Patriots cruise in Dallas to remain undefeated

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Tom Brady spent a lot of the first half under pressure from the Cowboys defense, but five sacks and several other hits weren’t enough to keep the Patriots from jumping out to a 13-3 lead.

The Cowboys weren’t quite as successful at getting into the pocket come the second half, but the Patriots defense remained nearly impregnable and Brady threw a pair of touchdown passes that led to a 30-6 victory. The first score came on a short pass to Dion Lewis, who would have had an admirer in Patches O’Houlihan for the way he dodged, dipped, dove, ducked and dodged his way into the end zone. The second score was a pass the Julian Edelman turned into a 59-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter after being sprung on a pick by Danny Amendola.

Brady got crushed by Greg Hardy after making that throw, but stayed in the game and finished the game by completing 10-of-11 passes in the second half. The final Patriots score came after a Brandon Weeden interception in the fourth quarter guaranteed there would be no late drama and the Pats didn’t really get threatened at any point after halftime on the way to a 4-0 record.

The Cowboys may have had a chance to put some pressure on at the tail end of a 15-play, 75-yard drive that left them with a fourth-and-2 from the five-yard-line with a little more than a minute to play in the third quarter. Jason Garrett elected to kick a field goal that cut the lead to 14 points rather than try for a touchdown that would actually challenge the Patriots’ ownership of momentum.

It’s understandable that the Cowboys want to avoid taking too many risks with an offense that’s missing Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, but they need to take some if they are going to win games before those two are back in the lineup. The defense played as well as anyone could have realistically hoped through three quarters of the game, but there was no support coming on the other side of the ball and no reason to believe trying the same thing again again will have any better result.

Thankfully for the Cowboys, there’s a bye next week and some hope that Bryant will play against the Giants on October 25.

The Patriots have already had their bye week. They’ll be in Indianapolis for a date with the Colts that the team’s fans have been circling with fervor ever since the words deflate and gate were first pushed into unholy alliance. Sunday’s cool, efficient outing for the Patriots makes it feel like not too much has changed on the New England end of things, which might make for bad news for the Colts.

67 responses to “Patriots cruise in Dallas to remain undefeated

  1. This game proved that it’s a misconception that Brady “shuts down if he gets hit”.

    Brady turned it on after getting beat up early.

  2. Well the sacks came and so did the loss. But at least they got sacks cause that’s important

  3. not even a pats fan per say. but can we please put the “every win comes from cheating” thing to an end? the pats are just a damn good team with a great coach and owner.period.

  4. My thoughts:

    – There are no moral victories, so grats Pats.
    – Pats have absolutely the best WRs in the game when it comes to running pick plays. Legal/illegal, I guess it doesn’t matter.
    – D. Lewis had a very special play to score that I hope makes Sportscenter’s plays of the week.
    – Tom Brady gonna be sore tomorrow.
    – Dallas should give the QB job to Cassell since they have a bye week next week. B.Weeden isn’t going to win games for you, period.
    – Dallas needs to sign Greg Hardy long term.
    – 57 yard FG, really Gostkowski? With yards to spare.
    – Dallas could use some CBs that can actually catch the ball when the opposing QB drops it into their jersey number.

  5. Too bad Dallas did not get any sacks today. Brady, the GOAT, in his magnanimous perfection, laid on the ground just to make them feel good.

  6. BUT BUT Brady doesn’t like getting hit! 🙂

    BUT BUT Brady is only good when he is using deflated footballs 🙂


  7. Does this writer even watch the games? That TD pass to Edelman was a loftedd throw down the sidelines that hit him right in stride about 25 yards from the line of scrimmage. If he thinks that was a short pass, I’m interested in knowing this guy’s definition of long…

  8. Look at the Patriot’s scores from the last few weeks and then consider…

    Those are teams that didn’t try to screw them by framing them for ball tampering.

    If that’s what they do to teams they don’t have a beef with, just imagine what they are going to do to the Colts next week!

    The Colts are going to need a special banner to remember the day.

  9. Were the Cowboys even trying to win, or just to keep it close? Hard to tell after watching Weeden throw the ball only 1-2 yards past the line of scrimmage on the vast majority of his throws.

