Jets wideout Quincy Enunwa suspended four games

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The Jets may be licking their chops for a chance to face the Patriots this weekend, but one member of the team will need to cool his heels instead.

The NFL has suspended wide receiver Quincy Enunwa four games for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. Enunwa will be eligible to return to the team after they play the Bills on November 12 and will miss games against the Raiders and Jaguars in addition to the Week Seven date in New England.

Enunwa was arrested for domestic violence simple assault last year, although the charges were ultimately dropped in October 2014 after an agreement was reached that called for Enunwa to avoid contact with his accuser/girlfriend for 90 days. If he failed to do so, the case could have been reopened.

“We support and respect the NFL’s decision to suspend Quincy Enunwa,” a statement from the Jets reads. “The New York Jets share the NFL’s ongoing commitment to raising awareness of the frequency and impact of domestic and relationship violence, supporting survivors, and encouraging others to speak out and seek help.”

Enunwa has eight catches for 94 yards while playing in all five Jets games this season.

12 responses to “Jets wideout Quincy Enunwa suspended four games

  1. jetsarestacked says:
    Oct 19, 2015 3:47 PM

    You sir, are the problem with America. He paid that woman off to drop the charges- that doesnt mean he didnt do anything wrong. Yes 100% the NFL should suspend him for his actions, he may buy his way out of legal issues but he cant buy his way out of punishment from the NFL.

  2. jetsarestacked says:
    Oct 19, 2015 3:47 PM

    nfl front office makes no sense. how do you suspend someone if the charges were dropped?

    The charges were dropped in October 2014 with the stipulation that he cannot make any contact with that individual for 90 days if he did make contact before the 90 days, the case would be reopened. Apparently made contact before the 90 day period.

  3. Of course the Jets are accepting the suspension for Enunwa, the last receiver on their roster. Why not when that same league office conveniently ignored when their starting DT (and one of the best in the game) was caught driving over 100 mph with marijuana and a 12 year old boy in the car. No problem with that for a guy who was already hit with a 4 game suspension. That’s nothing for the league office to look into.

    The league was much too busy using all their resources making sure that alleged air thief pays for his crime. All they need is just a few more million dollars to manufacture the evidence and a few million more to spend on the PR campaign to get the American public to buy their lies

  4. “Dallas called to see if he’s available.”

    Wow! First post has to do with a team not even in the article. Yep, Dallas is the only team in the NFL with a member who was involved in a domestic dispute. No, scratch that, the history of the sport of football in general. As a matter of fact, this guy really plays for Dallas and not the Jets. They are just fooling you with the article.

  5. Well it’s not like it’s as devious as allegedly telling someone to let the air out of a football. I mean if that was the case we would be talking about it for months on end. This will simply be a one day news article and not mentioned again until he returns..

  6. monropoobah says:Oct 19, 2015 6:59 PM

    the nfl can still act on richardson. it usually waits until the courts are done. they’re not.


    Then do what they did to Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson, and put him on the commissioners exempt list until the court system rules on what he did.

    The evidence is pretty solid considering he was caught on radar gun and dash cam of 3 different cop cars while he was trying to escape.

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