Panthers improve to 5-0 with signature win at Seattle


The Seahawks finally figured out how to use their tight end.

They just weren’t quite as good at it as the Panthers were.

Cam Newton threw the game-winning touchdown to Greg Olsen with 32 seconds left, leading the Panthers to a 27-23 win at Seattle, exorcizing years worth of demons of close losses.

Olsen finished the game with seven catches for 131 yards (just under half of Newton’s 269 passing yards), but none were bigger than the last 26, when the Seahawks gave him a free release and left him essentially uncovered.

When you’re playing against a team with no outside receivers of consequence, that’s sort of inexcusable.

The Panthers improved to 5-0, and answered a lot of the questions people had about their strength of schedule.

They also continue to excel in close games, as they’ve now won 12 of their last 15 games decided by a touchdown or less (and tied another one).

For the Seahawks, falling to 2-4 is a shock, but the pattern of blowing late leads is now a thing, and with the Panthers quieting the 12th Man was an eye-opener, as the Seahawks hadn’t lost at home.

But the Panthers won it in their typical physical fashion, with Jonathan Stewart running 20 times for 78 yards and two touchdowns, and the defense keeping Russell Wilson from getting outside and making big plays late.

Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham had his best game since being acquired in trade, with eight catches for 140 yards.

But it wasn’t enough Sunday.

136 responses to “Panthers improve to 5-0 with signature win at Seattle

  1. Seattle needs a fight song. Maybe they can steal Michigan’s one … like they stole that 12th man stuff from Texas A&M.

  2. Seattle is just one blown referee call from being 1-5. Pete rode Dan Quinn’s Defense to the Superbowl, and that seems like a very long time ago, now.

  3. Well the Seahawks are going to be down this year but we can come back next year. We still have good coaching and great management along with a very good QB. We need to retool and fix the offensive line and get some defenders that can close out a game. May take a year but I think things will be okay,

  4. all the haters can rejoice. this version of the Hawks isn’t the same.

    brutal defeat in a must have game.

  5. Cam is a top 5 qb but man Chancellor, Sherman and that Williams kid are really bad this year.
    The O-line is terrible and Marshawn Lynch should be let go at the end of this year, i’m sorry but Belvell should also be let go his constant conservative play calling has absolutely killed this team.

  6. I was on a Seattle message board last week and was looking at a thread where Seattle fans were predicting Seattle’s record before the season. Most predicted 15-1 or 14-2. What a bunch of delusional people. They will be lucky to go 8-8.

  7. The front 7 that took a tiny step back last year has taken more of one back this year for Seattle, and the back end can’t hold up well enough to cover it up. Also, that offensive line is terrible. It was average the last couple of years, but now it’s flat out terrible.

  8. L.o.b. leads often blown. Nobody is scared of the 12th man. Big egos who got big paydays no depth. Welcome back to a division that sends 7-9 teams to the playoffs.

  9. 2 things for the Seahawks. They SHOULD have kept RB Rawls involved in the offense. Defense can’t figure out who to cover on most passing plays.

  10. I look forward to seeing the Seahawks drop one spot to 12 and the Ravens drop two spots to 22 in the weekly power rankings.

    All seriousness aside, great win by the Panthers and a great win by the 49ers, and all credit to both teams, but it’s time to give up last year’s results and preseason expectations: both the Ravens and the Seahawks suck.

  11. Seahawks fans thought they’d make the Super Bowl every year but the reality is that the Patriots took your crown from you and your chance at being a dynasty. Now, all the other teams in the league have seen the “greatest defense ever” blink and are carving them up game after game.

    Go back to whatever hole you occupied before 2012 Seahawks fans. It’s over.

  12. seahawks choked again. should be 1-5. put a fork in them this team is done. 22mil for russell wilson = biggest blunder in NFL history.

  13. Our defense has blown a leads in every loss. Typically the hawks pull out some close games especially in the 4th but for some reason this season they cannot close the deal.

    They have also totally forgotten how to cover the TE position all together which doesn’t make any sense with two all pro safeties back their.

    Imo our DC was not ready to be the focal point of the defense. The hawks secondary use To be extremely detailed they would win with film study and preparations. Now that their db coach is game planning for the entire defense it appears that his bread and butter has taken a major step back.

