Bevell: Russell Wilson has to “continually trust” offensive linemen

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The struggles of the Seahawks offensive line are no secret to anyone who has seen the team play to this point in the season.

Protecting Russell Wilson has been a particular problem as he’s been sacked on a league-high 11.1 percent of his dropbacks and he’s failed to get a pass off 22.8 percent of the time he drops back to pass. The sacks account for some of that, but so do the times when Wilson decides to run.

The Seahawks want to be sure that Wilson isn’t deciding to do that more often because he’s worried about the pressure. While offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell acknowledges that “hits kind of take their toll” on quarterbacks, he wants Wilson to trust that the protection will be there.

“You’ve got to continually trust those guys,” Bevell said, via Sheil Kapadia of “You really can’t say, ‘OK, I got hit on this last time, I’m going to get hit again.’ You just have to say, ‘I trust them.’ Because the one time that you decide, ‘I’m not going to trust them,’ or start to do something, that’s the time — you know it’s like a brick wall and you have throws down the field. So you have to continually remind yourself that that’s not happening every play. And it’s just communicating and talking about it.”

It’s a sound plan, but, as Mike Tyson once said, plans last right up until the point you get punched in the face. The Seahawks’ offensive plans haven’t been holding up through the punches, which is something they’ll need to solve if they want to push their record back over .500 and stay there for the rest of the season.

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  1. Much easier to trust your line if you cheat every single game like the skidmark of the league New England Asterisks.

  2. That O-Line is a pimp’s hand right … Just slapping people around, it stings a little but does no real damage… By I estimate by the time for the playoffs they will be a Mike Tyson fist with a mean left hook and right uppercut (which is the Seahawks backfield)… wait and see… Indeed…

  3. I thought I was reading an article about Carson Palmer in his dying days in Cincinnati. The last two years he was here, dude would drop back and panic (and throw a pick 6) because he was scared out of his mind. Carson in AZ is playing with that trust and it’s a huge difference. If Seattle doesn’t upgrade that line, that Wilson contract is going to look awful.

  4. It would help if the defense didn’t know what plays were being run because of poor game planning (coughs Bevel), failing to adjust the offense quickly during the game (coughs Bevel) and dumb play calls (coughs Bevel) (coughs Super Bowl). Next thing you know we will be giving up 4th quarter leads and defenses will begin calling out our plays before we run them. Oh wait my fault its already begun. The team has earned our trust but the more they keep doing the same thing over and over the more the rest of the league adjusts and we become insane by expecting a different result.

  5. really seems like this team is falling apart. Russell has his money, Jimmy has his money, Bobby has his money, Sherman has his money, the list goes on… Not too many hungry players on this team and it is showing immediately.

  6. First off, is bashing Christians really necessary?

    Second, its real easy for Wilson to not trust his o-line. They have been horrible. How can he trust them? Third, it’s easy for Bevel to say that behind his clipboard.. If you read between the lines, what Bevel is really saying is that Wilson is bailing out on plays before the line collapses, but the stats only show part of the problem. The penetration from the D-line is forcing Wilson out.. So they might not record a sack, but they changed the play with pressure.

  7. Marsh1976 says:
    Oct 16, 2015 11:16 AM
    You guys are really going to disappointed when the Seahawks finish 13-3 aren’t you?


    Those days are over. At least in 2015. And the sooner you realize that, the better.

    They can still win the west, and just might. They’re still one of the top 3-4 teams in the NFC, and on their home turf, they’re as tough an out as anyone, maybe more so.

    But they’re not going to have home field in the playoffs. The defense isn’t what it used to be. Wilson is a clutch player but I still maintain he’s not a top-10 passer, no matter what the “12th man” and the media say, or no matter what his paycheck says.

    You want your team to win every year. We all do, understandably. But things are really going to have to improve for them. I, for one, don’t see it.

  8. Investing all that green in the QB does not leave much for other needs — like an O-line.

    Russell got his new contract and now has to face the consequences.

    I’m a Badger and wish the guy well — but there’s a new reality up in Seattle.

  9. Disappointing when the Seahawks finish 13-3?

    More like 3-13!

    This team has more issues than Hillary Clinton. We are all just watching the show, waiting for the inevitable implosion.

  10. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a glaring problem if Bevell wasn’t the most simplistic and predictable play caller in the league.

    The line has also gotten worse every year Wilson has been here and it was average at best when he was a rookie. Considering his contract was pretty fair based in franchise QB numbers it would be nice to see this team attempt to improve it some how. If Tom Cable is some kind of o line genius and lineman whisperer, I’d hate to see how freaking awful they would be without him.

