Cameron Heyward pays tribute to his father, again

Steelers defensive lineman Cameron Heyward has been fined once for placing “IRON” and “HEAD” on his eye black, as a tribute to his father, Craig “Ironhead” Heyward. And he’ll now be fined again.

Heyward once again has placed the words on the strips under his eyes, and he’ll undoubtedly be fined once again.

Under the 2015 fine schedule, the first offense fine for personal messages is $5,787. For a second offense, the fine is $11,576.

At some point, the NFL will either compel Heyward to remove the strips, or the league will keep him out of the game until he chooses to remove the strips.

10 responses to “Cameron Heyward pays tribute to his father, again

  1. The NFL really needs to lighten up – it’s not like he doesn’t have a reason he is doing this – the hypocrisy displayed by the NFL is mind boggling!

  2. As a bengals fan, I have no reason to support anyone on the steelers, but seriously NFL? Leave the guy alone

  3. Simple solution to this, just don’t show his face on camera. The better solution would be to allow him to do this. It’s so easy, all the league has to do is come up with 1 way, and 1 way only to honor someone. A decal on the back of the helmet with that persons initials. If they can do it for ex players, owners, owners spouses etc, they should allow a player to do it for their family.

  4. Everybody wanted Goodell gone after the Rice scandal but he became your best buddy as he lied through the entire deflategate garbage. You GOT what you WANTED. This is the typical garbage he has done his entire career as commissioner and you buy the BS he feeds you when he preaches “Integrity”. Goodell lacks what he preaches!

  5. If it were me, I’d have IRON cut into a haircut on one side of my head and HEAD on the other. Every time I took my helmet off folks would remember my dad. That is if it meant as much as it does to this player. I believe haircuts re perfectly legal in the no Fun League.

  6. Um, there is a dress code….even if it’s hot pink attire, you follow it or you pay the consequences. This is the same rule the rest of us with big boy jobs deal with when were at our place of work.

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