Brandon Marshall calls Chris Ivory the best running back in the NFL


Jets receiver Brandon Marshall says the NFL’s best running back isn’t Adrian Peterson, or Le’Veon Bell, or Marshawn Lynch, or DeMarco Murray, or Jamaal Charles, or Matt Forte, or Devonta Freeman, or Chris Johnson.

No, the best running back in the NFL is someone who has never been to a Pro Bowl, and never had a season with 1,000 rushing yards or 10 touchdowns or 20 catches. That someone is Marshall’s teammate, Chris Ivory.

“He’s already the best running back in the league right now,” Marshall told the New York Post. “Just watch the tape — speed, quickness, agility, vision, endurance — he has it all.”

That seems like a bit of an overstatement, but Marshall says Ivory has all the tools.

“He runs really violently, he has great feet, great vision. . . . He’s humble . . . and he doesn’t even know how good he can be, and that’s the scary part,” Marshall said. “I remember having a conversation when I first got here with him, and he was like, ‘I want to have 1,000 yards. I just want to get there.’ I said, ‘What?’ I said, ‘No, the goal’s gonna be 1,500 or better.’ And now he’s there, he’s like, ‘Man, I see it,’ and that’s the good thing. I asked him that one day, I said, ‘Man do you really know how good you can be?’ He’s like, ‘Man, I really don’t.’ And I love that humility. And the sky’s the limit for him.”

Ivory ranks 13th in the NFL with 314 rushing yards this season and 11th in the NFL with 16 rushing first downs, and his average of 4.98 yards per carry is fifth among running backs with at least 50 carries. Those are solid numbers, but they don’t exactly scream “best in the NFL.” Marshall may be overstating the greatness of his teammate.

52 responses to “Brandon Marshall calls Chris Ivory the best running back in the NFL

  1. “milehipigskin calls Brandon Marshall the dumbest receiver in the NFL.” Look at the tape, watch dumb play after dumb play. And read the dumb comments, such as the Chris Ivory comments.

  2. I’ve only seen him in two games this year, but I was VERY impressed with this guy.

    Brandon Marshall may be right.

  3. Glad to see he finally got his borderline personality under control.

    No more ‘splitting’ behavior – defined by psychiatrists as everything being one extreme or the other. The greatest or the worst. Your enemy or your best friend (I’m looking at you Cuttler!!).

    Nope. No more of that here.

  4. It’s a little disingenuous to use total yards as the measuring stick when Ivory’s pretty much the only back mentioned to have already had his bye week. Average yds/game would be a more fair comparison. In that, Ivory is leading the league.

  5. Well, if he can jog across the parking lot and only bounce off two parked cars he’s already one of the top 5 RBs in Jets history.

  6. Brandon Marshall has become sensitive to criticism of Brandon Marshall talking about Brandon Marshall to bring attention to Brandon Marshall. So now Brandon Marshall is talking about Chris Ivory to bring attention to Brandon Marshall.

    Be wary Chris, Brandon’s bromances end ugly. See Cutler, J. by way of reference

  7. Ivory is superb, doesn’t get enough attention. Jets would be undefeated if he played during the one game they lost.

  8. Lol Marshall must be back on the crack pipe. He’s gotten delusional again.

    That said, Ivory is having a good year so far for a team doing better than a lot of people expected by this point.

  9. Right, Ivory has never played a full season, even in New Orleans where he rotated in and out, a violent runner, also injury prone and that is that.

  10. Brandon Marshall always has his teammates’ backs – last year he was trumpeting up Martellus Bennett as the best tight end in the league, and he also went into detail as to why he thought that, just like he did with Ivory here.

  11. I don’t understand the tone being used here. There are times wild claims deserve to be slammed, this isn’t one of them. Ivory looks really good and when the dust clears on the season this could be correct.

    I mean Demarco Murray isn’t getting it done, Chris Johnson has much more to prove, as well as Freeman. So even your examples meant to shame this opinion are thin at best.

  12. Marshall has made the Jets a much better team. 400 yards and 3 TD’s in 4 games. All the Phins fans, Bears fans, and Bronco’s fans warned us him about his craziness, and to a degree they are right. We saw it with the dopey lateral. We see it also with the mouth. He is a heck of a football player, though, and so far the positives have outweighed the negatives by a longshot.

  13. Ivory is an absolute animal. His game against Miami, was one of the best performances by an RB I’ve ever seen. Half of his yards came after contact. He doesn’t break long ones to pad the stats like so many other RBs, he got 160 going 5-10 yards a time. I think he’s a beast, but you can’t run that hard every week and stay healthy.

  14. I loved Chris Ivory when he was with the Saints. They traded the wrong running back. It should have been Mark Ingram who left!

    Ivory is very gifted and powerful, and if given the chance to be an every-down back, he can be among the best. So, I agree with Brandon Marshall who sees him daily in practice.

    Bill Parcells had to call Sean Payton to tell him that his “best player was on the bench!” Only then did they begin to play the dude! I don’t understand this love affair with Ingram! Khiry Robinson, another good Saints back deserves far more touches. But the Saints live and die by Ingram for some strange reason. He’s mediocre and doesn’t excel in no area~speed, power, heart, etc.

    Congrats to Ivory. I hope he coasts right into the playoffs with the Jets.

  15. Suhmonster90, first off, Suh has now had a hand in ruining 2 Teams, so you might want to change that moniker.

    And Ivory needs to do it more than a few weeks before he’s considered anything but Offensive player of the Week.

    Forte, Peterson, among others, would eat him for lunch.

  16. When you’re talking about the absolute BEST running back in the entire league – you also want to consider:

    – who is the best as a rusher
    – who is the best as a receiver
    – who is the best at pass protection and blocking
    – who is the most durable/injury-free/reliable
    – who is the most consistent (has performed at a high level year after year after year)
    – who has the best ball security/lowest fumble %
    – who means the most to their team/”team player”
    – who plays at a high level consistently, game to game, season to season

    And who also:

    – doesn’t beat their kids, do drugs, get busted for DWI, or talk trash in the media
    – does not benefit from having a stellar cast around him on offense or defense
    – is not a one year wonder/flash-in-the-pan, or short-timer
    – is ironically generally underrated given his production, consistency, and value to the team

    When you consider ALL of the above – the total package in the bigger picture – there is only clear “Best all-around RB in the NFL”, and it is without a doubt:


  17. My fantasy team agrees with Marshal. Besides the game he was never given a carry (we still won) he is always outperforming my opponents umber one guy.
    As both a Saint and Jet I have seen him bulldoze opponents. I think he is without a doubt the best powerback in the NFL, and he is certainly playing at a probowl level. As A Saints Fan I am glad he has moved on to further his greatness.

  18. Well, I am not sure about the best back in the NFL, but we know New York has the best crack in the NFL, and Marshall is smoking it. Seriously, Ivory makes Sam Bradford look durable. He has a big game or two, but he can never sustain production.

  19. I’ll give it 4 weeks before Marshall eventually throws Ivory under the bus. He’s done it on every team he’s been on. Marshall would be in the HOF if he couldn’t talk…….

  20. Even as a Jets fan it’s too soon to consider this…However Chris is playing at a very high level. Keep it Up!

    Hey REX, this is what ground and pound is supposed to be!

  21. To the people that are basically saying it’s ridiculous to say Chris Johnson is one of the best In the nfl. He has the most yards out of any RB since he was drafted in 2008, besides AP. Only trails him by a little. Never misses a game, one of the best pass protecting rbs in the league. I really wish some of you could for your own opinions and stop letting other people think for you.

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