Pete Carroll “baffled a little bit” by Seahawks collapse


Pete Carroll was being dutiful, saying the blame for the Seahawks’ collapse at Cincinnati and fall to 2-3 “starts with me.”

That just means, basically, that he’s the first person to not understand what’s wrong with them right now.

To say they allowed the Bengals to come back from a 17-point deficit in the fourth quarter to win in overtime undersells the work Andy Dalton and the men in orange did, but the Seahawks’ falling apart was memorable.

I’m baffled a little bit,’’ Carroll said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

So are a lot of people, after they blew the biggest lead of his six years in charge, and for the third time this season let a fourth-quarter lead slip away.

“Look, we’re not anywhere like we are dead and gone,’’ Carroll said. “We don’t feel like that at all. We’ve just got some things we have to get fixed up, and I think we can.

“These guys are forthright, and they are strong individuals, and they will hang together, and they will work to get it done. The baffling part is that we played so well for three quarters.’’

They did that, but then went flat on both sides. Their offense punted on their last six possessions, gaining just 53 yards on their final 25 plays. At the same time, the vaunted Seahawks defense allowed 203 yards in the fourth quarter and overtime.

“It’s very, very tough,’’ safety Earl Thomas said. “Especially when you lead a game, you kind of scratch your head like, ‘What just happened?’ ”

They’re not the only ones wondering that right now.

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  1. This is what you get when you have guys like Lynch, Bennett and Chancellor. Punks with terrible attitudes. Seeing Bennett go after Dalton was ridiculous.

  2. ciara curse is working… meanwhile future career is booming and falcons are undefeated… it aint concidence, caria destroys careers

  3. Should be 1-4. Their line play isn’t very good on either side of the ball. Under for Graham was a stupid trade. Better to have a probowl center and a serviceable TE in that offense.

  4. The Seahawks are just not a good team this year. They are actually worse than their record indicates. They lost at home to a winless Lions team last week but got bailed out by the inept officials.

    The offense is lacking some playmakers and the once proud defense takes too many plays off.

  5. knowspinzone says:
    Oct 12, 2015 6:26 AM

    Too many prima donnas on that team, on offense and on defense.

    Couldn’t agree more with that statement.

    Chanellor was beaten like a dirty rug yesterday. Maybe if they had given him the money he asked for he would play better. I hope Russell Wilson is happy with all that money since they won’t have any money left for even an average offensive line for some time.

  6. Autocorrect is fascist. Or, as an equal time nod to left wing authoritarianism, it’s like governor Brown outlawing the use of the Redskins nickname by 4 new high schools.

  7. Curse of the Super Bowl loser. I guess we all know who the real loser in last year’s SB us after all (directed at those who think Seattle really was the better team in Arizona)

  8. Play it safe and that’s what you get, Pete. That was some truly miserable play calling in the fourth quarter, offensively and defensively.

  9. Three are a lot of really good reasons that the Seahawks are down a bit. I just don’t get why a tough running team would trade their center and a first round pick for a tight end who can’t run block. They also gave a big contract to a running back on the wrong side of 30. I don’t think Wilson is the problem. Also, losing road games in Cincinnati and Green Bay is really no big deal. Their remaining schedule is easy enough to get them into the playoffs if they take care of business at home.

  10. As pedestrian as the defense looked in giving up all those points, the fault rests with the conservative approach to offense.

    Once the 3 score lead was built, the offense did absolutely nothing and Seattle braintrust seemed content with that. It was 3 and out the rest of the way, which worked against their defense. The Seahawks were in position to continue to score, but chose the safe route.

    They could have continued to score, but Pete and Bevell have built a culture where they think they they can sit on a lead. That took away all the momentum.

  11. Middle of the field seam routes and slants wide open all day. Kam is used to having Earl over top,but Earl had to cheat all day to cover up Cary Williams lack of anything resembling defense. I was at game yesterday and the amount of time Williams got smoked and Dalton didn’t throw his way was frightening. I also think Sherman did a fine job of quieting Green once the Hawks moved 25 to mirror Green.

  12. Part of it is that the Bengals rotate a lot of guys in/out of the game.
    They had good fresh D Linemen, CBs, receivers and RBs at the end of the game.
    Very deep team.
    That was the plan last year but injuries decimated them.

  13. Without yet another gift victory from the NFL last week the Seaturkeys would be 1 – 4.

    The real reason they are struggling is that Marsha Lynch knows he will get his butt kicked every week running behind such a weak offensive line and has already quit on this season.

    Unless the Seaturkeys find a way to block somebody their defense will start to wear down and all that 12th man, rah- rah stuff will unravel faster than that hand-knitted sweater your ex-girlfriend made for you.

  14. The Pats gave everyone the blueprint in the Super Bowl last year. That, and some stupid personnel decisions.

  15. Failures at every level of the organization.

    The trade for Graham would be the hands-down favorite for worst of the off-season were it not for the Bradford trade (it’s still worse than that one, though). Graham has been as worthless as a guy off the street, and the O line could really use Unger (or anyone, really) right now.

    The offense survives on a wing and a prayer, and that will come to a close if Wilson gets injured, which is certainly a possibility with as many sacks as he’s taking. The D has bought into its own hype (seriously, what D gives themselves a nickname like “Legion of Boom”?), is resting on its laurels, and is full of primadonnas.

    The coaching staff isn’t using Graham well, isn’t adjusting for O line deficiencies, and clearly had some pretty severe miscues on D yesterday, too (first Eiffert TD, for example).