    Missing all pro Bobby Wagner doesn’t help things but this game was won just like last week in cincy. The hawks are full blown crisis mode I expected a 10-11 win season in order to achieve that they’ll need to go on one hell of a run. Hopefully they can hold serve at home the rest of the year.

    Things won’t be easy with this much pressure. Also convinced Bevell needs to go. Outside of a trick play he has zero creativity in concepts and game planning Sucks. Feels like all the games Seattle has played the last three years has them worn down. Hoping we recapture our identity and become bullies the rest of the way

    Good game panthers these games are always like this and we’ve had your number. Your team fought hard and pulled it out.

  14. Wrap that up and give it to a baby for christmas, we are outta here. Osiris and the rest of you haters, enjoy your monday 😉

  15. Love all the could of/should of/would of lingo coming from Seattle fans. Only true should of is the that you should be 1-5 right now

  16. Karma coming back to Seahawk and Raven fans, they were quite loud this off season on the Patriot related posts. Meanwhile New England continues to demolish the competition.

  17. The Seahawks will be just fine! They’ll run the table and win ALL 10 games left on their schedule. They’ll certainly make it to the NFC Championship…where they’ll play my Saints.

  18. When you guys do your power ranking this week it’s time to stop calling Carolina the worst undefeated team. But I can think of a certain team in CO that can take the designation if you insist on using it.

  19. Before the season, the belief was the Seahawks would go 15-1 and play in Santa Clara for the Super Bowl at the 49ers field. (At least according to their fans). Before the season, the belief was the Niners would go 2-14 and be an absolute dumpster fire.

    Maybe the second one is still true, but this Thursday both teams will square off with identical 2-4 records fighting to stay out of last place.

    Seattle, let that sink in.

  20. D is a mess. JS/PC opting for a bargain basement O-line has given them the worst O-line in football outside of a few Pop Warner teams, Bevell has no clue how to utilize his personel, Fire Bevell. The Offense’s collapse in the fourth quarter is hugely to blame for the all the losses. But this was a TEAM effort, ST couldn’t block on returns, O-line stunk, Wilson holding the ball too long, D collapsed again.

  21. Resolve is a real thing and it’s something they used to have. I do 100% agree with many who have said the 4th quarter melt down (10 point lead with 8 minutes to go) in SB49 devistated thier resolve. It’s not talent, it’s not coaching, it’s not play calling, it’s resolve. A total break down on Offense and Defense , even special teams trying to bring the ball out and getting stuffed at the 10 yard line 3 times. This is simply a lack of resolve. They may capture something by the end of the year but I don’t see this team any better than 7-9 and they may be a push.

  22. This coming from a Panthers fan… IMO.. even the last couple of years when the Seahawks were winning games, it wasn’t that they were so much better talent wise than the rest of the NFC. They won a lot of those games from great coaching, being hungry, and by not making mistakes. Well, how many coaches have they lost the last 2 years after these Super Bowl visits? This team appears to be full (and not as hungry), as evidenced from the squabbles for more money and sitting out games instead of taking a team first approach, and now they make some of these mistakes themselves that they used to force on others (maybe not so much in this one, but in some of their other loses).

    Bottom line, they still have time to get it together, but they need to do it soon. Heads up Seahawks fans, you’re only 2 games out in your division, with 10 games left.

  23. scmems07 says:
    Oct 18, 2015 7:44 PM
    Wilson now 0-11 when the opposing team scores 25pts or more.
    Wilson is not the problem there. That offensive line is mediocre and the defense is just not the same. It’s also possible that they are still questioning themselves after the Super Bowl.

    The 12s became the 10s today with that booing.

  24. Suddenly the Dalton contract doesn’t look bad compared to Wilson’s it’s funny I’ve heard no one bring that Dalton deal up this year and how horrible everyone said it was when he got it.

  25. Combined record of Seattle’s losses 20-3.

    However, ain’t happening this year. Can’t keep bragging about putting five fat guys from the stands as OLine and wondering what’s wrong.

    Also defense looks less than hungry.

  26. Stick a fork in Seattle, they are done. Pete Carroll destroyed the team chemistry with the last play call in the SB. I knew then the team will never recover. The locker room has turned against him.

  27. Its not just Wilson. Bennett, chancellor, and lynch all get paid lots to complain and do nothing at all this year. The team is a mess. The o line sucks. The o coordinator has been figured out. The d coordinator is a nice guy but might not be the same as Dan Quinn or Bradley.

