Cardinals sensed Lions lost their fight after fans turned on them


On Sunday, the Lions jumped to an early lead against the Cardinals, an encouraging sign for an 0-4 team that had suffered through a Monday night loss in Seattle that many thought Detroit should have gone the other way but for an officiating blunder.

The Lions carried the lead into the second quarter. But on the first play, the Cardinals pulled even. Then, an interception by Arizona defensive lineman Cory Redding returned inside the Detroit five set the stage for the go-ahead score. Not long after that, the Lions lost their fight.

And that’s the assessment not from the outside, but from a pair of Cardinals defenders who were on the field.

“Early in the game you know the guys had a lot of fight to them,” Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson told PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio on Monday. “Once we got the opportunity to go 14-7, we got another turnover at that point. You could kind of see the fight kind of die out of them. They weren’t as excited, as motivated, as enthusiastic as they were earlier in the game. And I think that’s just something they’re struggling with right now. When adversity hit them, they haven’t been able to respond and fortunately for us we were able to catch them at this moment and get a big win for us. They’re a talented team. It’s tough to see a talented team like that give up pride.”

Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson, appearing on Tuesday’s PFT Live, agreed that the Lions lost their fight.

“They definitely did,” Jefferson said. “I think they lost it once their fans started booing them. It was kind of weird. They started cheering when they sat Matthew Stafford. . . . I don’t think fans understand how important they are to us. They’re very important, they play a big role especially in the fourth quarter. . . . Sometimes I don’t think the fans understand how important they are.”

For the Lions to regain their fight, they’ll need to regain their fans. But their fans won’t be in the mood to support the team until the team does something worth supporting. It’s a bizarro chicken-and-egg proposition that could make it much harder for the Lions to win any games at home this year.

Meanwhile, Jefferson said he’s seeing more Cardinals fans show up for road games. And he thinks there will be even more Cardinals fans if they get more prime-time games.

At the rate the Cardinals are going, they’ll have plenty of prime-time games, possibly through the flexible scheduling system that could put them on NBC late in the year.

90 responses to “Cardinals sensed Lions lost their fight after fans turned on them

  1. If the Lions NEED their fans to win, then they should either: let them in for free, actually win a game or finally get some cheerleaders.

  2. Being in the stadium it definitely went hand in hand, but you have the order wrong. That team quit, then the fans really started booing. After the interception, that defense didn’t have the fight anymore, and it’s tough to blame them!

  3. This is not a chicken or egg proposition. Just like how most people start each day in a decent mood, most Lions fans are prepared to cheer at the beginning of every game, anticipating opportunities to root for this ever beleaguered team. The problem is that the Lion organization routinely lets the fan base down at every level from ownership and management to the players. When it becomes obvious to the fans in any given game that their QB just doesn’t have it, that the coaches can’t right the ship that the organization won’t figure out how to fix it, the only choice is to boo and do so loudly. If this team would stop laying rotten eggs they would hear nothing but cheers.

  4. It’s amazing anything gets done in the world. Not everyone has fans to keep them going and perk them up at work.

    I mean – if a guy making a million bucks a game just can’t put forth the effort without fans cheering – what hope is there for the guy busting his hump for 15 bucks an hour? No one cheers him on….

    Lions players need to look themselves in the mirror. Have some damned pride and stop with the excuses.

    Caldwell isn’t a rah rah leader type but he shouldn’t need to be – not if you’re a MAN and have something inside you that gives you a personal work ethic, pride or even just a sense of accomplishment.

    These players ought to be ashamed of themselves. They’re not men. Not by a long shot.

  5. I don’t begrudge Lions fans for booing that performance from their team. Lions fans deserve better than the crap they have dealt with over the years. I also think that to blame the lack of effort on the field because the fans booed is pathetic. How about you get paid millions of dollars to play a game and have some self respect to go out there and fight for yourself and to gain the respect of your fans back.

  6. You can suggest their lost their fight because of the fans but far more likely, they lost their fight after Stafford kept giving the Cardinals the ball. Nothing worse than to play your butt off only to see your QB stinking up the joint.

    Don’t beleive me? Ask any Viking fan.

  7. 1 Playoff win since 1957. It’s been fool’s gold, run by a ship of fools. Absolutely pathetic product, and they offer no hope or answers. With the amount of money the front office AND players are making, (the fans that are still paying to see this mess) deserve much, much better.

