MRI coming Monday for Marcus Mariota


The Titans are cautiously optimistic about the knee of quarterback Marcus Mariota, given that he was able to keep playing after suffering a low hit on Sunday.

But his status remains uncertain. Per a league source, the Titans hope it’s just an MCL injury, which can heal with rest. He’ll have an MRI on Monday to determine the full extent of the injury.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt wasn’t happy about the hit that injured Mariota, and Whisenhunt said so, with some colorful language. Mariota had no complaints about the team’s decision to let him keep playing with a potential knee injury.

Then again, players aren’t wired to take a seat. Which is why teams need to be willing and able to protect players from themselves.

22 responses to “MRI coming Monday for Marcus Mariota

  1. I’ve seen two articles about mariota, and not one about the Dolphins winning with their “corny” interim head coach. Seems you overlooked the game itself pft… Could you please have Darin Gantt write the article so he can elaborate on the Dolphins “corny” win. Apparently, this is the only takeaway from the game.

  2. Well that’s one way for the dolphins to win games. Go low on the Qb that has the ability to run and once his knee is messed up then pin your ears back. Pathetic.

  3. I was trying to figure out who the REAL head coach was for the Dolphins. I mean, really, how does an assistant coach call a time out so early in the game.
    Not to mention Hootin and Hollerin @ everyone from the sidelines!

  4. therealcoltmccoy says:
    Oct 18, 2015 8:54 PM
    No one cares about the Dolphins dude. Take a hint already.
    Funny, everyone cared when they changed coaches.

  5. It was a low hit and Vernon aplogized to Mariota. The only ones whining at this point is Lewan because he got smoked all day and Baby Wisenhunt because a rag-bag bunch with a Interim “Corny” Coach beat them relentlessly today. Any Given Sunday…. Just a reminder to all you Chiefs, Bills, Seahawks, Ravens, Eagles fans who Trolled the Fins… You are no better than us! The Jets will join the aforementioned group once they play a winning team.

  6. Keep in mind this same punk went for Mariota’s knees TWICE. And was flagged both times.

  7. Marcus Mariota plays qb am I correct? How many passes did Marcus drop, how many tackles did Marcus miss. How many times was Marcus called for being off-side? Get over it you lost….

  8. Titans were running into a buzzsaw, because the Dolphins have a lot of talent on that team and under-performed the first few games, and they were playing for pride.

    Instead of the Titans adjusting their game-plan and installing some quick-release passes for Mariota and adding extra blockers….they just assumed there would be zero pass run. They paid for that mistake.

    So it wasn’t one play, Mariotta was pressured and hit all day and defenders were flying around. It’s unfortunate he got hurt, but that was an accident. I’ve watched defenders go for Tannehill’s legs plenty of times and nobody says anything because it doesn’t result in an injury.

  9. What a lot of whining from the Titan so called fans, starting with their head coach. They had the crap beat out of them, so quit right there. Those hits happen all the time, he isn’t the first QB to go down although you would think he was. Whose fault was it that he kept playing??? Get over it you loosers.

  10. Minor MCL injuries (strains) can heal with rest AND some stretching exercises. Some can be partial or full tears, which need surgery, and the dreaded ACL can be a partial or full tear, which always needs surgery. An MRI is the ONLY way to diagnose conclusively. Hope the kid is okay, and we should know by tonight if he MAY play in one or two weeks or will be out longer.

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