  10. What was More Depressing than the game was listening to the Game. Unfortunately CBS will be Calling our Thanksgiving game this Year so I have to Listen To Phill Smims Boring A**one more Time

  11. The cabbage patch doll known as Brandon Weeden is trying his best, but he just does not have the “It” factor to play NFL quarterback. It is becoming painful to watch him know he won’t make a big play most of the time. His going through the motions is not good enough.

  12. I like the fact that we are undefeated but I don’t think we have played any good teams yet. We need to beat a good team before we reach the playoffs and lose.

  13. myworldurjuslivinit says:
    Oct 11, 2015 8:03 PM
    Pats Offense = illegal pick play
    jus sayin!


    That’s right. 30-6 because of one play.


  14. Thoughts on this game:

    Hardy played excellent but Jones sold his soul to the devil to bring him to the Cowboys. Jones needs to drop the “we really did our homework” bs and admit he would do anything to win because it’s been so long since he has won.

    That was the best I have seen a defensive line play against the Patriots on third-and-one and fourth-and-one in a long time.

    I couldn’t understand how the Patriots could stack the box and double Witten and still the Cowboys wideouts were not getting open. Didn’t all the haters tell us the Patriots secondary would stink this year and would have to play zone because Revis, Browner, and Arrington left?

    Brady is one tough dude and Lewis is incredibly elusive.

    How can all of these undrafted players (many of them rookies) play so well?

    Watching Blount reminds me of Corey Dillion and Antowain Smith closing out games in November and December.

  15. bonniebengal says:
    Oct 11, 2015 8:14 PM
    It would have been a different game if Romo was playing.


    Yeah, the Pats would have thrown even more and won 45-28

  16. letherton says:

    Cowboys could still finish 10-6 but need to win every game when Romo and Dez get
    Romo can return to practice on Nov 4th but cannot return to active roster until Nov 18th making his 1st game against Miami on the 22nd, leaving 7 games left.

    Even if they sweep all their games, including GB and Carolina that would only give them a 9-7 record. With an offense that only gets 3 and outs 80% of their possessions the D will continue to get very tired, as they were today, it’s doubtful they can win until Romo returns.

    Having Bryant back is nice but without a QB to pass the ball to him means nothing. But in the NFC East 9-7 might be enough for a playoff birth.

  17. Boys D gave up 30 points so it wouldn’t have mattered who was playing for them. Excuses are for losers like the colts, Ravens and steelers are wont to do.

  18. I hope the colts were watching that game. We took it easy on the Cowboys. Colts should be prepared for the worst beating in their history.

  19. Great victory by the Patriots.
    Excellent game by Hardy. Don’t like the guy’s character but he can play football.
    But back to the Patriots. They did a masterful job of taking apart the Cowboys offence throughout the game and the defence after adjusting in the second half. Showing yet again that they are a serious threat to anyone on their schedule.

  20. You’re the Indy Colts. Next week you get to answer in person for Grigson, Kensil, Wells, Pash Goodell, Irsay and the rest of them. For guys who had just won a game against a decent team Brady and BB both looked agitated in their post game press conferences. I think the colts and their fans know why that would be. Have a great week and start figuring out what you’re going to whine about next Monday Indy and, if it helps at those stressful times during the week just keep repeating ‘Brady be comin”

  21. “…since the words deflate and gate were first pushed into unholy alliance.”

    Nice quote Josh. lol…

  22. OK, so they beat the Steelers without Bell, The Cowboys without Romo, the Jags, and the Bills. Not impressed.

  23. OK, so they beat the Steelers without Bell, The Cowboys without Romo, the Jags, and the Bills. Not impressed.

    There are lucky teams, there are good teams, and then there are the Pats…who are both lucky AND good. They stay ridiculously healthy, catch teams at their worst (see today, no Romo or Dez), and are well coached and a good team. They play the Colts and there is a decent chance Luck doesn’t play…..though that may not be such a bad thing given Lucks poor start to the season. Regardless, the next time the Pats face real adversity will be the first since 2008 when Brady went down.

  24. It’s nice to know that we still have 3 games left to play in the cesspool of mediocrity known as the NFC East.

    Solid win, but we’re on to Indianapolis……

  25. The only thing you can say about Goodell’s attempt to suspend Brady for four games was that if he had been successful it may have helped his attempt at ensuring some level of parity. But it didn’t happen. And it won’t happen.
    So you may as well just fire Goodell.

