks and fines of the Patriots. A federal judge publicly reprimanded Goodell and his henchmen.

    After a very public about face on the Ray Rice case (only because there was footage of him dragging his knocked-out wife out of an elevator) and a suspension of Greg Hardy, an owner who went on 60 Minutes Sports and admitted he was “envious” of the Patriots Super Bowl efforts over the last 14 years signed Hardy, defended Hardy’s actions and his ugly comments about Brady’s wife and her sister, and then tried to make it better by talking about an actress that was statutorily raped at the age of 14 by a 20 something year-old actor. Way to go Jerry Jones.

  26. Cowboys fan here.

    Patriots will try to break the scoreboard today. Hardy has not played in over a year so lets see how long he’s actually in the game before fatigue sets in or he gets hurt…(that’s “hurt”, not “injured” for you die-hards who can only see things in blue & silver) I bet they run right at him.

    Toss in Matt Cassel who has to be itching to play against his old team and it sets up perfectly for the Cowboys to get beat down in spectacular fashion today.

  27. If a player made a comment about Rodger Goodell’s wife, he’d be looking at a suspension far longer than four games and the response would have been instantaneous NOT NEARLY A WEEK LATER FROM SOME UNKNOWN OFFICIAL OF THE NFL.

  28. I was about to post something, but read this and it made the point so well/better than I ever could, I wanted to highlight it again. So spot on…

    “tonsofsteel says:
    Oct 11, 2015 9:31 AM
    “We are working hard to bring attention to the positive role models many other players represent and also to continue our education with all members of the NFL family. .

    Yeah, that’s why you try to destroy the reputation of one of the best role models(Brady) you clowns ever had and kowtow to a bunch of women beaters and drug addicts.”

  29. me817 says:
    Oct 11, 2015 11:01 AM
    If a player made a comment about Rodger Goodell’s wife, he’d be looking at a suspension far lo\
    nger than four games and the response would have been instantaneous NOT NEARLY A WEEK LATER FROM SOME UNKNOWN OFFICIAL OF THE NFL.
    Post of the day. Nailed it.

  30. Note to NFL V.P. of social responsibility Anna Isaacson

    Isn’t there a social responsibility to accept a truly independent investigation into the Commissioner’s office where you work to reveal the source and motivation of a litany of leaks, lies and misrepresentations?

    Isn’t there a social responsibility for the Owners to follow THEIR own rule dictating THEIR own behavior and enforce Article VIII of the NFL bylaws that say a Commissioner must have “unquestioned integrity”?

    Until an independent investigation exonerates Roger Goodell – who has now been cited for lying under oath TWICE – his integrity remains VERY much in quesiton

  31. I hear a lot of negativity from small minded people who are judgmental for different reasons. Look inward. What motivates your hypocritical comments? Tom Brady will not be harmed by anything Greg Hardy says. Guns blazing is a metaphor used every day. Mr. Hardy denies he did the things he is accused of and a self avowed feminist judge campaigned for thecase, took 10 hours to complete a 45 process in pursuit of a guilty verdict in a case that had no evidence, witnesses, or testimony presented, that’s what a bench trial is. Prosecutors refused to bring the case to trial because of the unreliability and conflicting statements of the “victim” who was in Mr. Hardy’s home against his wishes. He called 911 for assistance in removing her from his home. She is chasing his money again since her latest target , the rapper Nelly is broke. She refused medical treatment, had no detectable injuries, and it has not been determined if he settled with her financially or not. Could you be bothered by the fact you feel superior to the young rich black males who have lifestyles and associations you can only dream of?
    Mr. Brady’s wife is the highest paid model in the world. $47,000,000 last year. She made the money by tittalating the more prurient instincts of men all over the world. Her sister is beautiful. She is an underwear model and perpetuates an image of beauty. Why would you have an issue with that truth.
    How many of you jelous people know that before he owned the Cowboys Mr. Jones headed statewide agency in Arkansas to prevent domestic abuse and spearheaded an effort to build safe houses for them.

    Check some facts, delivered opinions, and stop confusing your admiration with hate.

