Irsay brings up past Patriots teams faking injuries to slow down no-huddle offense


With the exception of quarterback Tom Brady’s father, no one connected to the Patriots or the Colts had anything inflammatory to say in advance of Sunday night’s game.

Colts owner Jim Irsay offered up a late entry, presumably late enough to keep the Patriots from noticing.

“Our focus isn’t even there at all, but you’re always looking at having a competitive playing field,’’ Irsay told Bob Kravitz of regarding the #DeflateGate scandal. “I remember in Peyton’s day, there was an unnamed team, we were running the no huddle and the team we were playing was faking injuries to slow us down. And we were complaining to the league about that. But honestly, the rest of it, it’s not even in the back of our mind. Look, [Patriots owner] Bob Kraft is a great friend, a great partner and a great owner. Brady is great and a world champion. What Bill [Belichick] does is amazing.”

What Belichick and/or someone from the Patriots did in January was cheating, in the estimation of the Colts and the league office. Dredging up other instances of cheating by the Patriots may not be the best way to unruffle the feathers of a franchise that now has the Colts at the top of the enemies list.

45 responses to “Irsay brings up past Patriots teams faking injuries to slow down no-huddle offense

  1. “I remember in Peyton’s day, there was an unnamed team..”

    Pill stuffed clown is too afraid to say their name. It doesn’t matter if you are afraid that demons are summoned by their names little jimmy, NE is coming and they are bringing hades with them

  2. claymatthewshairplugs says:
    Oct 18, 2015 9:07 PM
    Wasn’t that the Giants? Don’t think I ever heard the Pats faking injuries. Irsay seems to have gotten on the sauce early today
    He is referring to one play, the McGinest injury on the drive with the goal line stand. The Colts had four shots to score from the 2 or 3 and didn’t get the job done. Stop blaming your own failures on others. OWN IT!!!!

  3. I remember it too Jim. Bill Belichick will bend the rules to the point of breaking them in order give his team an advantage. But just like Joe Montana says, “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”

  4. Is this drug addict serious? That never happened, lots of teams do it to the Patriots but not the other way around.

    Remember when your team couldn’t play football so you bithced and moaned until the league changed the rules so DBs couldn’t play defense?

  5. Having a past addiction from painkillers from my playing days is a struggle..

    Please stop with the stupid comment Bobby!!!…..I dislike the guy because he hasn’t earned a damn thing. Daddy gave it all to him…

  6. I am so embarrassed by the fact this team calls themselves patriots.
    The way they cheat and act they can’t be any farther away from a true patriot.
    They should consider changing to NE weasels or snakes or something more fitting!

  7. Waaaaaa Roger they won’t let us score. Roger waaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa roger help us they keep out playing us!!

  8. Haha Irsay has no room to talk. He has been one of the biggest dirt bags in the league for years. Pumping in crowd noise, tanking, and general rule bending any chance he gets. That pill popping Weisel is in for some nasty karma.




  10. Teams have had players stay on the ground to slow up no-huddle offenses since the no-huddle was put into use for anything other than a last minute drive. Then, those same teams eventually instituted no-huddle offenses themselves. That’s why the league had to start taking away teams’ time outs for such “injuries”. While not technically within the rules, I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard of anyone calling it cheating before. But, if you want to call it that, then every team in the league has cheated in this way at some point.

  11. Not an Irsay fan, but jeez… Good thing these commenters have never done anything wrong in their life, so have no problem throwing the first stone at a guy who’s obviously had some serious issues.

  12. How would Irsay know, he was probably under that garbage bag doing his drugs? Irsay should shut up and not criticize others after all that he’s done. He’s lucky he still owns a team……………….

  13. He lives with his own demons…let that alone. I fault this clown not because he was given whatever he has from his father rather he has destroyed a great franchise by thinking he knows football. How about mixing in a lineman one of these days in thebdraft. He needs to be quiet and show some class in victory and in defeat. All this colts whining is not a good image.

  14. When you micro manage your team, have your excuses ready because it can never be your fault when you are a habitual loser.

    Sure, your record looks good every year (expect the year you tanked, because really, losing to Jacksonville, the Titans, and Houston doesn’t happen unless you make it happen) because you are in the weakest division in the history of football. And you can close your roof and control your environment when the Men’s league play in the cold, rain and snow football was meant to be played in.

    But you delude yourself that you’ve built a winner. Step outside in November, December in real weather, play real teams, and what do you have? One Superbowl win against a hapless Bears with no offense, and a loss to the Saints.

    But of course, only the wins are yours, the loses are due to the other teams cheating. Right?


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