Mario Williams: Give Sammy Watkins the ball


Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins went public with his desire for the ball to come his way more often this week, saying that he reached out to people in the organization to tell them that “you’re making me look bad and you’re making yourself look bad” when you don’t look in his direction more often.

Such comments can make waves inside a team, but at least one member of the Bills agrees with Watkins’s assessment. During an appearance on NFL Network, defensive end Mario Williams paraphrased the title of Keyshawn Johnson’s autobiography when asked about Watkins’s feelings.

“Give the man the ball,” Williams said. “I think Sammy is obviously a great player and he can get down the field. He’s not just fast and can get vertical, he can make guys miss on the short catches and things like that. So I think the more touches he gets, the better chance we have of winning.”

One way that Watkins can get more targets is by being on the field, something that hasn’t happened the last two weeks because of a calf injury. That’s expected to change this week, although quarterback Tyrod Taylor’s knee injury leaves much uncertainty about what the Bills offense will look like against the Bengals.

31 responses to “Mario Williams: Give Sammy Watkins the ball

  1. Players running their mouths off like they have Tourette Syndrome as the team begins to swirl down like a toilet being flushed.

    You don’t need to have a PhD to figure out who is the coach of that team.

  2. Not yet, MAKE Watkins retract his statement and bench him for subordination to the coaching staff.

    He is an EMPLOYEE….he doesn’t make coaching or management decisions and he is making his employer look bad in public.

    Hang him out to dry.

  3. you know who knew how to distribute the rock, Jim Jelly. Sammy and Jim would be best buds in no time.

  4. There is no divisiveness. Good things happen when Sammy has the ball in his hands. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in the Bills organization to say otherwise.

  5. Some times they are decent and sometimes they are terrible but Rex’s teams are always ‘entertaining’

  6. So this is being “better at life” Mr. Bills Fan who can’t stand Bryant’s NFL success and has to vent his anger on the Steelers threads? “Better at life” means throwing a public diva tantrum and demanding an EXACT number of targets per game? “Better at life” means spreading your spoiled sense of entitlement to the rest of the team so now they get in on the act, and trash the coaching staff to the media? I gotta tell ya, “better at life” sounds a lot like “locker-room cancer.”

  7. 1. Stay healthy.

    2. Be productive when playing

    3. Remain silent until you sign a lucrative extension.

    Then you can morph into TO and mouth off. After you get paid (while playing for a division rival of my team).

  8. Why are wide receivers so much more likely to be such divas? It should always be about the team first, player second, but it seems with wide receivers there’s always more exceptions to the rule.

  9. The fact is, Watkins hasn’t produced in the NFL and now naturally seeks to put the responsibility for it on someone else besides himself. That’s what this boils down to. He’s used to being the big star, but doesn’t realize that was college and those days are history. The true pros point the finger at themselves when the job doesn’t get done. I’m amused by all the Bills fans taking his diva side here. Are you this desperate and panicked because he’s beginning to look like a bust?

  10. The Bills already have ball boys on the sidelines…and at much less salary.
    If Sammy wants the ball more, where he currently is, he needs to get one of those bright orange vests with the X on it, so they can give him the ball (after a play)

  11. How could anyone possibly dispute that getting the ball to Sammy would make the offense much better? Is he at all wrong? No, he’s not. He should not be getting less target per game than Harvin or Woods. And yes, I realize he’s been out the last couple games, meaning he’s missed 2 games in his career. Beckham has missed 6 and is most likely out this week too, so let’s stop acting like Sammy is made of glass.

    But this is the Bills, so rather than realizing that what is being said has a ton of merit, the simpletons just trot out their tired Rex comments without understanding what is actually going on.

  12. The sad part is that Rex will cater to these demands, even at the risk of hurting the teams chances to win.

    So.. Start Watkins in your DFL’s with confidence.

  13. It was a very eye opening morning for Bills players on NFLN. Mario wears some freaky yellow contacts that may or may not help him track the football better on the field (get Ted Wells on the horn), and Marcel Dareus drives around Buffalo like a madman in an old Impala that may or may not have any seatbelts in it. They claim it did but the pictures said otherwise. Contract violation?

  14. clashpoint says:
    Oct 16, 2015 11:44 AM

    Why are wide receivers so much more likely to be such divas? It should always be about the team first, player second, but it seems with wide receivers there’s always more exceptions to the rule.

    Because receivers think the only way they can help the team is by seeing targets and getting catches. It’s hard to remain humble and put the “team first” when you start losing game after game.

  15. This is why he wants EJ in and was not happy when Tyrod was named the starter. Tyrod is good and exciting but I feel like teams are figuring him out… Keep him in the pocket don’t give him a line of sight and stop him from breaking contain and making big runs. The Titans did it perfectly for 45 minutes last week. I’m not saying EJ is the better QB buuuuut… He looked pretty good in the preseason. I figured Tyrod would eventually get hurt with the way he plays, now we can see if EJ is at all capable if he starts

  16. The Bills aren’t very good yet. Sammy has to take a look at Drew Brees and his receiving corp.

    Depending on the weakness of defenses and what they are willing to give up her throws the rock around to everyone. Trust your quarterback, get out there and hustle EVERY play and you will get the throws which are in the best interest of the team.

    You’re very good, no Bills fan has ever questioned that so relax and help keep the team going on the right direction.

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