Steelers left tackle Kelvin Beachum carted off with knee injury

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The Steelers offense has enough issues at the moment, and it may have just gotten harder for Ben Roethlisberger when he does come back.

Steelers left tackle Kelvin Beachum had to be helped off the field, after suffering some degree of left knee injury. A Cardinals player fell into Beachum’s leg while he was engaged, and he went down awkwardly. He was carted to the locker room, and his return was announced as doubtful.

He was replaced by former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva.

The Steelers haven’t gotten much of anything going offensively with or without Beachum, as they were out-gained 152-5 in the first quarter by the Cardinals. In fact, other than a phantom helmet-to-helmet penalty on quarterback Michael Vick, they haven’t done much of anything.

Vick is 2-of-4 passing for minus-1 yard so far, and running back Le’Veon Bell is averaging 2.1 yards per carry.

4 responses to “Steelers left tackle Kelvin Beachum carted off with knee injury

  1. it is very clear that the NFL has told the refs to try to give the game to the Steelers.

    The1 officials called no penalty when Palmer was hit after he had clearly threw the ball when the Steeler lineman was still 1 step away, but called a penalty when Vick was pushed into the ground with incidental helmet contact.

    There has been 6 defensive grabs on Cards receivers before the ball arrives, but no penalties called. Floyd’s jersey was pulled and stretched in the end zone, but the official right there refused to call it. Steeler #72 hit Cards Minter in the back two counts after Bell was down and Minter pushed #72 back so the officials called a penalty on the Cards instead of on the Steelers.

    The Rooney famly must have called in lots of favors as they don’t want Bruce Arians, (who the Rooneys fired a few years ago and then tried to sell it that Ariens “retired” when he did not want to) and the Cards to come back and beat them at home.

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