  32. bradyakagod says:
    Oct 11, 2015 9:13 AM
    If the Cowboys weren’t playing the pats the NFL would have suspended or fined him. Search your feelings, you know it to be true!


    Just got up to have my coffee & PFT before the games. Anyone who can give me a, “Star Wars” reference to make this story about an inept League & a pro athlete with an I.Q. of negative 712 more palatable is my morning hero! Right behind the coffee, of course!

  33. Hardy is a piece of garbage that belongs behind bars. He is also the poster child for how sad society (especially sport fans) is for looking the other way for the sake of entertainment. Yes, the NFL is the biggest hypocrite for pretending how much it cares when it doesn’t but the fans feed it.

  34. Come on now…..

    Which is worse,

    “come out with guns blazin”
    “come out and kick some a$$”

    They both mean the same thing…..Hardy has a chip on his shoulder and is ready to play hard!

    The PC police seriously need to get a life!

  35. Say something about the officiating and you are guaranteed a fine. Say something about another players wife and the NFL offices kick it all the way down to some glorified secretary for some lame comments.

    Brady has too much class to directly take care of this “piece” but just imagine if someone said something about Pac-mans, Suh’s, Ray Lewis’ …. family?

    Goodell and the jealous clowns in the NFL offices… in trying to destroy Brady and the New England Patriots, have ignited the fuse that will lead to their own self-destruction.

    The only thing stopping Brady and this Patriots offense are the end zones.

  36. starburst2015, here’s a reality check for you.

    Hardy was convicted in a bench trial, exercised his right to a jury trial, and the case was dropped when the alleged victim (his girlfriend) refused to testify.

    He was out of football for the bulk of the 2014 season and the first four games of the 2015 season. Despite being a star player he was cut by the Panthers. Jones, a guy who covets a super bowl only more than he publicly covets Brady’s wife, told the world “we really did our homework” on Hardy didn’t curt him or reprimand him when he made comets about guns and other players’ wives (not just Brady, he spoke in general about all player wives).

    If I did what Hardy did in any of the many corporate jobs I had I would have been terminated immediately and none of my employers pontificated publicly and endless on personal integrity.

    If Goodell suspended Jones and Hardy this nonsense would stop.

  37. starburst2015 says:

    Your reasoned, logical approach to the matter will RUIN FOOTBALL SUNDAY!!

    I was once like you but I stayed here too long.

    Go back while you still can.

  38. Everyone with a brain is upset at the NFL for have a delta bravo for a Commissioner.
    Memo to Super Bowl participants:

    Please say during Super Bowl week when asked questions by the media:

    Im only here because Goodell is a delta bravo

  39. Terry Bradshaw summed it up quite well on the Fox pre-game show. Players who abuse women shouldn’t ever be allowed to play again……it’s the only way to get their attention. Jerrah has shown his true colors by signing a team full of criminals. When the late Al Davis said, “just win baby”, he meant within the rules of the game and with class. Jerrah has taken it literally, employ all the scum you can as long as you win.

  40. What’s ridiculous is that this woman beater is allowed back into the NFL and all the so called fans are not outraged. Yet if Tom Brady “might” have told someone to let a small amount of air out of a football then they are outraged, the story goes on for months and months. People still won’t let it go, yet if you are a coward and beat on a woman, well we will just look the other way on that..

  41. This is, truly, beyond stupid.

    Hardy says he wants to come out “guns blazing,” and mindless do-gooders, endlessly offended by…..nearly everything…..

    ….make a big to-do over it.

    Stupid. Truly.

    Hurry along now – there’s a big, wide world out there, with innumerable things you can find offensive!

  42. brady has brought goodell to his knees as it relates to punishment. nobody is going to get punished for the next 6 months. he has been told by ownership to stay out of the media as much as possible. I have to admit for being known as the smartest wisest and richest ownership groups in the world these men look pretty weak right now. the scum of the league will make lots of noise this season. roger be ready for another bad year.

  43. In a game that has shotgun formation, and bombs, and guys that have cannons for arms, why does anyone get pissed at a common saying. It’s not like he made up the phrase guns blazin’.

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