Dan Quinn: No pitch count for Julio Jones

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There was some doubt earlier this week about whether wide receiver Julio Jones would play for the Falcons on Thursday night, but that went away for good when Jones was listed as probable on Wednesday’s injury report.

Wednesday also brought a report that the Falcons would be monitoring Jones’s pitch count during the game in order to avoid aggravating the hamstring and toe issues that put him on the injured list in the first place.

Falcons coach Dan Quinn sent a different message on Thursday. Tracy Wolfson of CBS Sports reports that Quinn told her that Jones will not be limited during the game and added that the wide receiver feels better than he did last week.

Jones missed only seven snaps during the win over Washington, so Quinn’s comments suggest that the Saints secondary will be seeing a lot of Jones on Thursday night. Based on what we’ve seen from the Saints defense so far this season, that could lead to defensive coordinator Rob Ryan asking for more blame come Friday morning.

15 responses to “Dan Quinn: No pitch count for Julio Jones

  1. After the first falcons score the game will pretty much be over. On the bright side, Drew can pad more of his stats in garbage time, which is the most important thing for his career right now.

  2. Any word on whether he’ll have a play count? I don’t think anyone was worried about how many pitches he’ll throw, that’s Matt Ryan’s job. And even then they only run a few pitch plays a game so I think Julio and his sore hamstring could handle that should Matt and Renfree both be incapacated.

  3. If I planned on doing a “pitch count”. Right before the game I would make sure to tell a reporter that we will not being a “pitch count”. What the heck is a pitch count in football anyhow?

  4. Haha, I still think its funny that the NFL and the national media want the Saints to be relevant. They are a bad football team. Julio Jones can play on only 3rd town and still torch the Saints for 8-10 catches and 110yds and a touchdown.

  5. I didn’t know the Braves were in the playoffs! Oh.., wait.

    Julio Jones, the supreme talent. I bet he’s pulled sometime in the 3rd qtr, after a three score lead any how. That’s about 6 innings of work.

  6. Hey haters, the Saints had a great run by beating your favorite teams year in and year out for the last decade… Its no biggie since we won SB44 and Drew Brees was able to produce a SB44 MVP award for all the haters to hate……

  7. for saints fans its come to this,

    Back in the day we won a superbowl!I got it recorded on my VCR a decade ago. Bear, buc and chiefs (insert any team that stinks now but won a championship years agao) fans aren’t this pathetic, back in 85 we won it all!

  8. Be proud that the NFL gave the Saints a SB trophy to lift up the spirits of the good people of New Orleans. Notice that there hasn’t been another major hurricane nor SB appearance since.

  9. Not only have we been over it, we completely forgot it like everyone else outside of New Orleans has.
    Saints 31 Falcons 21………Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!

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