Jets wideout Chris Owusu slept through brother’s circus catch


Since Jets wide receiver Chris Owusu lives on the East Coast and has a job, he didn’t get a chance to see it live.

But it didn’t take long upon waking up to realize his little brother made one of the most amazing catches in football, the kind of video that went viral before he was up and stirring.

Stanford wideout Francis Owusu’s behind-the-back (of the other guy) catch was impressive, and but his brother didn’t see the highlight until he woke up at 4:40 a.m. and realized his phone had blown up (figuratively, not in a Tom Brady evidence sort of way).

It was as unbelievable as everyone said it was,” Chris said, via Justin Tasch of the New York Daily News. “I watched it several times and it got better and better as I kept watching it.”

He’d text his brother some congratulations later when he got to work.

“Just how amazing the catch was,” Chris said. “Don’t want to give him too much, but I wanted to let him know that it was an amazing catch and that I was proud of how he was able to track the ball despite at the last second his head being away from the ball. His concentration, his hand grip to be able to hold that ball, especially with a person in between, was pretty extraordinary.”

Chris won’t get a chance to match it this week, since he’s doubtful for the Jets’ game against Washington with a knee injury. And being a big brother, he won’t want to let Francis feel like he one-upped him, either.