High drama in final seconds of Browns-Broncos regulation

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Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders appeared to have caught a 38-yard pass from Peyton Manning in the final 15 seconds of a tie game Sunday.

Then, Sanders made what could have been one of the dumbest decisions ever — or one of the smartest.

Sanders had gone to the ground to pull in the high-arching pass along the sideline. He got up and jogged the final 19 yards to the end zone, thinking he hadn’t been touched and that the play was live.

Meanwhile, the clock was ticking and the Broncos were out of timeouts. The rest of the Broncos were sprinting to what they thought was the new line of scrimmage in hopes of spiking the ball for a field goal try. Time expired while Sanders rolled around in the end zone.

It looked like there would be overtime, except there was an automatic replay review. It appeared there were two outcomes, either regulation over if Sanders was touched down by Tramon Williams or a touchdown.

Instead, the replay review concluded the pass was incomplete.

The Broncos punted, and the teams went to overtime. Sanders briefly went to the locker room with the team’s medical staff but was back on the field by the time overtime began.

23 responses to “High drama in final seconds of Browns-Broncos regulation

  1. Sanders’ toe had barely stepped out of bounds after the catch. So even if he had really caught the ball, it should’ve been ruled that he went out and Denver could’ve kicked the ball

  2. Its still on. Manning throws a pick. Browns need five yards for field goal they go back twenty instead.
    It’s like noone wants to win

  3. Peyton just ain’t the same this year. Kubiak needs to let him run the offense how he wants and they might win it all with that D.


    Christ, it amuses me to no end to see people continue to refer to Kubiak like he’s some aging dinosaur with no concept of offensive football. This isn’t NFL Blitz where you can just to five wide, choose “Da Bomb” every play, and throw the ball up and gain 15 yards bare minimum no sweat.

    Manning’s obviously losing arm strength and a lot of the deeper throws are being taken away. If anything Kubiak’s playing without a full deck of cards offensive strategy wise. Perhaps he learned how to handle the situation of a declining QB with the 2013 Matt Schaub fiasco. And I’d say he’s doing a great job, they’re 6-0. Who cares if not every game is a blowout, it’s the NFL.

    Meanwhile in Houston, people got emotionally attached to the roster and never ONCE even pondered the possibility that maybe these guys had already peaked and had been coached up by Kubiak. Now we’re stuck with Rick Smith, a guy hired by Kubiak, worked alongside him for 8 years, until one day he decided “hey Kubiak can’t coach, better speak up now to save my job!” Now we’re an at best 8-8 team in the worst division in football with no hope for the future outside of Watt and Hopkins. I’ll gladly trade Rick Smith to the Broncos for Kubiak.

  4. Keep denying the truth and blame Kubiak and anyone or anything else.

    The fact is Manning is done, he’s really all done.

  5. All that metal banging made the game terrible to watch. With all the money these networks pay to broadcast the game you would figure the NFL would kick these clowns out of the stadium for ruining the viewing for millions at home. Im glad the Browns lost.

  6. Both teams blew their chances but gosh darnit, McCowns INT near the end of regulation was disgusting and then the failure of the Browns to get 10 yards on their first possession in OT starting at the Broncos 40 yard line. How about you call a TO there and get your guys in line with what you want to do…nope, 3 plays, -18 yards. Neither team deserved to win, but the better team did. Eric from the Royal Carribean cruise – yo!

  7. the Browns almost never catch a break and even when the rare times they do, they always screw it up

  8. saraiders2016 says:
    Oct 18, 2015 5:20 PM

    It was Kubiak who didn’t want Manning in Houston and now we see why. I agree about Rick Smith needing to be fired though.
    In the 3 full seasons seasons since Kubiak made that decision, Peyton has 131 TDs and 14,863 yards. Kubiak does not seem very bright with that info in context and nor do you for writing the above.

  9. If the Browns had kicked their last extra point instead of going for two, twice and failing, the game does not go in to overtime. It is a Browns win. I didn’t understand the call at the time.

  10. I would rather win ugly then lose pretty any day of the week…..eventually although you need to start winning on all 3 aspects of the game if you are to go anywhere, but at least winning ugly gets you in the position to go farther.

  11. I didn’t say I agreed with Kubiaks decision not to sign Manning. He made a big mistake. But I meant he didn’t sign him because Manning doesn’t fit Kubiaks system genius

  12. As a Pats fan I desperately want Manning to be done. But I am not so sure he is especially after the TD throw to Sanders. Their problems seem to be the new offense still has some kinks to work out. Remember it took the Ravens until playoff time last year to get the Kubiak offense clicking. It was hit and miss all season long and Baltimore ended up 10-6 in regular season. My prediction is that it will take Denver at least until week 16 for the offense to gel.

  13. Learned a couple of things from this one.

    McCown showed with his decision making in that OT series he clearly is not ready for prime time. The Browns D deserved a better fate, the game was there to be won.

    I thought the talk this week about possibly benching Manning was out of line, after watching him today I have to say the conversation is at least valid. 3 picks, 2 of them were just flat out poor judgement. That’s more than just a different offense or needing to adjust to his limitations, he needs to accept both and govern himself accordingly.

  14. The broncos are the most “could easily be 0-6 ” 6-0 team I can remember. They have simply been lucky mulitple times this year at critical points in the game. I don’t see them doing anything in the playoffs. Fortunately, they will make the playoffs easily, seeing that the raiders and chiefs are done for and the chargers always seem to screw things up despite playing pretty decently at Green Bay right now.

  15. Cleveland just wanted everyone to watch the game – they do a great job of luring their fans in and then bringing them back to earth. Why kick an extra point when you can miss a 2-point conversion at critical point in the game? This is par for the course when Cleveland is playing a game.

  16. Broncos winning in spite of Manning not because of Manning. That defense could be the beast but Manning keeps giving the ball back and forcing the defense to play on short rest will eventually wear them down and injuries will start happening..Peyton is playing for stats and that’s it.

  17. Another ugly, improbable win. This game was the Brown’s game to win. Terrible decision making to go for 2 points. Just when you think he is done, Manning comes through big. However, the defense redeemed his major mistakes two times before he finally came through.

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