Mario Williams: I think I set a record for dropping into coverage

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The Bills fell to 3-3 in a 34-21 loss to the Bengals on Sunday that saw Andy Dalton throw three touchdowns without being sacked once by the Buffalo defense.

That’s not the results you expect from a front four that includes Mario Williams, Jerry Hughes, Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams and one member of that group expressed some surprise about the way he was used after the game.

“I think I probably set a record on dropping today, but that’s part of the scheme for us to go out and be put in a position to win,” Mario Williams said, via “Whatever’s called you have to go out and do it. … The three guys you said, including myself, a lot is put on our shoulders as far as the amount given out to players on this team as far as income. I would assume, those four guys, a lot is on their shoulders to go after the quarterback or stop the run, be disruptive. Like I say, if the call is three-man this or that, dropping, things like that, that’s the call.”

Williams didn’t express unhappiness with the scheme, saying he was “all for it” if the team thought it was the best course to take. It’s hard to miss that Williams feels it’s not the best course to take with the players on hand, however.

Ryan suggested that some changes could be coming after the game when he said that the team would take a long look at what they were asking their defensive linemen to do. Any big changes may have to be made, at least in the short term, without Kyle Williams, who suffered a knee injury. With just nine sacks in six games, though, it’s clear that Buffalo has to find some way to create more pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

34 responses to “Mario Williams: I think I set a record for dropping into coverage

  1. One wheel, two wheels. This bills bus is getting shakey. Rex and co. Need to man the bus and guide her into a 10- 6 playoffs berth. This open mic, no accountability for penalty thing is old already. Tyrod come back please

  2. It’s simple: let the most talented defensive line in the NFL just go out and rush the passer, and let the DBs cover. I was all for the Rex hire but he is taking a very talented defense and ruining it. Just let them go out and play.

  3. Well bills fans you all brought into the Ryan propaganda machine. Like father like son. All talk.

  4. After the Bills lose to Jacksonville AND Miami – and that will happen, the wheels will really come off. And by that I mean a full scale player mutiny.

    Good luck with a top 5 draft pick next year.

  5. You just keep getting the sense that this Bills team is one more bad loss away from completely imploding. They can beat the mediocre/bad teams, and then get crushed by the good/great teams…that makes them nothing but a mediocre team themselves.

  6. Admit your mistake Mr’s Pegula and Brandon and get rid of Wrecks before its too late….

  7. Too bad. The Bills would have a pretty good team if they had a real coach and not a PR guy running the team.

  8. Ryan isn’t a very good head coach. It’s sad and unfortunate that Bills fans lost their minds over this guy. He talks a good game, but talk has never won anything.

  9. Everybody’s a man, right? Everybody’s allowed to say whatever they want, right? That’s all sweetness and light in July and August, but once the chips are down, it really turns into a dumpster fire quickly. Rex is a terrible coach who learned defense from his dad and isn’t as good at it.

  10. All we can hope for is that Rex takes a step back, swallows his pride, looks as this defense and sees what the SAME group of guys was able to do over the last three years. The couple of times they blitz The Bengals had to rush the throw! The fans deserve better coaching preparation.

  11. I used to think Rex was a good coach who didn’t have enough talent in NY those last two yrs to get anything done, but now seeing him in buffalo with plenty of talent and underachieving its disappointing….he continues to make the same mistakes as he did in NY, the guy didn’t learn a thing, all of his bad habits are now the bills habits…

  12. Rex please beg Swartz to return to buffalo and rescue the still young season. I realize Thurman is a friend but he is not getting it done as a DC. The only problem is Swartz would probably turn you down! The 3-4 defense would be useful now with Kyle Williams out. These guys are professionals and can adapt. Switch something up this defense scheme is terrible.

  13. Rex
    Wristbands aren’t the answer. Your lack of discipline shows
    Bring back schwarz. Thurman isn’t doing the job. The players of one of the top defenses last year are the same the only difference is the coach. 9 sacks this year is a joke.
    Enough of EJ Manuel. He is horrible & whoever made the decision to get rid of Cassel as the backup should be fired.

  14. why in the world would you send Mario Williams any direction except forward towards the QB…?

  15. Should’ve drafted the WR out of Clemson who was the better pro prospect, Martavis Bryant, instead of this china-doll crybaby prima donna bum Watkins. Bryant’s missed four games but will probably outpace Watkins anyway by the time the season is done. What he did against Arizona’s stud secondary today almost pulled him even with Watkins already. Let that one sink in Mr. “Watkins is better at life.” How’s that laundry-carrying thing going NOW? Ha ha ha!!!!!!

  16. Nothing like coming in here and was going to make a Rex comment but everything I can think of has already been brought up in the above comments…lol

    …Except one where it was stated, “Rex talks a good game.”

    …No he doesn’t; he opens up his blow hole and blabbers a good game and believes his own lies!

  17. I think they were thinking that Williams would be doubled and he’d be better off dropping back. Didn’t matter and probably won’t have mattered either way, the Bill got worked over.

  18. Rex is a fraud and it becomes more evident each week. He took a great defense and made them good. He’s reminding me of when that other phony, Gregg Williams showed up and said “I don’t care what they did her before. No one her has had as much success as I’ve had”. That was a year after Wade’s ’99 D was #1 in the league. It also looks like Rex has Ronnie Jones coaching special teams.

  19. Super Mario should have zero drop backs. He is an impact player at the point of attack. Are the Bills coaches out-thinking themselves?

    I can’t even imagine calling more than 1 or 2 sugar blitzes a season where Mario would drop back a yard or so..

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