Mingo, agent unhappy about his playing time


Browns outside linebacker Barkevious Mingo isn’t happy about his playing time. Neither is his agent, Jeff Guerriero.

“[Mingo] is an impact player,” Guerriero told Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com Thursday. “[He] needs to be on the field. It’s that simple.”

His definition of “impact player” is interesting. So, too, is the the No. 6 overall pick in the 2013 draft speaking up this week.

Mingo played four snaps last week in the Browns’ overtime win at Baltimore.

“I try to be a team player,” Mingo said. “I do what they ask me to do to the best of my ability.”

Asked if he would consider asking for a trade before next month’s trade deadline, Mingo said “I don’t think it’s there yet, but I’m a team player and I’m here to do whatever I can do to help the team win. That is the role I’m playing right now.”

Mingo has no sacks this season. He had five as a rookie and two last season.

It’s hard to imagine there would be much of a trade market for Mingo. It’s harder to imagine the Browns, who are already thin at the position, wanting to move him. With former practice squad player turned starter Scott Solomon out for the year, we’ll see over the next few weeks if Mingo gets more of a chance to show what kind of impact he can make.

24 responses to “Mingo, agent unhappy about his playing time

  1. There are only a few agents that can dictate playing time issues for clients and Jeff Guerrero IS NOT one of them; he should keep his mouth shut.

  2. Impact player? The only impact he’s made since being drafted too 10 is shorter lines at the buffet. Dude needs to eat a few more burgers. Can’t be an impactful linebacker when you’re lighter than most safeties.

  3. If he were playing like an impact player this wouldn’t be an issue. Maybe he should put more effort into getting better and giving a better effort and he’ll get more playing time. Hard to believe any other team would give up much for someone who quite frankly is playing like a bench warmer instead of an impact player.

  4. Can’t stay healthy, can’t keep weight on and can’t set the edge versus the run as an OLB. All he CAN do is play in 3rd down packages because he’s solid in coverage.

    He wasn’t an impact player as a rookie; he had 2 sacks in his first game as a pro, then did very little over the last 13 games (missed Week 1 of rookie season due to injury, of course).

    Cleveland’s LB corps has been an unmitigated disaster this season. None of them should be talking, especially the biggest bust of the group.

  5. Play like an IMPACT player and your playing time will go up. Mr. Mingo so far your quality of play has not justified you seeing the field much.

  6. Just another wasted first round draft pick.

    Feel free to lump him in with Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson, Johnny Manziel and Justin Gilbert.

    When you draft like that, who needs opponents trying to beat you? You’ve beaten yourself.

    It’s no wonder they stink.

  7. Maybe I am mistaken here but in order to be called an impact player don’t you have to…you know…maybe make an impact? Perhaps that starts with making enough of one to justify being out there. I know the Factory of Sadness is a kind of football bizarro world but even there a defensive guy ‘making an impact’ plays his way onto the field.

    Browns fans deserve better

  8. I really liked Mingo coming out of college, hence my name. But I’m pretty sure that I could stop the run better than this guy. I just don’t understand how you can’t put on weight. I’m sure I’m not just speaking for myself here when I say, I have problems keeping weight off and my job isn’t to be strong and big. At this point, if I were him or his agent, I wouldn’t start causing waves as I would be surprised if he’s on the team next year.

    Also, looking back at 2013 first round, think I would only want about 4 players selected. Sheldon Richardson, Kyle Long, Tyler Eifert and Deandre Hopkins. That’s a sad first round class.

  9. I’m upset about his playing time too! Why don’t you go out and earn some more playing time. You have to be able to practice to get playing time. I just don’t see any future for him in the NFL unless he puts on some weight. His only impact is no impact. Another first round bust. That’s one thing the Browns probably lead the league in, first round busts.

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