  26. bonniebengal says:
    Oct 11, 2015 8:58 PM
    OK, so they beat the Steelers without Bell, The Cowboys without Romo, the Jags, and the Bills. Not impressed.
    With talent-drain, injury and a suspension (Blount) the Pats started week 1 with only 9 of their 22 SB starters.

  27. Feeling stupid yet playing the “cheater” and “asterisk” card? Just admit it. The Pats are the best franchise you’ve ever seen in football.

  28. So the Patriots won, yet again, in convincing fashion?

    “You know what? I’ll bet they…well, they just HAVE to be…you know what they must be doing, don’t you? …..

    Aw, man–OK….they’re just really good.”

  29. gp1390r says:
    Oct 11, 2015 9:09 PM
    Regardless, the next time the Pats face real adversity will be the first since 2008 when Brady went down.
    So the Pats have no injuries since 2008 ? Gronk, Wilfork, Mayo, Spikes, Mankins, Vollmer, etc. They have both won and lost several big games with key guys severely limited. No team goes the full season without challenge, although there is no question that last year, most of the key Pats were healthy.

  30. Thank you to Dallas/Arlington for a great experience! Texas is a friendly place with solid fans. Love Pats Nation chanting “Brady” and filling up 60% of the stadium.

  31. jmdanieli says:
    This win against Dallas was payback for the tasteless comment Romo made @ the country music award show!

    So they paid Romo back by beating Weeden?
    Were you around in ’07? Act like you’ve been there before, even if you weren’t the team was. NE is the consummate professional team. There’s only one payback game on the schedule, lookin’ at you little ponies (winter arrives next week). The rest are all just part of the 2015 Scorched Earth tour.

  32. willycents says:
    Oct 11, 2015 7:40 PM
    Too bad Dallas did not get any sacks today. Brady, the GOAT, in his magnanimous perfection, laid on the ground just to make them feel good.


    Dallas got six points. The sacks are meaningless unless you stop the other team from scoring more than 6 points.

  33. The Colts are going to see the worst beating in franchise history. If there is thirteen seconds on the clock in the forth quarter and the Pats are up by 40 they will go for it and shove it down their throats instead of taking the knee. Sorry Colts, enjoy the game!!

  34. LOL at all the crybabies shedding tears of “pick plays”. Bwahahahahaha!!!

    Refs were right there zeroing in on those plays.

    Sorry, if you’re not gonna cover Dion Lewis, then all we can say is “Thank you!”

    If you’re just gonna cover Gronkasauraus 1-on-1 then all we can say is “Thank you!!”

    We are on to Indy!

    Thus endeth the lesson.

  35. See ya Dallas…thanks for playing!
    Dallas needs a plan that involves getting into the end zone from time to time. The backup was playing scared, especially on the open receiver in the end zone…the one he over threw. I like Dallas, they played a spirited game.
    I think NE was rusty, and next week, they will bring down the house. Whichever QB is playing, will be a moot point. Just hope NE doesn’t see it as a bye week.

  36. Belichick got both Blount and Lewis as street free agents, cut by their prior teams. His roster is loaded with guys that were undrafted, street free agents, and late round picks. There are early and mid round picks as well but none of the publications ever say that Belichick won the draft or free agency. He just wins when it counts.

  37. Things we learned today,

    Brady is tougher then you thought. Based on past commentary, Brady cries for a flag any time anyone gets near him. He took every cheap shot late hit Hardy laid on him and never blinked.

    Hardy is a cheap shot artist and the refs had very slow whistles. Ball was gone for a 2 count when Hardy hit him form behind.

    Anyone still talking about the air in footballs is looking pretty foolish right now.

  38. The Cowboys defense wasn’t as bad as the 30 pts given up indicates. Especially the d line.

    That dink and dunk garbage doesn’t work with mediocre receivers that can’t get open and can’t make amyone miss. Outside of Beasley, all the healthy WRs are too linear.

    The offense was absolute trash.

    The Patriots beat us even without that pick play so there’s no point in complaining about it.

  39. So once again the Patriots beat a team minus two big stars and their fans ignore that fact and celebrate their own “greatness.”

    As usual rule #1 is in effect: any hit on Brady shall be considered a “cheap shot.”

  40. “The Patriots beat us even without that pick play so there’s no point in complaining about it.”

    Yeah and they got flagged for it so what’s the issue in the first place ? It was just another penalty.


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