Blandino: NFL is making sure the right processes are in place to prevent clock errors

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Every Friday, the NFL publishes an officiating video, in which V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino reviews various calls from the prior week and comments on the decisions made or not made. This week’s video started with an acknowledgement of the error that resulted in 18 seconds ticking off the game clock near the end of Monday night’s game between Pittsburgh and San Diego.

“Our focus now is just making sure we have the right processes in place to prevent that from happening, the right controls in place,” Blandino said. “It’s not something that’s reviewable by instant replay, something that will probably be discussed as we move forward during the offseason. But again the focus now is ensuring that doesn’t happen again. We’re working with our clock operators and our crews to make sure that, again, we have the right controls in place.”

Even if it were reviewable by replay, it has to be noticed before action can be taken. On Monday night, no one noticed that the clock was running when it shouldn’t have been.

The easy solution is to give the clock operators a method for quickly contacting the game officials when an error occurs, and then to allow replay review to be used to determine the correct time remaining on the clock.

The league suspended side judge Rob Vernatchi for his role in the mistake, and the league will be questioning Vernatchi as part of its investigation. The other members of referee Pete Morelli’s crew will have their grades for the week adjusted downward.

27 responses to “Blandino: NFL is making sure the right processes are in place to prevent clock errors

  1. So are they also going to make sure the right processes are in place to start making the correct calls and understanding the rules of the game they’re officiating?

  2. No professional sports league is more full of it than the NFL. Integrity of the Shield is nothing more than a Goodell catch phrase at this point. It’s no longer a question of IF another #gate will come up. It’s a question of WHEN.

  3. Start with questioning the clock operator. Then monitor his bank accounts and spending. Goodell probably destroyed more than spy tapes when he took office. I can’t say for sure that syndicated gambling is behind this but if you want to be a journalist take the first step and investigate this rather than report the NFL line. Or is this site now owned by an NFL partner?

  4. Ok… Blandino is a joke.
    The NFL is a joke these days.
    It all comes from the top. Goodell is a joke.

  5. The NFL has become a paradox. We all love the game. The league office not so much and the cheating Pat’s and their fans even less.

    There that is much better. Betting on any sport will bring out questionable people…..the Pat’s are a great example of questionable people.

  6. I struggle with being suspended for a week by making a single mistake. Think about the last time you didn’t follow a procedure at work…is it worthy of losing 1/16th (or so) of your annual salary?

    It seems you only get suspended if your “oopsy” is noticed by the national media.

    How many blatant PI or holding penalties are missed a week? 30?? 40?? 100? what is the difference?….every missed penalty has the potential to influence the outcome of a game. It had no impact in the Pitt/SD game as Pitt would have run more time off the clock (had it been there).

    I think misapplying rules or not knowing the rules is a different story altogether…..

  7. “Even if it were reviewable by replay, it has to be noticed before action can be taken. On Monday night, no one noticed that the clock was running when it shouldn’t have been.” None of your terrible refs noticed but as twitter posts show, I and thousands of other viewers noticed in real time.

  8. it makes you wonder how many games have just been butchered by refs in the last 30 years. With all of the technology we have now and they can just barely get it right. Probably impacted some championships or shoulda been championships

  9. Why did no one notice the exact same thing in the Redskins/Falcons game? Atlanta scored, kicked off to Washington at 0:41, touchback, clock ran down to 0:27…..Skins ran 4 plays & booted a 52-yd FG to tie as time expired. Watch the replay. Same thing

  10. He lied about the E-Mails. You read your E-mail lied about it and the Wells report caught you in a lie. Why is this loser still head of officials. makes you think that any game can be fixed with Blandino in charge.

  11. When is the NFL going to enforce Rules for NFL employees, like refs, with the same zeal it used toward players? A player gets a 23k fine for criticizing a bad call form a ref is total BS.
    Maybe a 23k for the ref is appropriate too.

    Ol’e carrot top, and his version of injustice.

  12. They messed up the clock in a 2013 playoff game. It was in the 1st quarter so no one noticed, but at one point in the SF v GB game, Ed Hocculi:

    – Stopped the game clock after a runner was tackled in the backfield for no gain, there was no injury or reason to stop the clock.

    – Let one team run off the field, decide to go for it, walk back on, huddle up, walk to the line, and then decided to reset the play clock (and finally start the game clock).

    So he messed up the game clock, and then gave one team extra time (a full minute) on a 4th down to put players in motion, use cadence to read the blitz, and call an audible.

    I’m guessing this happens quite often, but it often gets missed because the announcers are too busy showing all their pre-made packages and such.

  13. Apparently, the NFL is addressing this not only with a suspension, but also by changing assignments of the other officials involved, so instead of working a prime-time game this week, they’ll do one of those pesky early Sunday afternoon regionally televised games that hardly anyone outside of two smaller market cities will see.

    Which means not only do those smaller market teams/games consistently get fewer TV cameras to help officials get things right on replays, now they INTENTIONALLY also get the “demoted” officials that apparently the NFL doesn’t want working a higher profile game.

    Good thinking, NFL! That doesn’t send a bad message about inequity within the league or your own confidence in the officials at ALL!

  14. patsbrat says: The NFL has become a paradox. We all love the game. The league office not so much.

    Goodell is a puppet for the owners – and the owners have even less integrity.

    But thanks to Goodell most fans would agree the owners don’t deserve a penny of taxpayer $$ for stadiums

    And in the next CBA extension, while there may have been a feeling the players were being too greedy last time – the NFL owners are going to find overwhelming support for the NFLPA this time around now that Goodell has shown how arrogant and corrupt he is

    Nice job Roger/owners

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