Defense bails Broncos out, again


How are the Broncos 6-0 with Peyton Manning having thrown seven interceptions in the last three games?

The Browns helped on Sunday by settling for a field goal late in regulation and then not getting a field goal after Manning was intercepted in the overtime.

The NFL’s No. 1 defense bailed the Broncos out in that spot — and for a second straight week. After Barkevious Mingo intercepted Manning to start the overtime and returned it to the Broncos’ 39-yard line, the Broncos pushed the Browns back 17 yards over the next three plays, twice sacking Josh McCown.

The Browns punted, and Manning drove the Broncos 72 yards in 13 plays to set up the game-winning field goal by Brandon McManus. A game that was 10-0, Broncos, at halftime ended up 26-23.

The only touchdown of the first half came via a 63-yard interception return by Aqib Talib. It was the fourth touchdown of the year for the Broncos’ defense, its second in two weeks and Talib’s second of the season.

The Broncos won with just one offensive touchdown, and they didn’t get that until after the Browns had claimed a 20-16 lead in the fourth quarter when Karlos Dansby intercepted Manning for the second time and returned it for a touchdown.

The Broncos sacked McCown four times and picked him off twice, the second on an unexplainable throw that set up a wild sequence at the end of regulation. Each team had its chances before the Broncos finally clinched it.

Manning called the overtime interception “just a terrible situation to put us in” and said “I won’t be going to Vegas on my bye week. I don’t feel lucky right now.”

At 6-0, he should. Manning over the last three weeks has thrown two touchdowns and seven interceptions. He’s thrown 10 interceptions on the season, the most in the NFL. His quarterback rating has been under 70 in four of the Broncos’ six games.

The wins keep coming. The Broncos get time to gather themselves after escaping what wasn’t just a trap game but several shots the Browns had to win it.

The Packers come to Denver on Nov. 1 for a battle of unbeatens; both are off next week. With Aaron Rodgers on the other side, the Broncos are going to need more from their quarterback.

42 responses to “Defense bails Broncos out, again

  1. How are they 6-0?

    Well they’ve had a cake schedule so far and have been downright lucky in 5 of those games to what most would consider subpar teams. The exception is they handled the 1-5 Lions, yeah for them.

    The rest of their schedule is gonna be hell for them and when they lose 8 of 11 we’ll get to hear all you talking heads ask what happened. Simple, they’re really not as good as their record states at the current time.

  2. It’s kind of sad to see one of the greatest going out in this fashion. I understand that last year loss to the Colts was hard to accept, but it may have been better to avoid this. Kurt Warner knew his time had come, for instance, and realized he had to retire. I’m not a Broncos fan, but it would be a bit too harsh on Peyton if this team got a chance at winning it all and he spoiled it.

  3. All the negativity against Manning seems uncalled for. What you’re missing is that guys play better when Peyton is their QB. Players, including defensive guys, play with more motivation and fight when Peyton is their leader. They would not be 6-0 without him

  4. As usual here people like to form their opinions on players by stat watching instead of watching the actual games. Manning has been good, not elite but good, some of his interceptions like one today were due to the receivers not catching the ball. Aka the second Dansby pick. I expect Peyton’s bad luck or miscommunications won’t last very long and he’ll be back to throwing TD’s in no time.

  5. And here come all the Florio wanna be Peyton haters. He’s obviously not playing to his own standards, but are you seriously gonna bench him for Osweiller??? As for the moron that said they’ve been lucky this far: Literally every single nfl game has an element of luck to it. But is it luck that is disrupting the QB on almost every play? Is it luck that hasn’t allowed a 1st quarter point? You’re gonna be sorely disappointed expecting this team to collapse down the stretch. The d is legit. The offense will come around.

  6. Look at the Broncos schedule after the bye. They will be favored in only their 4 remaining games against the AFC West and Chicago. They’re likely to finish 10-6 and get bounced in the wild card round.

    Does anyone believe they can beat the Packers, Colts, Bengal, Steelers, Pats or even the Chargers?

  7. It’s hard to conceive there has ever been a more fortunate 6-0 team. That D is impressive but how long can they keep it up with that offense throwing them under the bus. Never though a Peyton Manning led offense would be the weakest link on a team.

    I thought the talk this week about possibly benching Manning was out of line, after watching him today I have to say the conversation is at least valid. 3 picks, 2 of them were just flat out poor judgement. That’s more than just a different offense or needing to adjust to his limitations, he needs to accept both and govern himself accordingly.

  8. Call me ignorant but I really do feel they should start Osweiler. How many pick sixes has Manning thrown this year? Osweiler can’t be worse. He looekd good in Kubiak’s offense in the preseason. Manning is a detriment to the team at this point.

