Whisenhunt calls low hit on Mariota “bulls–t football”

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A low hit by Olivier Vernon of the Dolphins on Titans rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota in the second quarter Sunday resulted in a 15-yard penalty for roughing the passer.

After the game, Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt said it was much worse than that.

“I think it was done with the idea of trying to hurt our quarterback,” Whisenhunt said. “That’s bulls–t football.”

Whisenhunt said Vernon should have been ejected from the game.

Titans tackle Taylor Lewan had his own colorful adjectives to describe the play. In the other postgame locker room Vernon insisted that he’s not a dirty player.

Mariota was attended to by trainers on the field but stayed in the game. The Dolphins’ defense dominated en route to a 38-10 victory.

Vernon was flagged again for roughing the passer later in the game.

59 responses to “Whisenhunt calls low hit on Mariota “bulls–t football”

  1. I honestly don’t think it was a dirty play but I’m a Dolphins fan. You know what’s BS football? Ken calling TO with 4 seconds left to try and scored from the 30 yard line, that’s when they got sack the last play of the game… They got their butt kick from the opening drive to the end of the game… Sounding like a whole bunch of cry babies

  2. Of course they were trying to hurt him. That was Dan Campubell’s whole speech when he got hired a week and a half ago. Duh. Whisenhunt whined like this at the end of last year too and it’s embarrassing. He’s going to ride forever on that 9-7 season that Kurt Warner too him to the Super Bowl in. He is an awful HC. Titans need to fire him ASAP if they want any hope for Mariota. What is he now as Titan coach, 3-19? Lol, and it wasn’t like he took over the worst team in the league. If I recall, they were 8-8 or 7-9 under Munchak. Laughable though that he had his choice of jobs last year during that hiring cycle. Absolutely hilarious.

  3. Well, they got destroyed and maybe they didn’t think that would happen.
    Stop crying after the event, and figure it out. He is not a dirty player usually, but what do you expect to happen when a QB obviously can’t move very well? Let him stand there & leave him alone, please. get over it.
    So he gets a fine, he won’t be the first player to ever get one!!!

  4. Good performance, one game, the second win, 2 & 3 that’s were we are but it was the aggressive nature that was enjoyable to watch. More of that please week in week out and we will see were we are. Still some bone head plays that need to be eradicated.

  5. Vernon’s play definitely looked dirty. He may have gotten tripped up right beforehand but he didn’t try to stop himself or re-direct his path. A lot of controversial plays coming from this guy this season. With Wake coming alive again, and the younger DE’s playing well, somethin tells me he won’t be getting the contract he’s looking for.

  6. Typical of Dolphins. Dirty cheaters. Oh well, they obviously are no threat. (yawn)

  7. Vernon thought he was going to be a big star 2 years ago but it hasn’t worked out for him. Not quite sure why. Those 2 late hits (and they were cheap shots) are the only times I remember his name being called this season. Can’t see him getting a new contract.

  8. No one seemed to be crying for a fine when Olivier Vernon got hit with an illegal leg whip block that knocked him out of the game in Week 1 vs Washington, but of course it’s a 1st-round rookie QB we’re tearing up about here.

    The preference in this league is so lopsidedly bias for the offense it’s almost offensive to say you’re watching a real game.

  9. Wow, Titans got nothing to say other than that? They got bulldozed by the Dolphins. And this is a Finesse team, too. Dolphins were motivated and Whisenwhiner should have prepared his team instead of coming in flat footed and have his QB stand there taking hit after hit.

    And as far as hitting or tackling a QB’s legs, it happens all the freaking time to Ryan Tannehill and nobody says a thing. I guess the media must have crowned Mariota the golden boy or something, from the way they called this game for 3 hours. It was Mariota, Mariota, Mariota, even when he had only 3 points on the board in the third quarter.

  10. I’m a Pats fan, but he gets the benefit of the doubt this time. If it keeps happening, the players in the league have their own ways to have payback. He should keep his head on a swivel.

