Michael Bennett fined $20,000 for hit on Andy Dalton


After Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton threw an interception in last week’s victory over the Seahawks, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett plastered him with a hit from behind and knocking Dalton to the ground before throwing in a forearm for good measure.

Bennett was penalized for unnecessary roughness for his actions, which probably could have drawn an even stiffer penalty given how little Bennett’s hit had to do with the play going on around them. Coach Pete Carroll said later that Bennett “lost his mind a little bit” and made a “real mistake.”

He’ll be losing some money as a result of losing his mind. PFT has confirmed with the league that Bennett has been fined $20,000 for the hit. Bennett was fined earlier this season for being involved in a fight during the team’s game against the Packers and he was also fined during the preseason for a hit on Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith.

As a habitual offender, his fines will go up if he continues to run afoul of the league’s rules and there could be other discipline handed down if Bennett can’t control himself on the field.

35 responses to “Michael Bennett fined $20,000 for hit on Andy Dalton

  1. He’s lucky he didn’t get thrown out of the game for doing that.

    Bennett is a force of nature on the field. But he needs to play with more discipline. He also gets called for encroachment/offisides multiple times per game.

  2. Way to finally report on this after hitting Pacman for the same thing repeatedly in stories a few weeks ago. Of course the mob isn’t out since its Bennett / the Seahawks. I’m not saying either is a big deal.

  3. Roid rage? I wonder how long before the NFL discovers a test for the designer ‘roids Petey brought from LA with him when he took over the ‘Hawks?

  4. That’s it? Should have been an ejection, and given his history, it should have been a steeper fine and / or a suspension.

    The NFL offices are scared to death of the NFLPA now and don’t want to hand out any sort of sanction that might land them in court because they’re afraid (with good reason) that they’ll lose.

  5. For a guy making $7,000,000 this year…or $437,500 per game….yea $20,000 is NOTHING! If that was done on the street he’d be in jail. He had NO intention other than to injure Andy.
    So anyone making $100 a day…that would be $4.57 of your check.
    It’s exactly 4.57% What a joke!

  6. That hit last week was ridiculous. Those types of hits need to bring a stiffer fine. It was uncalled for and outside of being a good sportsman.

  7. That’s it for someone who’s intentionally trying to hurt someone else? I guess it’s okay since Dalton walked away from it right? What if the next player isn’t so lucky?

    Teach him a lesson. Suspension. This isn’t like any other penalty, like helmet to helmet or horse collar, where the speed of the game could have caused to occur accidentally.

  8. You use the term “hit” to make light of the fact that he tossed Dalton around like a playground bully after that pick.

    I totally condone aggressive play, I don’t think a fine was even necessary, but that was a total mugging.

  9. Whatever he did to Dalton has nothing to do with the Packers. The Packers are a bunch of cheap shot artists and have the refs on their side.
    At the time of the Seahawk game 3 opposing defenders had been ejected in the last 8 games prior. Kj Wright made 4.
    Around the rest of the league its 2 in 48 games played.

  10. I am a Seahawks fan–have been since the very beginning–and although I love Bennett’s skill, I am embarrassed to have a punk like him play for us. We have such depth on our defensive line, I’d love to see the Seahawks organization just cut him loose.

  11. askierslife – FYI the narrative has been how stupid Seattle was for giving the game away to cincy( which to me is meant to undermine Pete Carroll and their D coordinator), their are countless stories with spin all over them about Seattle. If the hawks do anything questionable or stupid it’s written about into nauseum and trolled forever.

    No one cares about the bengals issues and how fair or unfair they are. But facts show their are a ton of journalists who flat out spin stories about the seahawks into something totally negative.

    Ex Seattle has the most ped suspensions. It seemed like half the team was suspended. In reality their were a bunch of borderline practice squad guys who got caught over a 3 year period ( some of which never played for the seahawks (Lindale White) and yet all we heard was how they were roiding it up bc how many “players” got caught).

    No one ever mentioned that even through that rough patch the seahawks passed the redskins by one guy suspended which later in the season was surpassed by the redskins when to more players were suspended. Never have we heard ped redskins? Never yet they have lead the league for a long long time.

    The ped crap was totally blown out of proportion. How can we total up FA signings and practice squad guys and come up with an epidemic that embraces cheating. Seahawks havnt had a player suspended for peds in over 2.5 seasons. Never was an issue and you want to complain about fair journalism and not once has anyone mentioned they were wrong about this while ped BS.

    That’s why you don’t become a media driven junkie and not think for yourself.

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