Belichick is ready for any quarterback and pretty much anyone


To the extent that the Colts are trying to keep the Patriots guessing about the identity of the team’s quarterback for Sunday night, it apparently doesn’t matter. On Friday, New England coach Bill Belichick explained to reporters that the team prepares for everyone.

And given that Belichick made his thoughts known through an uncharacteristically long answer, the entire response appears below.

“We prepare for all guys on the active roster,” Belichick said. “We just don’t prepare for one guy. It wouldn’t make any difference. Last week, [Tony] Romo was out, so we didn’t have to prepare for Romo, but it was [Brandon] Weeden, it was [Matt] Cassel, [Kellen] Moore – we don’t know what they’re going to do.

“And after the first play of the game, anything can happen. Whoever you think is in there could be somebody else anyways. It’s the same thing with [Blake] Bortles or [Ben] Roethlisberger or any of those guys. Roethlisberger is there to start a game, can’t finish the game and he’s not there the next week. That’s the NFL. It’s like that at every position. We know who the players are, we know who the backups are we think based on what we know, what we’ve seen, what we anticipate to happen.

“Who would be the next perimeter corner, who would be the next inside corner, who would be the next safety, who would be the next dime guy? Maybe they wouldn’t use dime; maybe they’d use nickel. Who would be the next nickel guy? Whatever it is, we have to be ready for that. It’s one play away from happening. We always prepare for all the players that are on the active roster. Then we come to the game and before the game we cross off the seven guys who are inactive. So, OK, this week they only have two tight ends active or they only have, whatever, five linebackers. Or here are the guys who are inactive – whether they’re injured or whether they’re inactive for other reasons, whatever it happens to be – then before the game, that hour, well the meeting we have before the game after the inactive list has come out and we can cross some guys off, and maybe that gives us an indication, a little bit more information of maybe what type of game it might be.

“If a team has got maybe it looks like extra DBs active for our game and maybe less defensive linemen, maybe that’s an indication it’s going to be more of a nickel game. Or vice versa, a team keeps extra tight ends and running backs and fewer receivers, maybe it’s an indication they’re going to try to play bigger, that type of thing. But until that point, we work with everybody.

“With all due respect, I know a lot of people live and die on the injury report, but I don’t really care what’s on the injury report. Look, I don’t know how these guys are going to be, either. We can put down whatever we want. But they’re humans – some get better, some stay the same, some don’t get better. There is no way to know for sure, and there are a lot of times it comes down to game-time decisions. I’m saying that about our team, and I’m with them and I’m talking to our doctors and trainers every day, but other teams, they’re going through the same thing, too.

“Just because a guy is on the injury report, and whatever he’s listed as, that doesn’t really mean anything. Guys that aren’t well can make quick recoveries. Guys that are well can not turn the corner. So, we’re ready for those guys, too. Honestly, I don’t even care what’s on the injury report. I really don’t even look at it. Unless the guy is definitely out, then OK. If he’s not, then to me, we’ve got to be ready for him.”

Given Belichick’s legendary work ethic (augmented by the presence of Ernie Adams, whose intellect and work ethic are equally legendary), it’s no surprise that Belichick would be ready for anyone and everyone. The challenge becomes getting the players ready.

That’s really the question. With, for example, the Colts coming up and quarterback Andrew Luck listed as questionable, how much time did they spend practicing for what Luck likes to do and how much time did they spend practicing for what Matthew Hasselbeck likes to do?

Once the game begins, Belichick and company will surely be ready to call defensive plays that counter whoever the quarterback may be. Whether the players are truly ready to execute those plays is a different question, hinging on how much time was spent preparing for which quarterback.

48 responses to “Belichick is ready for any quarterback and pretty much anyone

  1. I am SOOO glad that I’m a fan of a Belichick coached team. This article is an example of why he is head and shoulders above the rest of his peers. He is better prepared for a game than any other coach, and his game management tactics are the stuff of legend. Go ahead trolls, launch your insults, but you know in your heart of heart you would give anything in the world for him to be coaching your team. It doesn’t get any better than to root for the New England Patriots.

  2. Translation – “Hey, owners and coaches of the other 31 teams, it isn’t air pressure. It is preparation. Stop making excuses and back up your business.”

  3. The Dolts will make this a messy game some how, playing at home. The NFL replaced the back judge not because he erred on the batted ball by Seattle, but because they planted the ref that will be calling the phantom PI calls, like Manning used to get when the Dolts couldn’t move the ball at home against the Pats. The Dolts will be ringing up over a hundred yards in bogus penalties to keep this close, courtesy of the NFL. We have seen several times this season just how corrupt and petty the NFL offices can be. No need to prove anything here. Just get the W and get out of town.

  4. Matt Hasselback’s brother Tim is reporting Andrew Luck also has a rib injury in addition to his shoulder injury.

    However, the Colts never listed this rib injury on their injury report. That’s a violation of the rules and I don’t think it’s right.

    All the New England Patriots want is a completely level playing field.

    I wish someone would tattle on them and I would thank that person for being vigilant stewards of that not only for us but for the shield and overall integrity of the game.

  5. Dang I’m glad he’s the coach of the Patriots.

    Keep on coaching as long as you want, BB. If the Kraft’s ever need money to pay your salary, they can call me and I’ll gladly contribute.

  6. This is why he succeeds. Yes, it ultimately comes down to execution on the field, but he prepares the Pats… over prepares them. People should get over their hate of the guy and learn to appreciate the greatness they get to watch right now. Don’t know that there will be a genius of his caliber in this league for a very long time.

  7. Belichick obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing and is wasting his time, because Wrecks just tells his players and the media that they’re the greatest ever, over and over again.

