Cowboys claim running back Rod Smith from Seahawks


At this point, it’s safe to assume that if the Seahawks ever cut Marshawn Lynch, the Cowboys will sign him.

The Cowboys continued to pick up Seattle’s recycling, claiming running back Rod Smith off waivers.

They had previously traded for Christine Michael, in their quest to keep a backfield stocked with options.

They worked out some backs today, including LaMike James, but opted for the big back from Ohio State.

Smith had been on Seattle’s practice squad, but was promoted last week to the active roster when they ran short in the backfield themselves, and released yesterday when they tried to cover other spots with Lynch getting healthy.

18 responses to “Cowboys claim running back Rod Smith from Seahawks

  1. tvjules says:
    Oct 14, 2015 4:36 PM
    Maybe this is also a way to gain whatever intel they can for their upcoming game with Seattle.
    What could the PS guy have that Christine Michael wouldn’t?

  2. If I were the Cowboys Front Office I would relax a little. The NFC East is the new NFC South. You can win the division with a 7-9 record

  3. Would SOMEONE…ANYONE please explain to Garrett and Linehan that as Barry Sanders is no longer available, what RB’s they sign won’t make the slightest bit of difference unless and until those two fools STOP using the same “formula” offense game after game? and, no amount of window dressing or falling back on the old and worn out “We failed top execute” EXCUSE is going to change ANYTHING!

  4. I am angry right now. Damn Cowboys don’t have enough running backs?

    I was a big Rod Smith fan and thought he was real potential with his size and burst. Thought he still needed time to develop why he was a perfect practice squad player. Good for him getting on an active roster.

  5. 2 fumbling machines. There’s a reason both RB’s aren’t on the Seahawks. They are liabilities and the upside wasn’t worth the downside to them always fumbling. If Christine Michael can stay healthy AND hold onto the ball, he’s as talented as any RB but again, he can’t hold onto the ball.

  6. scrp2
    Oct 14, 2015, 3:57 PM CDT
    If I were the Cowboys Front Office I would relax a little. The NFC East is the new NFC South. You can win the division with a 7-9 record
    Where on earth is Dallas going to get 7 wins from?!

  7. Oct 14, 2015 4:41 PM
    “Garrett finally learning how to Coach”

    Why because the owner signed another RB? Has nothing to do with the puppet.

    If he was such a great coach then why can’t he win without Romo playing? I will tell you why… Romo makes most look better then they are on this team including the puppet coaching staff….

    So please get over this ‘learning how to coach’ thing… he’s still clueless.

  8. I predicted teams would raid their RBs. They had a very talented group in camp. (there’re also a load of Seattle cuts on other teams at all positions)

    I think Smith will be a boost to Dallas. They need a big back and this guy has all the tools. He reminds me of Latavius Murray of the Raiders. He may actually turn out to be similar to that Murray guy they let go.

  9. The Cowboys now see what a huge error they made not drafting gurley or gordon. Personally I am of the opinion with all the injuries..its the perfect time to lose every game so they can draft Fournette next year.

  10. The dallas cowboys will sack the hell out of Russell Wilson the guy is on pace for 70 sacks this year. The cowboys got 5 vs the patrots. Vs tom brady who doesn’t take sacks. The cowboys could easly beat the Seahawks by defensive turnovers from those sacks. There is 2 wins. Then Tampa Bay there terrible I think weeden would have won that game so 3 wins there is 5 wins. COWBOYS 5 and 4 when Romo Gets back 10 win team could easly win out. Cause boys with romo and dez and this d. Would be 5 and 0 right now. So take what you will out of mt comments you know you will disagree cause you know I’m right and you hate the cowboys. But you seattle fans have way more pressure to perform cause the rams and Arizona are better then you. And your oline is absolutely trash.

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