  8. Hopefully they get some of the Steelers prime time games….they had 3 in five weeks…..that’s 2 too many….

  9. I was there. The boo birds were out real quick, like the 3rd play when they wasted a time out. Way too early and it kinda ticked me off. I didn’t boo until they kicked a FG down 28. But the crowd mocked then hard. Let’s Go Red Wing chants. And a really impressive wave that went around at least a dozen times with about 5000 people left for the last 1.5 quarters

  10. Wow. They quit doing their jobs because they were getting booed. When the guy eats hamburger helper a few times a week just to afford the ticket to see the game, I see why they want the players to at least try. Most professional athletes act much like the very rich– entitled spoon banging.

  11. The Ford family have destroyed the Lions… Total incompetence everywhere… You can’t be this bad this long … Sorry Cleveland but Detroit has you beat

  12. Way to show some mental toughness Lions.

    You know, considering your franchise has put your fan base through DECADES of failure, how dare they boo when you continue to show failure!

    If that all it takes for you guys to lose, then all 53 of you should be cut and thrown on the street, and they should be able to draft an entirely different team. They would have about as much of a chance of beating Chicago as your current 53 man roster does.

  13. Can you blame them for Boooing ? Hell, I’m a Packer fan. I’m suppose to hate Detroit but I sympathize with the fans. This team can’t sustain any positive energy. They play really good for a couple years and then it’s 6 or 7 years of pure misery. I can’t say it’s the coaching because they’ve been like this for the last 3 coaches at least. I have no idea what the issue is. The owner doesn’t meddle. They’ve made some poor drafting decisions and some unfortunate injuries.
    I’m glad I’m a Packer fan here in good ol’ Green Bay Wi.

  14. When your coach can’t show any emotion then why expect your team too. It’s a sad situation in Detroit. They need to clean house top to bottom.

  15. Fans turned on the coaches. Caldwell didnt even argue the rule of the ball getting hit out of the end zone against the Seahawks. Who wants a coach that doesnt even know the rules to argue to the ref the right call. Would hvae been game changing. Stafford can ball, Lombardi is an idiot. Caldwell is an idiot. Levy being hurt doesnt help either.

  16. This is not a chicken or egg proposition. Just like how most people start each day in a decent mood, most Lions fans are prepared to cheer at the beginning of every game, anticipating opportunities to root for this ever beleaguered team. The problem is that the Lion organization routinely lets the fan base down at every level from ownership and management to the players. When it becomes obvious to the fans in any given game that their QB just doesn’t have it, that the coaches can’t right the ship and that the organization won’t figure out how to fix it, the only choice is to boo and do so loudly. If this team would stop laying rotten eggs they would hear nothing but cheers.

  17. If your getting paid a few million a year- you should be coming with a vengeance every week -regardless of the opposition. Start cutting a few of these quitter’s – there are plenty of practice squad guys as close if not better. I could understand if your down 30 in the 40th or something but not 7.

    50+ years of the crap that they have put on the field, letting their fans down almost every Sunday………..and now Tate and whoever else is going to complain that they have lost their fans??????? You gotta be yankin’ me! As if they couldn’t play inspired ball because of booing??? Gimme an effin break! This Lions team has no idea how pissed off their fan base is!

  19. It doesn’t take a genius to sense that the Lions were in Full Swing Decline as so as they didn’t find away to keep the guy that they built their defense around. Every week shows how bad Stafford is and what waste to invest in a QB that is worse than Cutler. I recall a fan named Hyzer’s laughing at the Bears for paying Cutler all that money……

    The Lions certainly have caught everyone off guard this year, but that doesn’t change the fact that I had them pegged right from the get go. Better work hard to try to beat the Bears this week(LooL, never thought about saying that this year) cuz my Packers are on the horizon…

  20. This city is used to disappointment. Every professional sport team they have sucks. It’s up to the teams to change that…

    There was nothing for them to root for. How do they expect the fans to keep the fight going? They have to do something good to get them in the game.

  21. This bashing of Detroit’s fans is completely absurd. I have been a ticketholder for 20 yrs now, and I’ve sat through SIXTEEN LOSING SEASONS. That field was packed and loud as usual until Stafford’s first 2 ridiculous interceptions. And I am a Stafford supporter, realizing there are no other viable options. It is inexcusable for no coaches (LOMBARDI) to have been held accountable to this point. That, more than anything else including Stafford, is what drew the ire of the fans. The fact this offense has one of the best WR tandems in the league, a #10 pick overall at TE, a #27 overall RG who doesn’t even play, and a very talented 2nd Rd RB who has no OLINE to run behind. Who drafts 2 “road grating” Guards, aND a frickin FULLBACK, then employs a zone based running game?? There is a huge disconnect between the cooks and the people doing the grocery shopping.