    Bad scene in Seattle. I would say I’m sorry to see it, but the players have sure said a lot of dumb stuff since becoming one of the best teams in the league. Sure makes it easy to hate them.

  16. Tell the truth Monday at Seahawks camp:

    – Darrell Bevel is an idiot. For a casual observer to know exactly what play is coming next on almost every down is too predictable to be effective.

    – The young lions who led this team to a Super Bowl victory are no longer hungry. They feasted on the Broncos and I haven’t seen the same kind of passion out of them since.

    – Tyler Locket and Thomas Rawls are the only bright spots on the team right now. Even Frank Clark hasn’t been as effective as he was in pre-season when he was still fighting for his job.

    – Major course correction is needed. No more “stay the course” and “be patient”. That isn’t working. Light a fire under the players or this season is going to be very, very long.

    And, before someone calls me out for not being a true fan, let me just say that being a fan does not mean sugar-coating the truth. I’ll never boo this team or quit being a fan, but right now they’re WAY off course.

  17. DYNASTY? HA! That was a joke the first time any of you thought it…

    BTW I LOVED seeing Sherman get burned time and time again. Chump!

  18. Dear 49ers,
    Thank you for being in our division. You are the only reason we are not in last place’

    Thanks….12th man

  19. Let’s see, 17pt lead and this is what the Russell Wilson led offense does to protect it:

    5 play, 11 yards punt
    3 play, 6 yards punt
    5 play, 18 yards punt
    3 play, 6 yards punt
    6 play, 18 yards punt
    3 play, -6 yards punt

    The above average defense does it’s part, the below average offense led by the below average qb blows it… Again.

    How many times will the defense bail out their $62 mil qb before people realize that he is not good.

  20. Hmm – Let’s see:

    1. Locker room discord – too many players are at odds with management. OK to have different views, but they don’t choose to work together to solve it. Instead they butt heads about it. It also seems like some players don’t trust the coaching staff or buy into what they are doing. It seems like small things and they can be. But you have several of these issues and they tend to escalate exponentially.

    2. Coaches and GM aren’t on the same page. Why did the GM go out and get Graham, an offensive receiving weapon, when the coaches want to use him to block, his weakest skill? This is a big example of discord and a multi-million dollar one. The Seahawks have thrived the past several years getting the right people in to fit their scheme. This was getting the exact wrong person for how they are using him. Makes no sense.

    It seems the recent success has had some unnerving effects on the organization and exposed weaknesses in how they operate. They are fixable, but that is a choice that needs to be made by players, coaches and management together. It is a we’ll see situation.

  21. It’s called a lack of humility, I live in Seattle and hate the 12 ‘ s as they call themselves. ….no that’s what they call themselves….and every Friday is blue Friday….and if you’re not a hawks fan they freak. ….this is the biggest bandwagon town in the country…..go Panthers!!!! on Sunday…..I can only say hahahahahaha…..1H8chawks.

  22. Someone explain to me why they don’t just call Jimmy Graham a WR, have him line up as such and give up on calling for him to block. He’s a very valuable player, but only if you throw him the ball. Go get a fullback / tight end hybrid to do your blocking and let Graham run some routes.

  23. From a 49ers fan: I see the mistake they are making is not trusting what got them to the top, drafting smartly their type of player. If you are striking gold regularly on your draft picks, this year Tyler Lockett, why get expensive free agents like Harvin and Graham that cost you picks and don’t fit your scheme? They should study the Packers who draft and develop their own guys and don’t do much in free agency.

  24. The Seahawks should get rid of all their players and go 0-16 for the next ten years in order to please the fans of other teams.

  25. seattlesue427 says:

    Is RIGHT ON THE MONEY. Bevell needs to grow a creative brain. Get WR Tyler Lockett more involved in the passing game!

  26. Even if the officials had called the illegal bat and the lions had a touchdown, the seahawks took the ball 60 yards right through the lions the next possession with nothing on the line and 3 timeouts. We were coming out with a W either way.

  27. Not at all a Pats fan but…Would the hoodie have lifted off the gas pedal? Heck no!
    if Seattle would have kept the hammer down, this would not have happened …ya get ‘ em down, ya finish ’em off!

  28. Even if the officials had called the illegal bat and the lions had a touchdown, the seahawks took the ball 60 yards right through the lions the next possession with nothing on the line and 3 timeouts. We were coming out with a W either way.
    Best post on this board. Not just that but there was zero advantage gained by tipping the ball out of bounds. They need to change that rule just as they changed the PI, if you gain no advantage and the balls is not catchable, it ain’t PI.

    Also, for all of the those talking smack about the refs helping Seattle out in this game, I guess you didn’t see the 75 yard call back on the pic-near six, or the 36 yard PI call where no one was touched, or the missed 4th quarter PI on the Bengals. Ah, Seattle blew it, but they had a lot of calls they were on the wrong side of 110 yards in penalties.

  29. they call it prevent defense because it prevents you from winning.

    People slam the Patriots saying they run up the score but Belichick says the game is 60 minutes and it’s not the Patriots responsibility to stop themselves from scorin

  30. Bill Belichick says the game runs 60 minutes and woe be to the player who slackens off at 59 minutes. And he doesn’t care what the score is. Best they look for another team to play with.

    The Seahawks do the opposite. Up by 7 points,…slow down, don’t knock your socks off. Give it a break,..gonna win anyway.

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