Bobby Wagner, Jordan Hill injured Sunday for Seahawks


Sunday’s blown lead in Cincinnati for the Seahawks included a couple of potentially significant injuries.

On Monday, coach Pete Carroll said that linebacker Bobby Wagner has a strained pec, and defensive tackle Jordan Hill has a strained quadricep muscle.

“It looks like Jordan might be [out] a couple weeks,” Carroll told reporters. “I don’t know about Bobby yet.”

The Seahawks host the 4-0 Panthers on Sunday, followed buy a short-week trip to Santa Clara to face the 49ers. Given that the Panthers have a habit of playing the Seahawks close (January’s 31-17 loss in Seattle wasn’t as lopsided as the score suggested), the Seahawks will need Wagner, who returned a fumble for a touchdown against the Bengals.

Hill has performed well this year, providing valuable depth when Brandon Mebane was injured.

23 responses to “Bobby Wagner, Jordan Hill injured Sunday for Seahawks

  1. “When the Seahawks lose, ignore it and talk about 2013. Whatever you do, do not reference last season’s Super Bowl. Also, don’t mention all the holdouts by the team players, which will hinder the team’s ability to operate under the cap in 2016. Instead, brag about victories against teams’ third string quarterbacks, and act as if you were going against Brett Favre. Use plenty of lame hashtags.”

    – excerpt from “How to be a Fairweather Seahawks Fan for Dummies,” 2015 edition


  2. Seattle was 3-3 after 6 games last year for those of you blinded by hatred. Also, Seattle has 3 losses so far, as we know. They have led in the 4th quarter of every game. They are close.

  3. Yep Seattle is finally on the Descent. It happens to All teams. So much for the Dynasty they were all talking about. They remind me of the 87 Bears who were going to win several SB’s but only ended up winning 1 like Seattle. Next year they will be in Salary Cap Hell with no Money to keep good players. But the one thing that will not be forgotten is a Fan Base that rivaled raider fans for their rude, obnoxious behavior. It took the raider fans years to do that, but the Seattle fans figured out how to do in just a few short years. So yes will not let them forget their team sucks again for years to come!

  4. Newton will throw several of his child- like temper tantrums, and the black putty tats will lay down and meow. If he’s not the star, than his team looses.

    And Bevel’s play calling is terrible. Just about every first down is a run, and no surprises, or bombs, or mis- direction plays. Just way too conservative, I think he’s might be a republican.

  5. nflrulebook says:Oct 12, 2015 10:42 PM

    To seahawks fans a throwback jersey is one with a Reebok logo on it


    Yea that’s real throwback. Your talking reebok as throwback. Real cute kid.

    throwback is something that is older than a decade.

    Reebok didn’t get the exclusive uniform rights until the early 2000’s.

    Throwback is Starter. Wilson. Old Nike unis. Before there was exclusive rights, teams used what they decided on.

    Thanks for your attempt to “enlighten” us Hawks fans, sorry it turned on you.

  6. I hope both players can come back as soon as possible. Naturally Seattle can use them, but more importantly nobody wants to be hurt as the season progresses.

    Hey, we have been in the lead in the 4th quarter in all 5 games. We have lost 2 close games to two undefeated teams and now we play still another undefeated one this Sunday. Through this coming Sunday, we will have played the toughest schedule–as in the win-loss record of our opponents in 2015– in the NFL. It appears that the offensive line is doing a little better. We have found Beast Mode II. Wilson and Graham will learn how to connect. I think we will beat Carolina, get to 3-3 and it will be deja vu all over again.

    We are going to be fine. And we will be right there in our third Super Bowl in a row.

  7. Ask a Seahawks fan who Largent and Zorn were and watch them Google it on their Iphone. What a joke of a fanbase. Better yet ask them who the QB was before Russell Wilson if you really want a good laugh!

  8. So what do we have here….Seattle is 2-3 and arch rival SF is 1-4. I still happen to think Seattle has a pretty good team but you wouldn’t know it from the record. But at least I don’t hear any insults tossed SF’s way now! Maybe they will destroy SF at home but it remains to be seen. Seriously Seattle needs to learn how to close games out. They could have done that vs the Bengals but they got a little too comfy late in the game. Maybe they can do that vs a lousy team and still come out ahead, but not against the Bengals apparently. The Panthers are not going to fall down and give up either so Seattle better be firing on all cylinders or it will be a nail biter for Pete.

  9. Seahawks bandwagon fans have only been rooting for their team since 1976…pathetic.

    How dare young fans follow a team from their part of the country and then post things when they get older.

  10. They only play the Seahawks close at 10AM in Carolina. 31-17 could have been a much bigger blow out.

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