  22. it must suck to be a fan in Detroit. You have several teams in all sports being hyped to be sleeper picks or favorites to win a title. Only for the team to lay an egg…over and over again. I’d be mad too. It was like that in the early 2000’s here in Chicago until the Sox and Bears started winning.

  23. They MIGHT have a chance against the Chiefs and Saints. If they slide right in between being mediocre and average, they might take down the Bears and Raiders also. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they go at least 2-14 for the season but no more than a 5-11 record max.

  24. i guess they want us to cheer great try you will get it next time when they throw a int or allow a huge run while giving half effort?

    is this the everyone gets a trophy lack of a backbone society giving us lions fans another 50 years of hell! when your team wins 1 playoff game in 50 years you as a fan have a right to boo the bad product we pay to watch and support.

  25. Look at the bright side, sports fans. We get to watch the wonderful Lions play again on Thanksgiving. Because tradition….. or something.

  26. Live near one of the crappiest cities and pay good money to see one of the crappist franchises in the NFL on yet another 0-? streak…they deserve to boo their lives much less the Lions.

  27. vuudu says:

    Why do the Cardinals talk so much after winning?
    Maybe because you did so much talking BEFORE the game. I predicted a blowout, and got 70% downvotes last week. Lions fans told me to come back after the game, and called that prediction insane. Any intelligent gambler knew that the Lions had a short week after a tough (and severely disappointing) game against the Seahawks, but nooooo – you had to drink the Kool-Aid, and think that you’d play the next team tough too . . . on short rest . . . with bad injuries . . . against a healthy team with pure, untouchable speed.

    Then, when your Lions failed to show, you blame the Cardinals after the game.

    This week, the Cardinals will have done much of the traveling for back to back weeks. I wish they would throttle the Steelers, but something tells me that the travel bug will bite the Cards, and this game will be decided by 7 points or less.

    As for the Lions, look for them to put up a fight against the Bears, before blowing it in the 4th. Should be a close one, but I think the Bears steal it at the end.

  28. The other thing about the Cory Redding interception is that the Cardinals obviously read the play before the ball was snapped. As fans, we see this happening every week. It is emotionally draining.

    Lombardi is so predictable that our guys don’t have a chance. I want the locker room to revolt against the coaches. Where’s Chris Spielman when we need him?

  29. For those who think the Steelers get too much prime time, the networks know what teams will get viewers. There are tons of fans hete in Seattle. Lions need relocated and new ownership. Pathetic

  30. It really doesnt matter what kind of a team you have because nobody will beat Green Bay. 10 penalties for KC 1 for GB and forget about the game last weem vs Rams.
    As a die hard football fan Packer games are unwatchable due to the obvious bias of the officials. BTW 3 opposing players ejected in 8 games in Lambeau. 1 ejection in 48 games around the rest of the league

  31. All the Lions have is Stafford and Calvin. I don’t know why any fan would expect wins to pile up when the team can’t draft any talent or pick up any talent or retain any talent. Detroit is a mess and so is the football team.

  32. ariani1985 says:
    Throttling the hapless packers on Thanksgiving would continue the tradition of one easy game a year.
    Detroit and GB don’t play on Thanksgiving this year. But I guess it’s normal for Vikings fans to dwell on the imaginary, like games that aren’t really played, and the Vikings ever winning a Superbowl.

  33. The Lions need to pull a “Dolphins” and fire the coach. The roster has talent, they should at least be competitive.

  34. The Cardinal players are merely answering the questions given to them….

    Heck, it’s even properly credited in the article….

    Why don’t people read ????

  35. I think all that needs to be said about the Loins has been said. I also think the Cardinals may have the most underrated trio of safeties in the league. Johnson, Jefferson, and Mathieu are pretty badass.

  36. Hey ariani, you might want to re-check your schedule…..the Packers play the Bears on Thanksgiving evening. The NFC North should be all wrapped up by then………

  37. { the owner doesn’t meddle}..Been hearing that falsehood for years. The Fords own the team and make all the calls they want. No ‘big name’ people will work for them because they won;t relenquish that right. WCF and Jr. used to be half the draft team.
    Just because they shun the spotlight doesn’t mean they don’t meddle. Is it really meddling when you own the team?

