Peyton Manning: I want to do better


The Broncos are 5-0 because they have the No. 1 defense in the NFL, a unit that sparked and sealed another win Sunday in Oakland.

The Broncos held off the Raiders, 16-10, despite not scoring an offensive touchdown. The Broncos are using the defense that’s leading the league in sacks and among the best at forcing turnovers to do the heavy lifting.

Peyton Manning has thrown five interceptions in the last three weeks. He’s thrown an interception in each of the first five games of a season for the first time since 1999.

In a turn of events that can’t be blamed solely on the team’s coaching change or the offensive line struggles, the Broncos’ offense ranks near the bottom of the NFL in yards per game, rushing and third-down conversions.

“We want to play better offensively,” Manning said, per the Broncos official website. “It’s about helping the Denver Broncos get a win. But there’s no question, offensively, we certainly want to play better. We’re going to stay committed to it, and everybody wants to try to do a better job and that certainly starts with me. I want to do a better job and do a better job playing quarterback to help our team get into the end zone more.”

Asked about the struggles of the offense after the game, wide receiver Demaryius Thomas offered an interesting thought.

Unfortunately, we’re getting used to it,” Thomas said.

The Broncos were 0-for-3 in the red zone in Oakland and are 1-of-6 in the last two weeks.

“I think we’re doing some good things. We’re moving the ball,” Manning said. “It would be one thing if we weren’t getting down there at all. So we’re able to get the ball down there. We’ve got to find a way. Like I said, I think a couple close plays here or there and probably we’d have some touchdowns.”

19 responses to “Peyton Manning: I want to do better

  1. This team plays the patriots and packers very soon. We will see if they are for real or if they are the beneficiaries of a pretty soft schedule thus far, except for may be Minnesota. Even then they’ll probably win the division because they have zero competition.

  2. As poorly as Peyton is playing so far this season (and it’s been bad, especially for him), the following is where Peyton stands…

    The bad Manning has the 12th most passing yards in the NFL.

    The bad Manning still has a receiver with the 3rd most receptions in the NFL and a receiver tied for the 6th most receptions in the NFL

    Those two receivers also have the 8th and 9th most receiving yards in the league right now.

    And this is with Peyton playing poorly…

    Oh, and it’s about wins and losses…

    Yeah, the Denver D has been great, no doubt… but the bad Peyton still has multiple receivers in the top ten for receptions and receiving yards…

    Denver is the ONLY team with two different receivers in the top 10 for receptions…

    Denver is the ONLY team with two different receivers in the top 10 for receiving yards…

    Oh, it is and has been a passing league for quite a while now so it’s a good thing to have multiple receivers in the top ten for receptions and yards…

  3. Manning is toast.
    Give Osweiler a shot, it can’t really be much worse.
    He can throw a few bombs and loosen up defenses, Manning cannot and no-one is afraid of him any longer.

  4. The offeniuve line is totally pathetic. It doesn’t matter AT ALL who the players are behind the line when those five play so poorly.

    Totally pathetic.

  5. Who cares. They win. You hate, you toss stones to make a story, and they still win. Peyton could have his arm chopped off and hand off the rock every single snap, but it would mean nothing if they won.

    Mark Cuban hit the nail on the head regarding comically over the top consumption for the NFL. Funny make that works out. Land of the sheep.

  6. Pretty sad to watch really. Anyone with clear eyes could see at the end of last year that Peyton was done. He’s earned the right to continue but he should still move on.

  7. Even die hard Bronco fans now have to admit Manning is done, it’s obvious.

    They have been winning despite Manning, not because of him.

  8. Hey take it easy on him. The poor guy can’t feel the end of his fingers. I don’t even know how he can put the pepperoni on the pizzas.
    Oh! Oh!…..Recovery water.

  9. Not a Manning fan by any means, but its really sad to see him fall apart like this. Hope he retires this year. Denvers D is really good though. Wade Phillips has always been elite when it came to calling plays on D

  10. Our secondary can’t guard a caged mouse, yet even it looked O.K. against Manning.
    Denver’s D and our mistakes gave them the “W”.
    Manning had little to do with it.

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