  11. And also I think all the Seahawks haters are pretty funny. Their teams most likely aren’t making the playoffs at all and if they are they aren’t winning many playoff games lately. But let’s try to “burn” Seahawks fans by saying things like, “hahah you’re not going to the super bowl again this year for the third time in a row hahahah”. Wow sick burn, all the affectiveness of a butthurt madden player who takes time to send a ” you suck” message because I beat them without going for it on every fourth down and onside kicking every kick.

  12. This coming from one of the worst OCs in the league. The same guy who can’t make in game adjustments. The same guy who calls a slant to the ST gunner with a guy who spent 3 years practicing against his unimaginative offense playing D and saw the play coming from 10 miles away. The same guy who wouldn’t be able to coach a high school team if it weren’t for Favre and Wilson improvising to overcome his garbage play calling and making him look like he has a clue. Fire Bevell.

  13. Everytinme I hear comments lately from Bevell, I really think the guy is just out of touch with what’s going on with the Seattle Offense. Wilson has not been “automatically running out of the pocket” He’s been forced to find time because someone is either running right through the o-line or tis’ collapsing quickly on a lot of plays.. the o-line did hold reasonably well at times against Cinci, but not enough.. and especially not in the 4th qtr..

  14. Bevell is completely clueless. I wish Carroll wasn’t so loyal to his coaches. “Hey Russell, you’re already getting destroyed behind that line, but you need to stop doing the only thing that’s keeping you alive. Sure, I could do some things and call plays that would offset that sieve of an O-line, but I only know 2 different plays and neither of those involve play action or moving the pocket. Sorry.”

  15. You guys want Steve Sarkesian as your OC? I bet that’s coming a year or two down the road. He’ll get hired as a quality control assistant either before this year is over or in the next off season. Pete Carroll loves his guys and he’s very loyal to them. He first hired Sark way back in 2003 or so.

  16. Maybe it’s not the Oline…

    Maybe he doesn’t trust his offensive coordinator to maximize strengths and mask weaknesses.

    After all, this is the guy who said “we don’t have to change anything for Jimmy G., we can just plug him in and keep doing the same things we always did.”

    Translation: We’ll give up a first rounder, Unger and take on the salary but I’m too inept to do anything but ask him to block on running plays.

  17. Yes, please stand in the pocket like a punching bag behind the worst Oline in the entire NFL instead of getting outside of the pocket where taller defensive players won’t deflect your passes.

    If it aint broke, don’t fix it. He does well as a mobile QB and to think otherwise is simply stupid

  18. Part of the reason I don’t trust you bevell, is that youd ask our franchise qb to trust THAT line. His skiddishness is the only reason he’s upright you dingus.

  19. Seahawk fans don’t trust Darell Bevell. The only other OC close to him at the bottom are Joe Lombardi and Greg Roman.

    How many 3 step drop passes or quick routes do we see on Sundays? I say it over and over, it does not look like the West Coast offense.

  20. As a Seattle resident, I hate to say it, but once I learned Bevell wasn’t fired during the off season I knew the OC position was going to be the Seahawks downfall, once again, as it’s been the past 3 years from predictable play calling.

    Until Schneider fires Bevell this team won’t come close to reaching its potential. It’s as if Bevell has something on Schneider or Paul Allen that they won’t fire Bevell for ineptitude. Heck, even Marshawn’s Mom recognizes Bevell’s failures.

    And Wilson’s doing a horrible job of reading open receivers down field to boot…who doesn’t feel for Graham…Wilson rarely looks his way, instead continually trying to target Kearse

  21. It seems to me like he’s trying to throw Wilson under the bus like he threw Lockette under the bus after the Super Bowl because of his poor play calling. I respect Pete Carroll for taking the blame like a Head Coach should. Anyone else notice that Bevell hasn’t been mentioned for any coaching vacancies even before this last Super Bowl? Hmm…..

  22. Bevell needs to go! I know Pete is loyal to his assistant coaches, but this guy is a block head. He stunk when he was with Minnesota and he has not improved with age. He has some amazing players to work with and we get his vanilla play calling and his lack of being able to adjust to a games flow.

    Pete and John – for crying out loud dump Bevell next year and find the kind of Offensive Coordinator this teams deserves!!!!!!

  23. I don’t understand how cable continues to get a pass on this. The o-line has gotten worse every year he’s been here. ALL his draft picks have been crap. Nobody had Britt ranked above the 5th round and many had him not even NFL material. They took him in the second because Cable see’s something in him. The Carpenter/Moffitt picks were a joke and this year 3 more picks on guys nobody else would even draft. Quit picking on Bevell and look at the real problem.

  24. Bevell needs to GFH!

    guaranteed he is trying to tell Russ to hang in the pocket, he is trying to get Russ injured,

    Russ needs to go mobile every pass play and turn and burn, go with what got you to the big dance that O-line ISN’T built for a pocket passer!


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