  28. jwmickey: As a Broncos fan, I’m NOT going to completely disagree with you on that. But having the best defense in football does help a little bit. If the offense becomes even just average, look out. But I’m not sure that’s going to happen this year. So Denver is certainly the most lopsided undefeated team.

    As for the Panthers, I’m glad to see them winning. I’ve spent a lot of time in Charlotte and gone to a few games in the stadium and have had nothing but good experiences with their fans.

  29. The Hawks always keep you on the edge of your seat, win or lose. Unlike the posts of many of the slackers here saying we didnt have fans until a couple of years ago, I’m proud to say I go back to season 1 with Coach Patera, at the ripe age of 11. Hats off to Carolina, great game, enjoy it. We still are the greatest franchise ever, but of course I’m a bit bias in my opinion.

  30. Cam Newton hands down is the MVP so far in this league.Just look at his team and what he has to work with.Could you imagine if he had a WR like a Julio Jones to help him out.
    The kat is running that offense with a string and 2 cans.


  31. It’s Pete’s defense, there’s no doubt about it, but you gotta wonder if losing Dan Quinn has hurt them more than they were prepared for.

  32. Everyone keeps saying fire Bevell (which I agree with) but I think we need to take a long hard look at Kris Richard and why our D has been caught flat footed in the 4th quarter so many times already this season. Leaving their #1 receiving target completely uncovered with under a minute left and the game on the line? Unforgivable. Same thing with the TE for not one but two critical TDs in Cincy last week.

  33. Sherman exposed as average.
    Period. If Earl Thomas isn’t carrying him, he’s nothing.

  34. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Oct 18, 2015 8:00 PM

    Stick a fork in Seattle, they are done. Pete Carroll destroyed the team chemistry with the last play call in the SB. I knew then the team will never recover. The locker room has turned against him.

    Too bad your owner admitted to cheating, not once, but twice.


  35. Oct 18, 2015 7:36 PM
    It’s great to be a pats fan. That is all.
    Just remember that there will come the day when Brady starts playing like Peyton Manning and all you Pats fans will have to do is remember the Steve Grogan days!

  36. jason9696 says:
    Oct 18, 2015 7:44 PM
    The Seahawks could easily be 1-5.
    The Seahawks SHOULD be 1-5 but for the non-bat call. The worst has not come yet for the Hawks, salary cap hell will begin to hit them. Another benefit of Hawks losing is that we don’t hear b.s. from self-proclaimed all-world Dick Sherman. Now if we can figure out a way to shut up Rex Ryan.

  37. Well, I’m not going to taunt the Sea-Hawk’s trolls, but I thought that was a slober-knocker of a game. Seattle has owned us the last several years. All I can say is good job Panthers, you are undefeated as opposed to the Falcons. Come on up here son and get some.

  38. Seahags secondary is falling apart. Did ya see the finger pointing by the Legion of Boo! on Panthers last TD, LOL!
    Legion of Boo! they try to scare their opponents by flapping their gums before the game.
    Wilson contract is laughable 2nd worst QB contract in league only behind Tannehill’s.

  39. Seattle’s problem isn’t the defense. It’s the lame offense that can’t make a couple of late first downs to save its life, thus blowing every game.

  40. ghlatty says:
    Oct 18, 2015 7:44 PM
    I will NEVER understand Chicago trading this player!

    Two words: Mike Martz. This “offensive genius” wouldn’t know what to do with a receiving tight end if his life depended on it. So he gets Lovie Smith to trade away the only weapon they had on offense so he can bring in Manumaleuna (310 lbs and about 5’10”), who was about as useful as a solar powered flashlight. Paid him several million only to cut him after one wasted year.

    Bears could be an entirely different team with Olsen, who has grown into one of the better TEs in the league. Wouldn’t have spent the money on Bennett, and Cutler really trusted Olsen when he was in Chicago. Was the only guy he would trust with the game on the line. Instead, he had to deal with Devin Hester as his #1 WR.

  41. well it’s like Bill Parcells said. You are what your record says you are. My team is 2-4 which means it is not especially good. Not going to play the woulda-coulda-shoulda game, just keep on supporting them anyway.

    only consolation (as thin as it is) is Cards losing too so we didn’t lose any further ground to them than we already did.

    good game played today by the Panthers, they made big plays when they needed to.

