Pagano fails to really explain unexplainable fourth-down play


When it comes to the failed punt play late in the third quarter that doomed the Colts’ chances of taking down the Patriots, Colts coach Chuck Pagano’s explanation fit the puzzling crime.

There really was no explanation.

The Colts lined up nine players well to the right of the ball, leaving only backup wide receiver Griff Whalen as a snapper and backup safety Colt Anderson behind him. The alignment indicated the Colts were trying to use some sort of deception to catch the Patriots either napping or confused.

But it was the Colts who were confused. Whalen snapped the ball, Anderson was swarmed and the Patriots took over at the Colts’ 36. Six plays later, the Patriots made it 34-21.

I didn’t do a good enough job coaching it during the week,” Pagano said.

But he didn’t call time out. The ball actually got snapped.

I take full responsibility there,” Pagano said. “I didn’t do a good enough job communicating to the guys.”

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  1. Communicate what? A 6 point game and you call this? Fire pagans and grigson for hiring this guy. Irsay will be on double doses tonight after this fiasco.

  2. Why would you design a play that was illegal because not enough men were at the line of scrimmage???

  3. “Didn’t do a good enough job coaching it”???????

    It was perfect, Chuck! Don’t change a thing!

    There is only one Belichick, and believe me Pagano….you ain’t him!

    Snitches get stitches!

  4. .
    The Colts were trying to show the Patriots as unprepared for their trickery. They wanted to embarrass Belichick and the Patriots on national TV. I wouldn’t be surprised if the play was drawn up by John (1-5) Harbaugh.

  5. He said the plan was to take the delay of game if they didn’t get a good look and they were hoping to draw a 12 man or offside penalty. He said it in the press conference. What did he not explain? It was dumb for sure but he explained it.

  6. He’s being a good guy and falling on the sword for his players, but the fault was of the moron who actually snapped it for whatever god forsaken reason.

  7. When it comes to the failed punt play late in the third quarter that doomed the Colts’ chances of taking down the Patriots, Colts coach Chuck Pagano’s explanation fit the puzzling crime.
    This paragraph makes it sound like the only reason the Pats won is because of this botched play. The game was really not as close as the score board indicates. Colts got a lucky defensive TD off a bobbled pass that was right on target to Edelman, Pats were playing super conservative for the entirety of the 4th quarter, Indy’s Costanzo clearly doesn’t understand what constitutes as offensive holding. If you take away this head scratching trick play the Pats would still have won.

  8. “Genius is next to madness” – at least when Belichick shook Pagano’s hand at the end of the game.

  9. QUICK,,YOU @$@!#$@$,,,,,call the NFL and accuse the PATRIOTS,,of CHEATING…..because they laughed at your silly ass play, and made you look like an idiot….were your feelings hurt……oh boooo freakin hoooo

  10. Pagano doesn’t want to give away this secret play with an explanation ‘cuz he is confident that it will work perfectly in the playoffs with much better execution !
    LMAO ! Still !

  11. The Colts call that play “Hot Garbage,” because it stinks so bad. Lolzzz…. Seriously, my girlfriend who is a casual observer even said, the next time the Colts went to punt, “Look! They’re running that play again!” Lolzzzz…. She thought she was impressing me with her football knowledge. Bless her heart…..

    By the way, what are the Colts doing trying to use “deception” in an NFL game? Isn’t there some sort of “unwritten rule” that says you can’t do this? Quick! Someone get John Harbaugh on the phone! Integrity of the game, and all that! Lolzzz…..”Say what? He’s too busy trying to figure out why he’s 1-5 and down for the count before Halloween? Lolzzz…..

    It’s all too rich for me…..What an embezzle! What an ultramaroon!

  12. I started laughing hysterically as they lined up and didn’t stop laughing for at least 10 minutes after the ball was snapped.

    You didn’t coach it well enough? lol, Pagano is a joke.

  13. I think The Colts really like losing to the Patriots, gives them something to work on during the week. I hope to see more trick plays in their future, maybe even one that works.

  14. His “full responsibility” should include being fired. That was beyond ridiculous. That head scratching play cost the colts the game.

  15. I would love to know how that play was supposed to work because it looked like a disaster from the start. Were they expecting the Patriots to not put anyone over the center?

  16. There really isn’t anything to say. The play makes no sense and there is no upside and his players didn’t understand their roles either. Your time is up Chuck. You’ll make the playoffs because your division is horrible. The Jets will probably destroy you in the wild card round and it will be time to move on.

  17. Can’t wait to hear the haters proclaim that Belicheat illegally taped the Colts practicing this play. I mean, how else could they have defended it so well???

  18. Wait, I don’t get it. Pagano’s play worked as expected and drew a penalty. Sure, it was against themselves, but that is pretty much worthy of a banner in Indy.

  19. I loved the way Pagano acted like he was surprised that the whole thing even happened when it blew up. Poetic justice at it’s finest. If that doesn’t cost this bonehead his job,nothing will. As a Pats fan, I love it. Chuck,sit down and enjoy a slice of “Deflate Cake” with a glass of milk.

  20. What does he mean when he says he did not coach it well enough? It was an illegal formation two different ways. If the play had somehow worked (which would never happen), or the Pats jumped offsides (also never), it would not have mattered. Why did he stand there and stare at an illegal formation? Even if the center was not supposed to snap the ball, it was still a doubly illegal formation.

  21. “Almost over took the jets for the stupidest play in the history of the nfl. Almost! Hhowever you are a close second to the buttfumble now. Well done.”

    In terms of all around hilarity, the buttfumble is the GOAT.

    However, in terms of a just STUPID play, this has got to be #1.

    I mean, think about this: they PRACTICED IT.

    It was an illegal formation… that they PRACTICED. Again, they practiced something that, even if it was perfectly successful, would have drawn a penalty regardless…. and at no point did anyone bring that up. hahahaha

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