  11. Titans fan. Not sure if it was intentional, but it sure looked like it. You just can’t go that low on the QB. Mariota was hurt badly and was not a threat to run at all. It definitely changed the game.

    But…the Titans O-Line is horrible, and the Dolphins were by far the better team today. Mariota made some inaccurate throws that his receivers could have caught but did not. He does indeed look like the real deal, but we better get an O-line that can block for him.

    Titans have been irrelevant for almost a decade (thank you Neil O’Donnell/Chris Johnson). We have a coach that has never won without Kurt Warner playing at a high level. And we have bad ownership – crazy Bud, and now after his death the out of town relatives that resigned the team presidency.

    It’s really bad, the team looks horrible and hopeless, and only fantasy players can name one player on the team except Mariota.

    Really sad. Great QB prospect. Crap ownership. Crap coach. Hopelessness…

  12. Only heard about this haven’t seen the play yet. But at least OV is getting into the backfield now and near the QB. Just please stop the boneheaded stuff now.

  13. jchipwood says:
    Oct 18, 2015 5:19 PM

    If a Patriot player did this nothing would had been said of this nor would he had received a penalty.
    Saddest of the sad haters. Even when his team wins it’s all about the patriots. I wonder if he would be shocked to learn that indeed the patriots have had penalties called against them this year and I’m not sure but I think they have ever since the beginning of the old AFL.

  14. Interesting how the Patriots seem to get dragged in to everything that happens in this league. They are definitely in everyone’s mind

  15. beachsidejames says:
    Oct 18, 2015 5:53 PM

    Typical Patriot A-hole fan response. Deserves a fine but not a dirty by any means.
    1973…………………the Last time Miami fan was relevant.

  16. Both these teams are so bad that I can’t imagine how any fans really care about anything that happened in this irrelevant game. I can’t wait until the Patriots get to feast on these teams!

  17. Titan fans…. I agree with Whusenhunt maybe for the first time ….But he’s got to go. He’s the punchline to every bad HC joke… If you want to destroy the Pats or Packers… Put this guy in as HC

  18. “In the other postgame locker room Vernon insisted that he’s not a dirty player.”_______________

    It’s just that Suh got in his head so he had to step up somehow.

  19. Wonder if Wiz will show the same passion for his 1-4 record? This guy is horrible. And any GM who even considered hiring him should have been fired on the spot! From Fisher, to Munch, to Wiz…Just shows you why some franchises are always BAD!

  20. This place is so pathetics biased it’s sickening. There is no in heads. There is deletion of non-pats comments and stacking up of pro ones. Just read most threads here it is evident.

  21. These were nothing close to the hit on Roethlisberger by Baron of the Rams, Ben has been out for 4 1/2 games due to that below the knee hit, nothing was ever done about that.

  22. Wait a minute pats fans, wasn’t that Wilfork’s signature move? And better yet, if you’re so much better than us, why troll like a bunch of 12 yr old bandwagon-jumpers??? Oh that’s right, you are….

  23. Love how people talk about how bad the Dolphins are. If Campbell was here from week 1 the Dolphins would probably be 4-1 right now. The Dolphins played with some emotion and intensity against the Titans, something they didn’t have the first 4 games.

    As far as OV’s hits on the QB, the first one he went low but I don’t see the 2nd one anywhere close to being dirty. I’ve watched OV since he was drafted and haven’t seen anything to suggest he was a dirty player. He even apologized to Marriota about the low hit.

  24. What a hypocrite. When this coach was on the Steelers with Cowher, it was ok to take out the other teams qb, “intentionally”. Remember, Ken, 2005, playoff game, when your team “intentionally” took out Carson Palmer? Really? You don’t remember that?

  25. Worst coach in football. He is going to post back-to-back 2-14 seasons, which is difficult to do in today’s parity NFL — and out of the AFC South.

  26. Watch the replay. Vernon was being dragged to the ground by Lewan after he got beat, otherwise he wouldn’t have even been down there. It was all just momentum.

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