  42. This team is not the same. Attitude wise,coaching wise, just everything feels different. Example, in past few years after we scored a TD and then got a turnover next series, we would have scored again. And then put our foot on their throat and throttled the team. And before you know it,it would be 30-7
    Now we go 3 and out and then go into a soft “don’t give up a big play” defense. Both coordinators need to be called out for this debacle.
    Granted, we are one call away from being 1-5, but very poor play calling on both sides of ball from being 5-1.
    Been on the Hawk Wagon since ’81 It’s been worse,this just hurts a bit more because its been good lately.

    Go Hawks

  43. The “legion of boom” looked more like the “legion of duh” on that last pass play. That’s the new method of pass defense–let them run right past you then blame it on the other guy.

  44. Deion Sanders (aka “PrimeTime”) on Cam Newton (aka “AceBoogie”), via loudspeaker: “Cam… oh, CAM!”

  45. @mrloser444….You don`t get it do you ? mathematically speaking a winning franchise in pro-football IS THE PATRIOTS over the past 15 years or so. to have a parameter for success it must be measured by dominating over a period of time. the patriots have been good for so long that simply saying that it will end sooner or later only makes you yourself look like a big dummy. i am a giants fan but to deny that the patriots are not great simply because they will eventually fade away is beyond stupid. an atheist would understand this but you are probably young and gullible or just not very bright.

  46. Is it too late for the Saints and Seahawks to revoke that Graham-Unger trade? Looks like nobody won in that trade, both teams are 4-8 and will be lucky to finish third in their respective divisions.

  47. Test.

    They removed my previous innocuous post that denigrated the Seahawks as a team for which I have little respect and feel has succeeded through questionable defensive tactics and fortuitous incompetence by the referees. I also shared my opinion that the Seahawks long slide into obscurity and irrelevance has begun.

  48. nosleeptilsb says:

    The Hawks always keep you on the edge of your seat, win or lose. Unlike the posts of many of the slackers here saying we didnt have fans until a couple of years ago, I’m proud to say I go back to season 1 with Coach Patera, at the ripe age of 11.

    As a long time Giants guy I can’t help but wonder how nauseating real ‘Hawks find the 12’s. I have always given it up to the real fans out there but confess to mocking the 12’s at every opportunity. Went to a game at the Kingdome in ’95 and we were treated with a lot more respect than visiting fans have a right to expect. Brown vs Mirer, man those were lean years for us both. Went there last November and we were fortunate to get out with our skins intact, you would have thought we were in SF. Worst visiting fan experience we’ve ever had.

    Your team has been fun to watch the last few years too bad the salary cap wall seems to have reared it’s head and it couldn’t have lasted a little longer. If there’s a silver lining it’s that there is still a young core there and maybe the recovery mode will only take just long enough to get rid of the 12’s.

  49. To the haters, just remember this only one team in the last 10 years has more Super Bowl appearances. All the krap on here, is just plain old stupid. The Hawks have been ahead in the 4th quarter of every game this, it is just a matter of making things gel. Definitely the hardest first game schedule in the NFL with 3 undefeated opponents. the They were 3-3 last year when the haters were saying they would not make the playoffs and they won 9 of the last 10.

    Great game today, the hawks of transitioned from the 4th quarter come behind team to the 4th quarter chokers. Lets hope they can figure out how to hold on the the lead after dominating every team this year through the first three quarters.

  50. Nothing against the panthers but how is beating the Seahawks a signature win? The Hawks are 1 bad referee mistake away from being a 1 win team.

  51. This is upsetting…when Datlon beats the Seahawks he’s mvp…when cam does it with way less offensive weapons he gets no real credit.

  52. I’m gonna sound crazy, at the start of the season, I had the panthers at 11-5 NFC south champs, and the Seahawks at 10-6 in the five spot as a wild card team, (I just thought it was Arizona’s year).

    I’m a diehard Panther fan, #Keep Pounding! Newton is playing the best complete game (week in and out) of his career. Keuckly, Davis, and Norman have been elite on D. No doubt in my mind there is a hangover, not to mention getting all your coordinators picked clean over the last two seasons.

