Carlos Hyde says he’s “definitely” playing Thursday

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Given the buildup to their respective seasons, their probably weren’t too many people expecting the 49ers and Seahawks to enter Thursday night’s game with the same record.

Fewer still likely expected that the record would be 2-4, but that’s the case and it offers the 49ers a chance to get a leg up in the NFC West on their rivals. Having a healthy roster would help them achieve that, which makes running back Carlos Hyde’s status one to watch this week.

Hyde was questionable for Sunday’s win over the Ravens because of a foot injury and had to leave the game briefly in the second half after aggravating the injury.

“I just put too much pressure, too much weight on it,” Hyde said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “It hurts when I put too much weight on it. … It just shocked me how bad it hurt when I tried to put too much weight on it and I just went down.”

Hyde was able to return to the game, but ran nine times for eight yards after the foot trouble cropped up. Despite the pain he felt Sunday, Hyde said he will “definitely” play against Seattle this week.

5 responses to “Carlos Hyde says he’s “definitely” playing Thursday

  1. Weird what just two weeks does….two weeks ago, I assumed this would be a loss for us against the Seahawks and would just be hoping they don’t embarrass us on our home field.

    And now I actually believe we can be competitive with them. A super matchup just two years ago may now be a Thursday night toilet bowl…but what a HUGE win it would be for the Niners!

    We may be able to have just enough duck tape to put up an average season, which would be huge for this young team learning on the fly!

  2. I expected my team to be pretty bad this year, as they rebuild with younger players and a new staff.

    I didn’t expect Seattle to look so bad.

    It’s still always fun when these two go at one another, and this should be another exciting battle of rivals on Thursday Night.

  3. Look I don’t have any delusions about us dominating Seattle, pound for pound they have a better roster. However do I think we can win? Of course.

    Our offense has been surprisingly on the upswing since the Giants, it’s our defense that worries me as it is a shell of it’s former self. If Wilson and Co. try any of those flea flicker type plays our secondary will get burned. I think it’s unfair for teams to play on a short week but you gotta play with the hand your dealt.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  4. Rather be the 9ers than the Seahawks any day of the week. Seahawks have several HUGE contracts that aren’t rolling off any time soon. Those players got their money and they are playing like it. Reminds me of DHall in Oakland back in the day. He got paid and laid down, but let by gones be by gones we are talking about the present.

  5. Let the Aussie get rolling!! Have confidence!!! 2-3 plays does not let anyone get rolling… You’re holding back his true potential.

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