Tannehill’s praise of Campbell seems like veiled criticism of Philbin


As the Dolphins prepare to play their first game since undergoing a coaching change, key Dolphins players met with the media. And the most important player on offense had some interesting things to say about interim coach Dan Campbell.

Asked whether football players can take on the personality of their head coach, quarterback Ryan Tannehill provided a response that is telling on two levels.

“Definitely, definitely,” Tannehill said, via comments distributed by the team. “I think the tone that the head coach sets transcends to the team. We want to kind of embody what [Dan Campbell is] trying to give us the mindset of. He’s trying to give us the mindset of competition, of competing, of toeing the line. I think we have the guys to do that. Now it’s just a matter of taking that on as players, owning that and going forward and competing every day in practice and obviously on Sundays.”

Tannehill’s assessment also places indirect blame for the dull, listless performances from the start of the season onto former coach Joe Philbin, who never quite seemed to look or act the part of NFL head coach. And his teams never looked or acted the part of contenders.

Whether the team improves under Campbell remains to be seen, but his message is getting through to the players. For now, that’s all the organization can hope for.

26 responses to “Tannehill’s praise of Campbell seems like veiled criticism of Philbin

  1. luckily Campbell gets to make his debut against the Titans, the league’s ultimate slump-busters…

  2. “We want to kind of embody what [Dan Campbell is] trying to give us the mindset of.”

    Guy talks kind of like an idiot. Where did he go to college?

  3. Yeesh what a stretch. Read the comments – he doesn’t even mention that things have changed since Campbell came on. If he’d said “definitely, we’re more aggressive, more hungry than we were before” that would be one thing, but he was just answering the question.

  4. If you really don’t know where RT went to college there’s this invention called the internet. It’s amazing and you can find out all sorts of things on it. Try it some time. Maybe you won’t sound like an idiot.

  5. Wow I did ok in college and I did not interpret his statement as a criticism of Philbin. That’s a real stretch. Must be a slow Wednesday.

  6. Just keep something in mind folks – with todays social media frenzy even if you know the color is “definitely red” -it gets painted a different color when it comes off the press no matter what you think or offer -the stories are always compromised

  7. “I think the tone that the head coach sets transcends to the team.”

    Yikes. A Rhodes Scholar he is not. It’s always a good idea to avoid using big words unless you know what they mean. Maybe he was misquoted? We can only hope.

  8. “Asked whether football players can take on the personality of their head coach, ….”


    who even asks such a question? all one needs to do is take a look around the league.

    Rex Ryan….and his players

    Bill Belichick….and his players

    John Harbaugh…..and his players

    need I say more?

  9. Dolphins had their head coach on the team when they hired Philbin. His name is Todd Bowles. But he was not a big name coach so Ross passed on him. IMO the thing that would do the most good for the Dolphins is a new owner. Combine Ross and Mike Tannenbaum and you don’t onky have cap hell coming, you have any legit NFL coach running away from them. I feel sorry for. Sean Payton because you know Miami will give up a first round pick for him

  10. To those who blame Ross,

    Billionaires are a dime a dozen. Especially Billionaires wanting to purchase an NFL team.

    It should be pretty easy to get a new owner.


  11. So are you saying he is meaner to the practice squad guys who you throw picks to than Philbin was…?

  12. This guy talks like a dumb jock…how can you be successful as an organization when your QB as an IQ of 10 points higher than Gronk….

  13. Dan Campbell and Tannehill both went to the same university.

    Coincidently, Dan Campbell and Sean Payton spent 6 seasons together (1999-2002 w/ NYG; 2003-2005 w/ Dallas).

  14. if it was criticism, Tannehill has got no business talking the way he’s been playing… losing games right and left and ranked 15th or worse in every category

  15. All I have been hearing is how excited the players are with the changing of the guards. I want to see that translate into wins. I don’t mean later but now! Over the next 8 games, we must come away with no less than 6-2. And that is realistic if the players are as excited as they claim they are. Make some freaking plays! Somebody needs to light a fire under Wake and Vernon.

  16. The one thing I take from the article. Dan Campbell is definitely making an impact on the players. Compete seems to be the key word, from reading about his work with the players. From everything I’ve read about him, he’s always been a super competitive guy. Now whether that translates into X’s and O’s and wins, is still to be seen. Go Phins!!

  17. Tannahill should keep his trap shut and earn at least 1/50 of what they pay him. The most embarrassasing fact is this: Even cam newton (yes……a playground scrub) is doing better than you right now Tannehill! If I was your wife….I’d have left you after week 2.

  18. Dolphins will play well Sunday as a long time fan I’m embarrassed by their listless performance week after week under Joe (dont call me Regis) Philbin,they have good players they have just been lacking the heart & drive,hopefully this Coach can provide that,I was not looking forward to next game after Jets game now i can’t wait till sunday!

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