Matthew Stafford wins appeal of fine for blue shoes


It hasn’t been a very good week for Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, but he did get one piece of good news.

Stafford was fined $5,787 last week for wearing blue shoes, but this week NFL Vice President of Operations Merton Hanks granted Stafford’s appeal of that fine.

“Had the call yesterday, so talked with Merton Hanks about it,” Stafford said, via the Detroit Free Press. “Understood the situation and go from there.”

Stafford still thinks the NFL’s rules about the color of shoes players can wear are too complex, but he’s going to do his best to comply going forward.

“It’s way too complicated for shoes [to explain], honestly,” Stafford said. “But it had to do with it being too much blue, I think. So I understood and I will move on with a new pair of cleats.”

Now that the shoe issue is out of the way, Stafford — who leads the league in interceptions and was benched on Sunday — can turn all his attention to playing better.

23 responses to “Matthew Stafford wins appeal of fine for blue shoes

  1. It’s pretty sad that the league has to even focus on what shoes a guy is wearing. As long as the basic jersey matches, ie. the top and the pants, who the heck cares what else these guys wear? In high school some of us wore UA type tights and some matched the uniform color and others used black. Same things with long sleeves. Who cares? I swear, you’d think the league by now would be smart enough to actually focus on things that matter rather than continuing to focus on this nonsense. It’s almost as if they’re flipping off their consumers.

  2. Wow, the NFL tries to fine Stafford for the color of blue in his shoes. Then it gives a ref who make major mistake a paid vacation. Another game changing ref gets sent to a game that the NFL thinks doesn’t matter.
    Maybe it is time for full time refs, even though the NFL can’t afford to waste the owners money on such nonsense.

  3. How about this:

    For each game – The league post’s on a website what the allowable shoe colors are. They can even post pictures.

    The league has a lucrative contract with foot ware makers (Nike I think) so they will want to enforce some rules. But shades of a color should just be a warning. Skittles cleats are one thing but are fans really going to notice that a pair of cleats is a little too blue, who is going to notice, other than the uniform police? I googled for pictures and can’t notice anything.

  4. Instead of ensuring that referees are making the right calls on the field, the NFL is spending its resources looking at fashion. Why not just limit shoe color, all black, all white, or uniform pant color. Done.

  5. That’s why they are called UNIFORMS! Everyone wears the same thing! How hard is that to understand? You were in college, right! A lot of uneducated players in this league and most if not all went to college! Even grade school children know what a uniform is! You don’t need dreadlocks, long hair or different colors to stand out! You use how you play the game to stand out!

  6. That’s right NFL, make sure the shoes are up to spec, don’t worry about the officials knowing the rules or actually having rules that make sense(still don’t know what the NFL considers a catch) or getting replay to cover a wider range of plays. Yeah, most NFL fans would rather the shoes are on the up and up.

  7. You can bet the complaint was made by an executive of a Contracted Shoe maker who is afraid it would cost them money if Stafford’s Blues were to catch on.
    It is what this League has come down to: {**********$$$***M*O*N*E*Y***$$$*************}

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