Jeremy Maclin hurt as Chiefs finally get on the board

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The Chiefs offense has shown a few more signs of life in the second half of their game with the Vikings, but they’ve now seen another key player leave the field with an injury.

Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin appeared to hit his head hard on the turf while trying for a pass from Alex Smith early in the fourth quarter. He stayed down for a period and got up to walk off the field with trainers, but needed to stop and take a knee again before reaching the sideline.

The Chiefs failed to convert a third down after Maclin’s injury and, in what may be their slogan for the 2015 season, settled for a Cairo Santos field goal that provided their first points of the day. After gaining just 51 yards in the first half, the Chiefs have 150 so far after halftime but they were stuffed on a previous fourth down and they’ll need a touchdown or two to have a chance at pulling this one out.

The Vikings added a field goal in the third quarter and lead 13-3 in a game that’s not been a stirring advertisement for offensive football on either side of the field.

UPDATE 3:37 p.m. ET: It’s even closer now. Marcus Peters intercepted Teddy Bridgewater and Albert Wilson took a screen pass 42 yards for a touchdown that leaves the Vikings up three with just under nine minutes to play. Maclin is being evaluated for a concussion.

3 responses to “Jeremy Maclin hurt as Chiefs finally get on the board

  1. Lucky for him, at least he doesn’t have to play the rest of the game! What an embarrassment the Chiefs are, NICE WORK Andy & John. Hey Clark, I realize your soccer team is all you care about but fire these bums! Never thought I’d say this but I actually miss Carl Peterson…..

  2. Contrary to outsider opinion, as an Eagles fan I still am very glad Andy Reid is in KC.

    That said, the dude is a master of timing the call for a Screen Play.

  3. Almost 30 years I’ve been a KC fan, and this is the first time that I’m truly embarrassed of that fact. This team is loaded with talent. The play calling is a joke. For someone who is supposed to be an offensive guy, Andy Reid has done a horrible job. The offensive line coach is terrible, the DC is a joke as well. I’m tired of hearing how great Andy Reid is. His resume was in Phili. He hasn’t done crap for us. Third year and we are worse then ever. But now the coaching staff will get a free pass because Jamal Charles is hurt. What a freaking joke this is!! Let Chase Daniel or Aaron Murray play……we can’t be any worse. I honestly think we’ll be better. Thanks to the entire Chiefs coaching staff and front office for giving us another miserable season. Let’s see how badly they screw up the VERY high 2016 draft pick!!

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