Infection could cause Pouncey to miss the entire season


An infection and a second surgery on his injured ankle will probably force Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey to miss the entire season.

That report, via a tweet from Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, matches up with earlier reports that Pouncey had experienced complications and needed further surgery. Pouncey was injured in an Aug. 23 preseason game and had surgery soon after.

The Steelers placed Pouncey on injured reserve/designated for return at the end of the preseason and hoped to have him back in November. The earliest he’s eligible to return is Week 9.

The team signed veteran Doug Legursky following Pouncey’s injury but Cody Wallace has been playing center. The Steelers are 3-2 despite playing without Pouncey and for the last two games without quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who’s going to miss at least one more game with a knee injury.

Pouncey, 26, is a four-time Pro Bowler and two-time All Pro.

39 responses to “Infection could cause Pouncey to miss the entire season

  1. What the hell?? What doctor missed the boat on this?! A very significant loss, no matter how well the back ups are playing.

  2. Lots of ankle infections going around. The prime suspect has to be the league’s official anklebiters, the Colts.

  3. Is he and his brother still wearing those free Hernandez hats???? Or are they going to wait until after his two murder trial…..

  4. I get every team has injuries but Ben, Pouncey, Shazier, Suisham and the two knuckleheads that were suspended are not only at the top of the depth chart, but rank quite high at their position league wide.

    I was really pumped for Ben and Pounce to return so we could see what the full offense could do… Doesn’t look like thats happening this year.

    No excuses! Steelers are still right in the thick of things and I expect them to remain there. Just no more injuries to starters please.

  5. is it a coincidence or pattern that he’s been rolled up on twice ?
    speaking of cutting players, has Mike Adams been cut yet ? If not, when ? He’s uselessly taking up a roster spot just like Dri Archer.

  6. Corporations have overused antibiotics to the point where many strains of bacteria are now resistant to all our medical treatments.

    Get ready to see more and more incurable infections and amputated limbs, not just among football players, but among your friends and neighbors as well.

    This is going to be a huge story over the next couple decades.

    People are going to lose limbs and die as a result of corporations trying to maximize profits on their livestock and cleaning products.

  7. Pouncey is ALWAYS injured, he is the offensive equivalent of Kendrell Bell. Show some talent but be on IR every year.

    It’s time to cut bait with Pouncey due to his always-injured status.

  8. The Steelers are a very talented team , with that said , when he was hurt you can bet they assumed he wouldn’t be back and his return was questionable all along with hope he could make it back. With an injury like that a lot has to go right to back on the field the same year….get well soon

  9. Pouncey is the leader of that group, and any time
    you lose a ProBowler from a unit, it has a major affect
    on the effectiveness of the O-line, and the offense as a whole.

    Terrible news for the Steelers, who now have to rely on Wallace
    to keep battling, and help make a push for a playoff berth.

    What kind of infection? Hope it’s not the same type that cut short
    LeCharles Bentley’s career.

  10. He hasn’t played an entire season his whole time in the league. They are used to not having his services.

  11. I’m sorry, but I don’t see much drop-off, if any, from Pouncey to Wallace. It was more of the same for the journeyman Velasco when he filled in a few season’s back. I tend to think he is vastly overrated.

  12. “What the hell?? What doctor missed the boat on this?!”

    One of medicine’s dirty little secrets is hospitals are breeding ground for infections. There’s a reason that hospitals keep all records of claims again them for malpractice by the doctors and other staff working there, and for failings like this where someone goes into surgery and comes out with an infection they didn’t previously have.

    There are 10s of thousands of incidents like this every year in the US. Not to mention surgeons leaving instruments inside patients and other nightmares like that.

  13. Bungles, we’re coming. Your prayers for Ben to not play have fallen on deaf ears. We’re coming to thrash you.

  14. I was severely burned and required a full depth skin graft on my ankle. After numerous yeast and staph infections they wanted to do another painful graft. My dads chiropractor offered to treat me for free with a KA laser. It’s approved for veterinary use but not FDA. I went from 30 Percocet a day to 3 after the first session. After 6 sessions I had no infections and the regrowth was so good that I didn’t need another graft. Lots of athletic depts. have these now, try them.

  15. Pouncey was injured before training camp and missed most of it this year. Then goes down preseason. What a surprise. It’s a pattern that’s in a loop with him. Cut ties and look to the draft for another top center.

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