Campbell on Suh: “The guy gives 110 percent”

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First, it was vice president of football operations Mike Tannenbaum speaking up earlier this week to at least partially defend Ndamukong Suh as the Dolphins try to move fast a nightmarish start that included the firing of coach Joe Philbin.

Wednesday, it was interim coach Dan Campbell doing the same.

“What I saw is a player who improved over four games,” Campbell said of Suh. “I’ve seen a guy who goes out, he gets here early, he does his own thing, as far as doing a workout and working hard. He does stuff with the team, then he comes out here and practices. The guy gives 110 percent.”

That’s not the strongest of endorsements, but the Dolphins are looking forward and trying to make it clear that their bad start does not fall only on the shoulders of the guy the team signed to a six-year contract last March that includes $60 million fully guaranteed over three years.

Suh has no sacks and three tackles through four games.

“You sign a guy like him, you’re looking for three or four sacks and four or five [tackles for loss], and all of those things,” Campbell said. “Ultimately you can have a very productive day without having those type of stats.”

The 1-3 Dolphins changed defensive coordinators, too, and had last week off. So, maybe they’ll be a new team and Suh will be a new player Sunday when the Dolphins play the Titans.

24 responses to “Campbell on Suh: “The guy gives 110 percent”

  1. “Suh has no sacks and three tackles through four games.”

    Suh has 9 tackles and 1 assisted tackle, making 10 combined tackles through four games.

    Not exactly worth $60 million yet, but ~300% better than claimed.

  2. One guy can’t do it alone, especially when he’s double-teamed most of the game. Rest of the team needs to be taking those opportunities to get sacks and increase pass-rush, and they haven’t been.

  3. Coyle D was so horrible no movement by anyone linebackers playing way off the ball and CB’S 10 to 15 yards off the ball hope this new guy sends the house..and why not he they have nothing to lose

  4. Hope the dolphins can turn it around. They have talent on both sides of the ball, hopefully the coaches can better utilize it. Move WRs around more, mix up the route tree. Landry runs the same three routes all game, short cross, short out, or curl in the hole of the zone. Give him a post or post corner every now and then. He’s great in the open field on punt returns. Stills is a great intermediate and deep guy. Cameron working the middle is solid. Utilize miller better.

  5. Whenever someone says 110% you know they are full of it. Suh looks like the new version of Albert Haynsworth. Big talent, but no results. He is on track to have 12 tackles by the end of the season, that is if he plays in all 16 games.

  6. “That’s not the strongest endorsements” pretty funny stuff. As bad as the Dolphins have been Suh has been worse. The guy has been first team all pro the first 4 years of his career. Most first ballot hof inductees have about that over their entire career. Being in Miami has made him a multi millionaire, done nothing to help the fins and may have derailed his hof career. Lol

  7. I’m beginning to think Ndamkong’s whole last name is:
    “signed to a six-year contract last March that includes $60 million fully guaranteed over three years.” because that appears every time with his name.

    One man will not fix a team.

    DeMarco Murray get $9mil guaranteed in 2015,
    Yet he’s averaging only 32.5 yards per game.
    Is he why the Eagles are 2-3? What about Torrey Smith in SF?
    Surely the Colts weren’t expecting 65yds per game from Frank Gore.
    How could adding Jimmy Graham make Seattle worse?
    Surely adding Julian Thomas should’ve improved the Jags better than they looked last week.

    Philbin believed and trusted in people on his team to a fault.
    He didn’t want to fire Sherman, didn’t want to fire Coyle, and trusted far too many players to improve to his expectations.
    He trusted in our guards to improve, they didn’t.
    He trusted our defensive backs to improve, they didn’t.
    Kickers, punters, LaMichael James – same.

    Offense, special teams – none of that is Suh’s fault.
    That DL front line lost the coach that made them better.
    Suh came in and Coyle changed the system from attack to react.
    Production has been poor across the board.

    If Suh had truly been freelancing and playing a one gap style, we might see different numbers. But I also expect players of his, Wake, Mitchell and Vernon to play through bad coaching calls and make plays.
    That disappointment falls squarely on the DL regardless of pay.

  8. Now that Philbin and Coyle are gone they can put Suh back in the proper scheme. Philbin used more players in the wrong schemes and switched more out of their natural positions that it seemed he was purposely trying to fail.

  9. You can’t give more than a100%. It’s impossible. Campbell seems to be a perfect fit with the Miami mentality.

  10. How many times are we going to hear this Albert Haynesworth 2.0 before it gets played out? Jeez ppl at least try to be creative if you choose to bash the guy. IMO the whole DLINE needs to step up.

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