  8. Game. Set. Match. Keep on playing tic tac toe Chucky; BB plays chess while doing a Sudoku and simultaneously creating a game plan that will render your JV squad 35+ point losers.

  9. I think this will look somewhat like the Pats-Steelers game. Flashes of brilliance by the opposition, but in the end, a relentless overwhelming by the Pats and their superior preparedness, organization, discipline, and versatility.

    On paper, the Colts should put up a better fight. In practice this year, they are much worse than before. if the reality is somewhere in the middle, it still won’t nearly be enough for them to win.

  10. .
    Whomever is chosen to be the cannonfodder better be ready for a blitz package like no other.

    Being that the Colts are a cowardly team from top to bottom , my expectation is that Luck will bail on his teammates rather than compete.

  11. Belichick will have the Patriots ready for anything.He’s one of the best coaches of all time

  12. Yeah, but the non competitive QB’s they’ve played thus far, and the remainder of their weak schedule it should be an unsuccessful season if they don’t finish 16-0

    What team doesn’t want the Pat’s weak schedule and non competitive division?

  13. Answers like this are why I love it when reporters ask Belichick smart football questions, rather than silly stuff that he just shoots down time after time.

  14. To the extent that the Colts are trying to keep the Patriots guessing about the identity of the team’s quarterback for Sunday night, it apparently doesn’t matter.


    It does matter for some people getting fat checks from the Kraft Foundation.

  15. So there you have it. I’m actually surprised he was so candid. I would almost say if one of his players was so candid, Belichick would bench him for the game.

    It’s an interesting article from several perspectives. But the main point is that it clarifies why the Patriots are predictably irrational.

    Most events fall within a statistically predictable pattern. Most, but not all. When an event occurs that falls within the very small statistically unpredictable range, its controversial. The unpredictable result is even considered irrational. However, in the case of the Patriots success, it is predictably irrational. OK, so maybe the explanation is not simple. But it is correct. The Patriots under Kraft, Belichick, Brady and Adams (those are the common elements) have created a predictably irrational team. The results are irrational because statistically you wouldn’t expect a team to excel for such a long period of time. However they are now predictable because the variables involved ie hard work, doing your job, unselfish salary expectations, unimpeded support, uncanny abilities and others are understood. And Belichick disclosed key components of their success during the interview. Any team can do the same thing. But no other team will. That doesn’t mean other teams won’t win a SuperBowl. But when other teams do win a SuperBowl it will be entirely random. But other teams cannot possibly be as successful as the modern day Patriots. That’s predictable and it’s rational.

  16. So, he uses this information available to every team to form strategies he uses during the game? CHEATER!

  17. Indianapolis, we’re coming for you. Not the fans, not even the players, but the organization. We’ll take it out on the team.

    You conspired with the NFL league offices to set a sting and catch our team in some unproven scheme to deflate balls. There was no scheme and some phony report that was suppose to be independent, never proved there ever was a scheme. It was all a bunch of conspired lies propagated by the Colts organization and the NFL.

    So Sunday night, we’re coming to take our revenge. You disparaged our team and our region. We’re coming for payback. It will be r-e-l-e-n-t-l-e-s-s.

  18. Prepared for anything???

    At this point it wouldn’t surprise me if the Tom Brady throws for 10 TDs but Goodell asserts that Walt Anderson “mis-remembered” which team scored the most

    At that point Goodell will do what he did in FrameGate – assume the opposite of the “best recollection” of the official and declare the Colts the winners with a 70-0 victory

    As with FrameGate there’s nothing Belichick can do to prepare for a Commissioner and Owners who have no integrity

  19. A few days ago I read an article where the reporter had interviewed Roosevelt Colvin, retired linebacker.

    As soon as he saw the “batted ball” play, he knew it was an illegal bat because he said Bill covered it all in practice years ago. Spent a brief session reviewing all batted ball scenarios, which were legal and illegal per the rulebook.

  20. Oddly, the Patriot players and Belichick in particular are not hyped about this game at all. Over and over they say it’s just another game with another team and they always, always, always praise the Colt’s as tough team and always say it will be a real challenge to beat them. Then, you read the Colt’s media geeks and it’s like this is the game of the century. Andrew Luck sat out the past two games simply to prepare for this very game. Pagano has been dreaming about this game since last January. And, the TV talking heads are making their usual nonsense predictions. Like last nights NO-Falcons game,…predictions were all Falcons, yet they lost.

  21. Preparing for all eventualities is cheating! He should be made to just prepare for whoever the other team says is going to pl… oh wait, never mind.

    What’s surprising to me, is not what Belichick said, but that some teams like the Colts might think coaches DON’T prepare this way. But even if Luck starts, the Pats already know he’s not been 100% of late so have to prepare for Hasselbeck too anyway.

  22. One thing I’ve noticed over the years about the Patriots is that they never, ever give another team bulletin-board material. In all their press conferences BB and the Pats are always praising their opponents. This is done on purpose. Why give your opponent anything which will get him all riled up? I think this is another little-known aspect to BB’s game planning – praise the other team’s coaches and players, and keep any bad feelings hermetically sealed up in the locker room.

    Bill Belichick, the GOAT of coaches.

    On to Indianapolis!

  23. It’s “probable” that he’ll be changing the name of his boat a few more times before retirement.

  24. Belichick has spies who have infiltrated every one of the other 31 NFL organizations. You heard it here first. It’s the truth.

  25. You do know that being paranoid left untreated can only get worse. Soon, you’ll think everyone in the stadium is talking about you. And worse, Belichick is planning to kill you off to keep you from reporting him to the NFL. That’s the plan, all right. You uncovered the plot. No one’s going to fool you, no siree !

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