    I hate the Seahawks, especially after four losses over the past three seasons, and we draw the NFC west again next year. Our teams are built exactly alike, remember Seattle has lost to three undefeated teams. Chancellors holdout hurt the strength of that defense, and the o line needs improvement. Don’t be sleepless on the Seahawks, still a playoff team come January. Great win for my panthers thought. Mad respect and finally got the bye, and Seahawks monkeys off our backs. # Keep Pounding!

  53. Seeing as this has turned into a massive Seahawk bashing and bandwagon defection, I just wanted to give my Panthers a little love here!

    Great throw…..great catch…..great game!!!!

    Keep Pounding, Panthers!!!!!

  54. As I told you four days ago…seattle (small s) Pete Carrol was overheard speaking with Pat Haden after today’s game begging for his job back down at USC.
    The seahacks are now the joke of the NFL just as they were back in the Jim Zorn days. No offense poor special teams play and a very very SOFT defense. They look like they had skirts on out there today.

  55. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!! And to think they greatly overpaid for their quarterback, which will haunt them for years to come. Love it. Seaturkeys are the most annoying team in the NFL.

  56. Its not a signature win if the team you are playing is giving away games like Halloween Candy. The Seahawks have handed wins to St Louis, Cincinnati and Carolina this season. Now that the season is lost, I hope John Schneider takes a look at overhauling the offensive and defensive lines. We need a offensive tackle or defensive end badly in the first round of the 2016 NFL draft.

  57. @atwatercrushesokoye, I agree, the defense is carrying the team but that was never a negative when Seattle was cruising behind the legion formerly known as boom. Personally I think the “worst undefeated” tag should not be used this far into the season – if you made it this far you deserve better. Hope Peyton gets back on track.

  58. I really wanted to write something to rub the Seahawks Fan’s nose in this mess, but over a 100 good folks beat me to it. Thanks Fellas! Now maybe all the recent Hawks Fans can jump off the BandWagon and go back to the previous Teams they rooted for. Just think we will be doing this for the Patriots in a few years too. How exciting!

  59. Hey Whiner fans, at least the Hawks haven’t been waiting 21 years for a Super Bowl. Funny how the bratty fan base in Santa Clara likes to talk trash when their franchise is in disarray.

  60. LET ME PREACH ON IT…….. 1) Everyone said “Panthers haven’t played anyone, Seahawks in a must win, everyone predicted Seahawks to win (even Vegas). Panthers win and we talk about Seattle not being good instead of the Panthers being better.2). I’m tired of the Media using the O-Lines as excuses for Wilson and Luck, Cam has been playing behind a handful of turnstiles for years and was not afforded any excuses. He still has a subpar line combined with a group of cast offs at WR 3) Panthers are controlling football games from start to finish. Not playing too desperate, not pressing, they are letting their defense and Cam control the tempo AND IT WORKS. Yeah, we are not blowing teams out, but we are not trying to. See multiple times this year we have passed up long FGs for punts, or even in this game when we continued to run the ball despite it not working early on and a 10pt deficit. Watch this team play, they are a little suspect on special teams, but STOUT in the other two phases. Panthers are the real deal.

  61. Alot of the Panther/Seahawk games have been close ones with the exception of the last years playoff game but if this isn’t a rivalry or a start one between these two I don’t know what is! Great game to witness today folks!! Panthers are way overdue for a little respect this year! 5-0!!

  62. These people acting like the Seahawks have a bandwagon fan base have no understanding of the region. Since Century Link opened in 2002, almost every game has been sold out. This franchise draws fans from all over the Pacific Northwest so there is always going to a large fan base.

  63. Hopefully when I fly through Seattle airport next week, I won’t hear gate agents making ridiculous Seahawks champions announcements.

  64. drswaggletooth says:
    Oct 18, 2015 9:44 PM

    To the haters, just remember this only one team in the last 10 years has more Super Bowl appearances. All the krap on here, is just plain old stupid. The Hawks have been ahead in the 4th quarter of every game this, it is just a matter of making things gel. Definitely the hardest first game schedule in the NFL with 3 undefeated opponents. the They were 3-3 last year when the haters were saying they would not make the playoffs and they won 9 of the last 10……..


    I’m gonna reckon you’re one of the delusional 7 that gave a thumbs up to my CLEARLY facetious comment of a 2015 NFC Championship of Seahawks vs Saints. Yes, my Saints won a game no one; including me, thought we would win. Yes, we pressured Matt Ryan, sack him and caused turnovers. But we gave up OVER SEVEN YARDS PER CARRY! Unless we correct that, my Saints won’t be winning many games.

