Andrew Luck participates fully in practice, as far as you know


Colts coach Chuck Pagano’s standard line on injured quarterback Andrew Luck has been that he had “supreme confidence” that Luck would be able to play that particular week.

For two games running, of course, he hasn’t.

But if we’re to take Pagano at his word this time, things are different.

According to Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star, Pagano told reporters that Luck as a full participant in practice today, a practice which was not open to the media.

Perhaps along with today’s latest release of Josh Johnson, it’s a sign Luck will be fine to play the Patriots Sunday night after taking two games off with a sore shoulder. Or, perhaps they’ll just put Johnson back through the revolving door for another spin or two between now and then to keep the Patriots and everyone guessing.

18 responses to “Andrew Luck participates fully in practice, as far as you know

  1. Get him ready for the pats. We want to eliminate as many excuses as we can when the ponies get beaten by 30 again. Irsay, grigson, pagans, Andrew and colt fans your worst nightmare is coming to town!

  2. The Colts could easily flee the state the night before the game, resulting in an 1970s era multistate cop chase just to force them to play. They’ve done it before.

  3. “Or, perhaps they’ll just put Johnson back through the revolving door for another spin or two between now and then to keep the Patriots and everyone guessing.”

    It will not make one iota of difference to the outcome who is under center Sunday night.


  4. They should play hassleback this guy sucks! I wish they kept Peyton. Fooling themselves with this one

  5. They could have the second coming of Otto Graham under center and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference with that turnstile o-line and paper thin defense. Get ready, the Sunday Night Slaughter that New England fans have been waiting for since the AFC Championship Game is about to arrive.

  6. The Colts have always played hide and seek with injuries and the injury report. Slimy Dungy taught them well and it carries over to this day.

  7. He’ll play this next game, it is their Superbowl. If they win it the whole season is a success, regardless of their record. Who knows, maybe they’ll hang a new banner if they win.

  8. .
    Vegas views this contest as a one possession game. They’ve installed the Patriots as a 7.5 point favorite. The Patriots are like Rodney Dangerfield. They get ” no respect “.

  9. I really hope Brady looks out to the crowd after his 5th touchdown pass and yells “ARE YOU NOT AMUSED!?!”

  10. I don’t think anyone practices on Monday.. Review game Film day, medical day, then Tues off and Wed put in game plan and practice

  11. I got a banner for you, Irsay:


    Oh wait, that is not going to happen.

  12. Good, they have several banners , mostly division championships along with a SB and 2 AFC championships. Remember Tom Cheater and his 4 interception game in the AFC 2006 championship – I do.

  13. I remember colts getting the snot beat out of them for the last 15 years in the playoffs. Polian tried to bend every rule he could, pump noise in stadium and turn heat on but the colts are a soft team. The colts are going to have to answer for the classless, cowardice actions they took last January. You can run but you can’t hide, judgement day is coming!

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