  9. Do any of you people even watch the games or just spout off behind your keyboards? No way a Manning apologist as he would admit he is playing poorly but, lots of dropped balls to be had out there today and DT not looking like an elite WR. Offense has got to get better as D is suffering injuries due to Os lack of production. Bye week then a big one vs Rogers. 6-0 is still 6-0 haters!

  10. Cat wait for New England to come into Denver and finally put the Brady v Manning debate to bed. Peyton can’t slurp Brady’s man gravy at this point. Manning is lucky he has the defense he has, otherwise the Los Raiders would be leading that awful division. Only the NFC Least is worse

  11. Actually we have had an easier schedule than the Broncos, even the lowly Colts gave us all we could handle. Our first test will be against the Jets.

  12. Derp “how long can their D hold up?” Der Derp! Derp “their D is carrying them” Buh Derp! Oh that’s right, no team has EVER had a dominant D for a whole season. Oh man, no team has EVER won with a lights out D. OH, never mind. DERP!

  13. It’s getting to be where it’s safe to say the Broncos are winning despite Manning not because of him.

  14. Denvers D is very good. They are lucky to be 6-0 but they the fact they are doing it with a very poor offense shows how important the addition of Phillips has been to his D. It’s hard to watch Manning play though, if Denvers D runs into an offense on a good day theyll be in trouble if they have to lean on Peyton. The game manager role he’s put himself in is killing his ego, I’m sure he’ll retire after this year.

  15. you missed the biggest gaffe in this game. Mike Pettine went for 2 up 20-16 . For what reason ? no idea. If he had kicked the XP, they wouldve kicked a game winning FG at the end of regulation. Horrible coaching. Sad for browns fans.

  16. They should scrap Kubiaks offense and go back to the no huddle. It can’t be worse, and the offense is so bad now, what’s to lose? The defense is real good, they just need to score, why are they so determined to run a system that really has only produced mediocre records in Houston?

  17. Peyton says he’s been unlucky. LOL. Where’s your dignity. Peyton? You suck now and that’s the truth. His defense has routinely given him more chances than he deserves. Every other QB that throws An INT in the 4th quarter and OT would lose. I guess they will carry the turnover machine/ noodle arm the entire season.

  18. .
    Eli Manning 2 Super Bowl rings, 2 Super Bowl MVP

    peyton manning is just marino with 1 ring.
    Eli > Peyton.

    The point of football is to win the super bowl, there is no other reason to play.

  19. Laughable. This league has been so scewed toward the offense that people forget that is even possible to win a game with your defense! What Denver has is depth on defense. There is little to no drop off when we substitute our players. DeMarcus Ware didn’t play today so we started Shaq Barrett. You would expect a big dropoff right? How about Barrett with 1.5 sacks a forced fumble and fumble recovery!

  20. They didnt just save the Broncos, they are saving Mannings career. Any other QB would have been benched by now with those numbers. They will be exposed when they finally come up against a top 15 QB.

  21. LOL all you chumps are about to be proven wrong. They’re running over people and breaking faces to the Super Bowl. Get used to it.

  22. varangia says:
    Oct 18, 2015 11:47 PM
    I don’t know, I saw quite a few dropped passes. Manning still looks good enough to win a SB.
    Seriously? When has Manning ever looked good enough to win a SB? Even the one ring that he got gifted courtesy of Rex Grossman was due to Bob Sanders and the Colts D, definitely NOT choke artist extraordinaire Manning, the most overrated player in all of sports.

  23. Wow … Kubiak’s bad luck follows him everywhere. Does he have the record for coaching QBs with the most pick 6s.
    Just maybe … maybe it’s Kubiak.
    The Broncos offense is so predictable … hand the ball off on first and second downs and than throw on 3rd down. No wonder the Broncos are 28th in the league … averaging 3rd and 8. It’s funny how a top 5 RB & QB can go to bottom 5 in one year.
    Kubiak should get his pay checks to Wade Phillips but he’s the reason why the Broncos are 6-0.

  24. I find it amazing how many people are still in denial, talking about dropped passes.

    We’re not talking about parts of ONE game, we’re talking ALL the games he’s played. It’s actually pathetic that he’s still out there, all because he wants to own Favre’s record.

  25. Father Time remains undefeated. Peyton is at the same place as Johnny Unitas (Super Bowl III). Remember Dan Marino at the end? He must have been bewildered as to why he could no longer produce. Age, injuries, but mostly the thousands upon thousands of throws wearing out the arm, shoulder, back, etc. Kilmer, Jurgensen, and Kapp are sliding one seat over…

  26. No stats in front of me but having watched each game I bet we could find as many dropped passes in crucial spots as manning has interceptions. He has had very little help from his teammates on offense. But, as the role of every qb you get all the glory when things are good and all the blame when bad. Lots of teams out there would be glad to be 6-0….style points be dammed!

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