  38. Perhaps they need to get a new head coach, at long last the Dolphins did, some say the new coach has no head coach experence,seems as the old coach didn’t either. Good luck Lions fans, 58 years is to long to not have a winner. Bill

  39. As a Lions fan I can say sadly .. only one think.If, I happen to go to a restaurant repeatedly and get food poisoning all the time…. I will stop going to that restaurant.At the end, we Lions fans need to understand that we are ” costumers”. Lions product was and is continuously poisonous .Fans didn’t gave up on the team.Lions organization feed them all this time..spoiled products, so Sunday a lot of the fans went for the bathrooms.
    Time to clean the all menu…Go Wings

  40. “Throttling the hapless packers on Thanksgiving would continue the tradition of one easy game a year.”

    LOL!! the only turkey to get plucked on TG is wearing a mane.isnt it time the nfl took that TG game away from the lowly Lions and scheduled it like any other prime time game pitting two traditionally winning organizations against one another for the sake of the fans viewing pleasure,after all,not even Lions fans want to see them get blown out on National television,they dont deserve that.

  41. You could tell that the Seattle game was on the Lions players’ minds: as soon as they had a setback, you could see that they gave up. Too bad: they have good talent.

    The Cardinals are used to bad fans. Whenever they play, a bunch of people who live in Phoenix but can’t get a life show up and cheer for the other team.

    Pittsburgh must be a terrible place to live: so many people are FROM there.

  42. Consistently underachieving organization that never figures anything out. And now we’re on to their latest desperate scapegoat move which is blaming it all on Stafford. He hasn’t played great but their problems go way beyond anything Stafford has done.

    They treat Megatron as just another receiver without any of the jump balls or shots down the field that made him famous. Their playcalling has been simply horrid as has clock management. You’ll never seen a dumber end to a game than what the Lions did against the Broncos: They’re down 12, need 2 scores, don’t take the sure field goal but also never throw it into the end zone before turning it over on downs inside of 30 seconds to play. Coaches should have been fired on the spot that very night for that.

  43. zeke2517 says:
    Oct 14, 2015 8:59 AM
    Detroit is a waste of space.

    Sort of like your Cranial cavity

  44. If fans truly wanted to show their disgust with the team and make CHANGE happen, there’s only one way to get the owners’ attention. Stop giving your money to the Lions. Stop buying merchandise and stop going to game. Stop supporting the sponsors of the Lions.

    Owners only care about one thing: money.

  45. Why do the Cardinals talk so much after winning? They talked after beating the niners as well. You don’t act this way.

    If they are asked the question, they are free to answer honestly.

  46. Is it just me or are the Cardinals awfully mouthy for a team that hasn’t done anything yet? Take your W and shut up.

  47. ariani1985 says:
    Oct 13, 2015 9:44 PM
    Throttling the hapless packers on Thanksgiving would continue the tradition of one easy game a year

    Yeah, that’ll do it. Except the Packers play the Bears on Thanksgiving.

    To all of you that gave this great insight a thumbs-up….how does it feel to be as stupid as a Viking troll?

  48. Being a lions fan is like having the love of your life cheat on you repeatedly and always taking her back and forgiving her. Love, cheat, forgive, repeat. Eventually your gonna get mad. When you do it never helps that your girl gets mad at you for her indiscretions.

  49. Works both ways. Sometimes I don’t think the players realize how important they are to the fans. Many work long and hard and sacrifice some pretty important things to be able to afford a ticket. When we see talent wasted by poor effort we feel robbed. So yea, your going here it.

  50. Is it just me or are the Cardinals awfully mouthy for a team that hasn’t done anything yet? Take your W and shut up.

    It’s you.

  51. I live in Metro Detroit, and I am constantly floored by the number of fans who still defend the team, root for them, and shell out big bucks to see them. I’ve never cared for them because they’ve never given me a reason to, but so many people are truly diehard fans that get crapped on year after year by any combination of the coaching staff, players, GM, and team ownership. It’s such a dysfunctional organization with delusions of a near future Super Bowl appearance, a “win now” mentality that really shows they don’t know what they are doing.

  52. wantsomecheesewiththatwhine says:
    Oct 14, 2015 11:39 AM

    the fords mismanaged their car company to the point they needed a government bailout.
    they’re doing the same thing to the football team, only no one is going to bail them out.

    Ford Motor Company is the only domestic auto manufacturer that DIDN’T accept a government bailout. I’m sure that you’re very well-read.

  53. Bears V Lions big game. Streamed Bears defense, think they will get something going. Lions look hapless lately. Yes Fin fans are enjoying Suh with his 4M raise.

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