Six weeks in, struggling teams will start looking for guys who can be shopped

In the old days (i.e., more than a few years ago), the NFL’s trade deadline came on the Tuesday after Week Six. Now, with the trade deadline coming on the Tuesday after Week Eight, teams that anticipate not contending for playoff berths will begin scouring the roster for players who can be traded elsewhere.

While the league hopes to avoid the perception that some teams are engaging in fire sales (since it becomes harder to sell tickets to those teams games over the balance of the season), teams need to be pragmatic about their circumstances. If they can get something in return for a player who isn’t going to help them get to the postseason this year (especially if the player is in the last year of his contract) why not move on?

For some teams, another important factor becomes the security of the coach and/or the G.M. It’s one thing for the Bears under John Fox and Ryan Pace to fold the tents on 2015; they’re not getting fired. But for the Lions under Jim Caldwell and Martin Mayhew, picking up a few wins down the stretch could be the different between remaining employed and not remaining employed.

Regardless, the teams who know they are done will start looking for ways to enhance their ability to build for the future. And contenders with needs will be looking to some of the non-contenders for the extra parts needed to get to the postseason.

14 responses to “Six weeks in, struggling teams will start looking for guys who can be shopped

  1. realitycheckbaby says:

    My Hawks can ship the whole flipping team.

    The first of the 12’s rats leaving the sinking ship. Can osiris33 and skawh be far behind?
    How did the Pats cheat you out of this one?
    At least there’s a silver lining, the 30,000 or so real ‘Hawks fans can get their team back

  2. The Pack won’t make any trades but they are currently starting their 6th string WR and a guy who was cut by 2 teams this year.

  3. I don’t agree with firing pettine now after these last few weeks, they are certainly overachieving despite major player injuries, what I would do is move on from JM and get a draft pick that could fill a number of voids

  4. I don’t know why Browns fans are so eager to fire Pettine and Farmer just so they can go through the embarassment of another Haslem circus.

  5. The Chargers never seem to make a move. They have six million in cap space and a running back in Brown who hasn’t played a down yet. Get rid of him for even a seventh and get O-line and D-line help. They have more talent then their record shows. anyone who rags on rivers at this point is saying much about themselves and nothing about Rivers.

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