  65. first things first….Seattle lost, but they fought hard and i dont think they are done. i believe they will respond and likely win the division. the 3 out of 4 losses they received were on the road and 2 of those teams are really good (Packers and Bengals are unbeaten) while the Rams have their moments. they have two road games against teams they can beat then have the next 3 games at home which they can/should win.

    now for Carolina, this win is huge for them and if they dont lose track and dont get overly confident, they should make the playoffs. they are 5 and 0 with the worse WR corps in the NFL. Cam does what he can and showed his clutch ability and he and Olsen are a great duo. as long as they dont lose focus, i think they make the playoffs.

  66. acehawk55 says:
    Oct 18, 2015 10:44 PM
    Hey Whiner fans, at least the Hawks haven’t been waiting 21 years for a Super Bowl. Funny how the bratty fan base in Santa Clara likes to talk trash when their franchise is in disarray.
    Its better waiting 21 years with five superbowls in our trophy case already than to wait 37 years for the Seattle seaCRAP to finally win one LOL

  67. Acehawk55

    C’mon man! Take your loss and move on. The Seahawks also waited for their ONE super bowl. 37 years actually. It doesn’t matter that it was 21+ yrs ago. I got to see my team win FIVE super bowls. Learn a lesson of humility from the niners. It can be gone just as quickly as it came. Looks like it’s already on it’s way out of town for you guys. Enjoy.

  68. Acehawk55

    C’mon man! Take your loss and move on. The Seahawks waited 37 years for their ONE super bowl. It doesn’t matter that it was 21+ yrs ago. I got to see my team win FIVE super bowls. Learn a lesson of humility from the niners. Success can be gone just as quickly as it came. Looks like it’s already on it’s way out of town for you guys. Enjoy your “dynasty”

  69. Crickets in seattle now…what were you all saying bout the niners? They lost almost all their coaches and half their starters…whats your excuse? Legion of nobodies when wagners out, just like last year…shermans been oftly quiet since the sb, and uncle russ, does GOD want everyone else to win now??? haha dumbest comment any qb has ever said! What a corny clown…its only gunna get worse when bennett and irvin leave and they cut lynch and graham…and carroll jumps ship, everyone knows what he does when it gets rocky…

  70. If Brady weren’t in the league Cam would have a leg up on the MVP. The Panthers dominated the line of scrimmage today. They are the only team in the NFC with 3 road wins.

  71. Seahacks [sic] Richard Sherman is such a chump: Greg Olsen blows past him for the Cam-rolina game-winning TD, then Sherman tries to blame it on his teammate. Chile, pleeze lol

  72. Lynch retires after this season. Book it! I just hope the Seahawks keep Rawls as he is the better back right now anyway. Nice win Panthers.

  73. ireadpftforthecomments says:
    Oct 18, 2015 7:30 PM

    My God. Malcolm Butler sucked the life out of that franchise, and they just flat out never recovered.

    Sounds like they need another trip to Hawaii during their bye week.

  74. It’s time to start respecting the Panthers. Olsen is the best TE in the world outside of New England. Josh Norman is now such an elite CB that Wilson threw ZERO passes to the WRs he was covering. Luke Kuechly is the best LB in the world. Kawaan Short is developing into an elite DT. Our O-line is holding up remarkably well (even the “washed up has-been” Michael Oher has only given up 2 sacks and had only 1 penalty this year).

    Brady has the best stats, but Cam Newton is the MVP. First thing everyone points to when arguing against this is his completion percentage. Well, he’s had at least 10 balls dropped that hit the targets right between the numbers. He’s accounted for all the Panthers TDs except 2 (and both of them were this week).

    I’m sure Brady will win the MVP as he continues his “Eff You Tour.” That’s fine. I am happy that my team’s QB is his equal in terms of value to his team.

  75. I hate to be a party pooper here for Panther fans but that version of Seahawks they beat Sunday is nothing near the 2013 or 2014 teams. The Seahawks are a below average team this season the winless (at the time)Lions should have beaten. I’m not so sure this is much of a “signature” win at all.

  76. The Panthers are a team on the way up and Seattle is a team on the way down. Good job by the Panthers. Expect them to put regular beatings on the Seahawks from now on.

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